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Southern girl Molly Claiborne (Grace Williams) comes from a poor but aristocratic family. Her reckless brother, Douglas, gets himself in trouble and has to leave town. He heads west, straightens up and tries prospecting with Jerry Mason (Curtis Cooksey). But soon enough, Douglas returns to his old ways and is killed in a drunken brawl. Molly, after hearing how well her brother was doing, is already on her way West to see him. Mason meets her at the station, and tries to keep her from discovering her brother's death. But she finds out eventually, and when the weapon -- the handle of a pick ax -is found, it has Mason's initials carved on it. Mason is in danger of being lynched for the crime, but a worker at the gambling den reveals that the killer is a former partner of Douglas's. Mason's name is cleared, and Molly, grateful for his attempts to help her brother, marries him.
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