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If only for the comedy glory of Sigourney Weaver as a TV network president who confuses acid reflux with gut instinct, this very smart, very funny movie about the making of a network sitcom is a cut-glass gem of a showbiz conceit.
A tart, smart, closely observed satire of the television industry.
You'll have major fun at this movie. But what makes it something special is the way Kasdan laces the laughs with a sting.
Wickedly funny.
Sigourney Weaver is a riot in the cynical Faye Dunaway network boss role.
Wall Street Journal
Smart, funny and authentically terrifying. It's a comedy that explains how network television succeeds in being so horribly awful.
The TV Set skewers the television industry in a manner that occasionally feels familiar and at other times is humorously incisive.
In a way, The TV Set suffers from the same syndrome as the industry it's parodying: bland and compromised, it feels as if it's been fine-tuned and focus-grouped within an inch of its life.
Chicago Tribune
For all its bright writing, TV Set is contrived and predictable, another morality lesson from a poisoned pen telling us what we've heard before.
The Hollywood Reporter
Whether outsiders will find much to appreciate in The TV Set is another question because the film fails to provide the thematic resonance of similarly themed predecessors like the brilliant "Network."
Satire is merciless; it demands that mocker be superior to mockee.

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