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4 Nov. 2001
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11 Nov. 2001
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1 Dec. 2001
The Frozen Chosen
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30 Dec. 2001
Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II
The Battle of Okinawa is recalled. Included: comments from veterans Dan Barton, Herman Buffington and Larry Delewski.
Liberators: The B-24 Bomber Boys
The story of U.S. Army Air Force pilots, bombardiers, gunners and navigators who battled Axis opponents, over the skies of Europe, during World War II.
The Forgotten Front and the 1st Air Commandos
The story of the 1st Air Commandos, who operated in the China-Burma-India theatre during World War II, is related.
3 Feb. 2002
Siege at Khe Sahn
A look back at the 1968 siege of Khe Sahn, when the Viet Cong launched a surprise attack on a Marine base in South Vietnam.
3 Feb. 2002
Siege at Khe Sanh
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11 Aug. 2002
Bomber Boys
The story of U.S. Army Air Force pilots, bombardiers, gunners and navigators who battled Axis opponents, over the skies of Europe, during World War II.
25 Aug. 2002
Bloody Tarawa
The World War II battle between U.S. and Japanese forces on the central Pacific island of Tarawa is recalled.
8 Dec. 2002
Attack of the Japanese Midget Subs
The events of Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, are related. Included: the five midget submarines the Japanese Imperial Navy used.
The Big Red One
The story of Gen. Terry Allen, the commander of the First Infantry Division, during its initial battles with Hitler's forces in WWII, is related. Included: an interview with Allen's granddaughter.
5 Jan. 2003
Battle of Britain
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12 Jan. 2003
Hill Battles of Korea
The Korean War (1950-53) is recalled in the savage clashes for control of Bloody Ridge and Heartbreak Ridge.
2 Feb. 2003
The Desert War
The battles in the North African desert during World War II are recalled via the insights of five soldiers who fought in "Operation Torch".
20 Jul. 2003
The Fighter Aces
Profiles of U.S. fighter aces, combat pilots who shot down five or more enemy aircraft, are interspersed with tales of memorable dogfights from World War II.
Angels on the Battlefield
Nurses who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War.
Deadline on the Battlefield
The history of war reporting is chronicled by reporters and photographers, including Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers Eddie Adams and Nick Ut.
Iraq: The Struggle for Freedom
The war in Iraq is recounted, from the first stages of the war to the fall of Saddam's regime.
4 Apr. 2004
Berlin: Standoff Behind the Iron Curtain
The uneasy Cold War stalemate, between Communist and Allied forces in divided Berlin, is recalled during a visit to the Berlin Wall.
27 Jun. 2004
Confrontation in Cuba
A look at Cuba under Fidel Castro. Included: an interview with Huber Matos, one of Castro's most trusted commanders, who was later tortured and imprisoned by Castro.
26 Sep. 2004
The Secret Race for the Atomic Bomb
A look back at America's efforts to develop an atomic bomb, before the Soviet Union did the same. Included: the work of Col. Boris Pash, Dr. Samuel Goudsmit and the top-secret Allied task force, ALSOS.
Flashpoint Vietnam: The Road to War
The early stages of the Vietnam War are recalled by U.S. Army Special Forces officer Billy Waugh, who spent seven and a half years in Vietnam.
Friends and Enemies: Japanese-Americans During World War II
The experiences of Japanese-Americans during World War II are recalled. Included: Roy Matsumoto of the MIS; veterans Yuki Minaga and George Sakato.
The Battle for Wake Island
The December 1941 battle for Wake Island, a U.S. air and submarine base in the Pacific, is recalled. Included: the insights of two veterans of the fight.
Hell in the Huertgen Forest
An examination of the World War II battle in the dense Huertgen Forest, near the German city of Aachen, which was among America's costliest campaign in Europe.
Inside Iraq: Eyewitness to History
This report on Operation Iraqi Freedom features a look at the deal making Al-Anbar Province, prior to the December 15 elections.
War Stories Investigates: Deception in the Pacific
A look back at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, featuring insights from Japanese bomber pilot Zenji Abe.
Secrets of the Bomb: Manhattan Project to Tehran
The history of atomic weapons, from the Manhattan Project to the spread of nuclear technology to other countries. Included: insights from Manhattan Project veterans Bill Wilcox, Roger Rohrbacher and Gladys Owens.
War Stories Investigates: The Disaster at Dieppe
The disastrous August 19, 1942, Allied raid on Nazi-occupied Dieppe, France, in which some 1000 Canadian troops were killed.
17 Jun. 2007
Yanks in the RAF
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3 Nov. 2007
Terror in Paradise
An examination of the "War on Terror" as it's being played out in the southern Philippines, where U.S. military personnel are aiding the Filipino troops in their efforts against such militant Islamic groups as Abu Sayyaf and Jemaya Islamiya.
The Battle for Aghanistan
The Afghanistan War is examined. Included: the efforts of U.S. forces against the Taliban; the training of Afghan security forces.
9 Feb. 2008
Red Tails: The Saga of the Tuskegee Airmen
The Tuskegee Airmen are remembered.
The Bloody Battle for the Boot: Italy in WWII
The Italian campaign of World War II (July 1943-May 1945), which resulted in some 300,000 Allied casualties. Included: veterans revisit battle sites, including San Pietro and the Gustav Line.
The Life and Times of Lyndon Baines Johnson
A profile of Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th U.S. president, featuring home movies and interviews with former Johnson speech writer Harry McPherson and former HEW secretary Joseph A. Califano.
On the Border: The Third Front
The drug war along the U.S.-Mexico is examined.
A Tribute to Our Heroes Who Served in Iraq
As the final American troops leave Iraq by the end of December 2011, this 100th episode of War Stories with Oliver North (2001), looks back at the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform in Iraq. During the nearly nine years of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Oliver North and the "War Stories" team have traveled eight times to the war zone and produced seven episodes chronicling this conflict. This special tribute revisits some of the heroes we met on the ground to see where they are now. We hear their thoughts as the war comes to an end. We also meet some of the troops who will be among the last to leave ...
Afghanistan: American Special Ops
Special Ops war stories from Afghanistan. Also: Gen. David Petraeus assesses the war.
25 Mar. 2016
Fighting ISIS
A look at the global fight against jihadists includes a report on ISIS' use of social media and what's behind terrorist attacks in places such as Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino, California. Guests include Gen. Joseph Dunford (USMC), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy; former Army linguist Timothy Furnish; journalist Asra Q. Nomani and Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.).

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