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A true story that reminds us to keep on dreaming
Santana Black13 August 2006
I love Mathew Perry and i think he does a great job as chandler in friends, problem is he gets type cast most of the time as that character. and so it was nice to see him play a more serious role.

you see to really appreciate this movie you have to understand where it comes from, i lived in Harlem. i grew up and went to one of those schools. in fact, that class was GOOD compared to mines. we used to throw desks out the balcony and through cubes at the teachers. and that game they played "bet how long before the teacher quites" we played that! we grew up not knowing about chances, scholarships, opportunities all of that was unchartered territory for us we didn't know what it was.

until one man came along, he was a history teacher names Mr. Peterson, funny thing, he looked and acted a lot like the teacher in this movie. and to make a long story short, he helped us to "learn, to love to learn" when you walked in that class room you could here a pin drop. i love history now, i love this movie now because it's real, these things happen, and i hope this movie inspires more people to want to become good teachers. watch the movie
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A good time
rome_laurano14 August 2006
I am not a movie or TV critic, and I won't pretend to be. I will say that as just a normal person without any special credentials, I absolutely love this movie. It gives you this great feeling when you watch it, and I was shocked by Matthew Perry's performance. Having before only thought of him as the "Friends" guy his new personality took me completely by surprise. Overall, I thought that as a TV movie it is very much worth the time spent watching it. I had a great time and I'm sure that you will too.

The storyline is well developed and while there are a few unrealistic points, I think that it's very good. The children were portrayed very realistically, as were the challenges of teaching such a group. Knowing that it was a true story only heightened my enjoyment of the entire movie.

Because of the above said reasons I gave this a ten out ten. The movie isn't very action filled, and there isn't much romance, but I think that it's one of the best movies that I have seen in quite a long time.

I hope you will take this review seriously when choosing whether to watch this movie.

Thank you.
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A great performance for Matthew Perry.
astros02213 August 2006
I have to say that I had seen the previews for this movie for about a week and couldn't wait to see it. After seeing it I was Amazed at the whole story. Matthew Perry has been a favorite actor of mine for a long time, I was absolutely blown away at his portrayal of Ron Clark, I have always considered Matthew Perry to be a very talented actor but this role was and probably will be the greatest performance of his career. I have to say that the story line is one that we hear about everyday, but when you actually see it brought to light it doesn't hit you. I like that they didn't delve into every little detail, they hit the major parts instead of dragging every detail of his life into this film. I also like that they show you how hard that he had to work to get these kids to open up to him and the parents also. They showed the good and the bad.I like that he wasn't just into it for the test scores, he is in it for the students and their future. If we had more teachers like him in our school systems we would be so much better off. I hope that they release it on DVD because it is a movie that everyone should have in their collection at home.I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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A touching, heartfelt movie.. and Matthew Perry gives an honest performance
acoustic8y314 August 2006
Not often these days do we get earnest films that are more than a formula (Glory Road comes to mind). The Ron Clark Story didn't reinvent the wheel, yet this made-for-TV movie was full of heart and positiveness. Matthew Perry managed to find a brilliant ballance between the pressure of being a teacher in a tough, intense neighborhood, with all the serious outcomes, and the joy and excitement of bringing a clever new teaching style to help the kids swallow the often-dry materials of history, math, etc.

I recommend this film not because it's in anyway ground-breaking, but simply because it has innocence that are hardly found in today's big budget films.
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Matthew Perrys FINEST performance Ever!!
mandar_cyberfun17 November 2006
What an incredible movie!!! I happened to catch it on HBO about a month back and i am still reeling under its influence!!I so much liked the movie..that i got it TV'od and watch it almost alternate days whenever i have time!! I never knew that Matthew Perry was SO capable of acting with finesse. He's brings the character of RON CLARK alive so much...that actually u start wishing for a teacher like him to teach you, well at least i did. The kids especially the kid who played TayShawn have performed brilliantly, but of course Matt Perry takes the cake. I'll be terribly disappointed if Matthew Doest get an Oscar nomination/ award for this, its his time to shine!! My only wish is to meet Sir perry and Sir Ron CLark himself before i die....God bless Matthew and Ron, hope they have great success in their RON CLARK ACADEMY, and if i ever come to USA, I'll make sure I see their academy in Atlanta. Well what r u guys waiting for, grab a DVD and watch it, there's LOTS to learn from it!!!
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Good movie with an excellent Matthew Perry
linusnilsson_8622 January 2006
I saw this movie when it broad casted in the Swedish channel 5. I didn't know what to expect but, as a fan of friends that I am, i chose to look at it even though i missed the beginning.

The movie is about Ron Clark casted by Matthew Perry who took on a class in Brooklyn NY. In the beginning the kids had a pretty hard time accepting Mr. Clark and did all kind of annoying things just to break him, but after a while they accepted him one by one and they all started to love him instead of hating him, and they also learned how to like school and like to learn something instead of hating it.

I have plans to be a future teacher one day, and I can just say that this movie made me want to be a teacher even more, to see the joy in the kids eyes when they like how you teach them in all kind of different ways just makes me happy.

I can really recommend this movie, it's fun, it's sad and it's just overall a great movie

please excuse my bad English, I'm from Sweden so ;)

// Linus
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earbyc13 January 2011
This was a very pleasant surprise for me over the Christmas break even at the time it was screened at 06.00 am, lucky I got up early! Rarely am I so taken with a film such as this, but obviously the story line really got me, as did the excellent acting by all the cast, the kids were just great, and utterly convincing.

I was also pleased to discover the film was based on fact, and I was pleased that these rebel children went on to greater things, would not the world be a much better place if there were More Mr Clark's around? Not just in teaching but in all walks of life, especially in politics and industry.

Honesty is in very short supply these days, now I am rambling so will pack in, surely my ten lines are complete?
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The Ron Clark Story
HalfpintTP13 August 2006
I felt like The Ron Clark Story gives its audience hope for a better tomorrow, if we would only step out on faith. Mr. Perry does a great job telling the story of Ron Clark and his relationship with the students. Mr. Hudson gives the audience a honest view of how so many of us tend to give up when we feel beat down by the system, but Perry is the angel that saves not only the kids in his class but the parents, as well. Every child should be required to watch this movie for inspiration and hope for better tomorrows. Bravo to the network, writers, producers and actors in this movie! Thanks for inspiring me and my family to step out on faith and help others who may seem to have given up.
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Micke Karlsson20 June 2006
I've been a fan of Mattew Perrys ever since Friends first aired on TV, and I make it a point to try and see any movie he makes. However, it's sometimes a bit...what's the word...sad (I guess) to see him play "Chandler" over and over again. As much as I like that character, it would be fun to see him play something else. That's that.

As for The Ron Clarke Story, with Perry as Ron Clarke, there are certain Chandler-qualities about Clarke. But more in terms of body-language than anything else - and I guess that would be Perry himself "shining through". For the most part it's a standalone part for Perry, a good long step away from "Chandler Bing". It's a really sweet story about a substitute teacher who goes through hell and back for his students (consisting of worst-case-scenario kids). It's an inspiring story, and you really wish it would always be that "easy" to get kids out of trouble and onto the right path.

Perry is good, he almost always is, and the kids are actually believable. True, sometimes you wish Clarke would just give the snotnose kids a "feel of the back of his hand" - but I guess that would be the easiest (and most faulty) way to go.

The Ron Clarke Story is a feelgood-film, and it does just that. It makes you feel good.

In addition: Any film that makes schoolteaching look like fun deserves a whole heap of credit.
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There are still opportunities to be a super teacher...and the best student.
telonius13 June 2006
This is a must see movie. Everyone should see this movie. Very inspiring. TNT will broadcast on August 13 at 8pm. Mathew Perry does a great job of portraying Ron Clark. Although, the real Clark, which I got to meet at the Atlanta film festival is more alive and enthusiastic than the one from the movie. Still, Mathew Perry give a very simpatico character to follow the whole story.

The kids are brilliant. There are a few strong visual moments but well done for a TV movie. Beside, it did happen. It is good to show what is really happening in the real world and the opportunities that all kids have no matter what their backgrounds are.

Every single kids has the same opportunities. All kids have different potential. Just need to encourage him/her to bring it about and use it.

Congrats to Ron Clark for all his work. He has a book call "The essential 55" that can help teachers and soon to be teachers. Also to TNT for bringing good quality and inspiring television content.

I hope you get to watch it and comment on it. Spread the word. Spread the teaching. Get connected with kids. They will thank you.

May the spirits of these kids guide you to a better future and Clark to a better teacher.

Good luck.
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Good job, Mr.Perry
theElion23 January 2006
A feel good movie starring our favorite friend, Matthew Perry, the story begins with Ron Clark discovering he's bored with all parts of his life; he quickly packs his bags and moves to New York to take on the toughest students around.

First he gets no luck and takes the job as a waiter in a small restaurant, but he who waits for something good.

Clark runs into a teacher in burl with a student, the teacher quits and Clark steps in as the new teacher, with great defaults.

The students refuses to listen to him, they even starts to make bets on how long he last, but Clark enforces rule after rule until the students are forced to listen to him, and things starts to turn.

In all, this is one of those, feel-good-work-hard films with gangster bangster that's giving up on life and living it on the street, but only to realize that if you study hard you'll succeed in life.

We've seen it a million times before, and we're gonna see a million times more.

Only difference is the acting of one Matthew Perry which in this film he moves away from his clown acting and takes on serious roles.

I'd give it 5/10, we've seen the characters, we've seen the plot, but have we seen the NEW Matthew Perry?
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Wasted Opportunity
mangospider24 October 2006
If you've seen Ron Clark on Oprah, you know what an inspiration he is. This movie does absolutely NO JUSTICE to his story. In fact, the hack writers spend so much time shoe-horning his story into a clichéd structure, it's practically unrecognizable. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, Ron Clark's energy is the most amazing thing about him and Matthew Perry, while a fine actor in the right situation, is absolutely 100% miscast. For real, it should be someone like Sean Hayes or...I don't know, someone more electric. And those kids? Were such clichés. And, I don't know what movie the kid playing Shameika was even in. Basic Instinct or something. The story offered no insight into what actually made Ron Clark's teaching a success. By all appearances, he should have been an utter failure. It was deep conviction and unfailing energy that allowed him to succeed. When I heard this movie was being made, I was so excited for it. It couldn't be more of a disappointment.
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Mr. Chips and Miss Dove don't get this movie.
rick-keseley27 August 2006
Much of what Ron Clark professes is missing from this movie if you dare to compare the movie with what he says when he lectures. I guess one might say this is "loosely" based on a true story.

As a new teacher of high school kids, I can't say for certain whether clowning around with 5th graders really makes them like learning, but I'm certain that when they get to high school and they can't read or do simple math, no amount of humor can overcome the attitude that years of social promotion creates. Hats off to any teacher that get these kids started in learning.

As far as the movie version, Matthew Perry does not capture the manic energy of the real Ron Clark; he's far too adult and restrained. Clark is a whirlwind; a person you can't quite believe is real. Clark literally sweeps people along with his personal energy while talking a mile a minute. Perry just doesn't get it. His scenes with children are unbelievable, because they are too easily won over. Now if he'd only known karate, he'd of had them at "hello" or so says Hollywood.

I gave this film a 5, because its message that all children can learn is inspirational. A far better recent film is "Stand and Deliver"(1988), but the reason I'm a teacher is because of movies like "Good Morning, Miss Dove"(1955) and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1939).
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Outstanding performance by Matthew
Sky Blue14 August 2006
After seeing the previews for The Ron Clark Story over the last few weeks, I was keen to see what all of the fuss was about! I am now so glad I sat down and took the time to watch this amazingly motivating and inspirational story! Matthew Perry's portrayal of Ron Clark was absolutely outstanding. I always knew he was a brilliant actor, after watching Friends for the last ten years, no one can deny that this man has extraordinary talent, but in my opinion, he was even better in this movie. Without being too presumptuous, I might even go as far as saying this could be one of the greatest performances of his career.

I am not usually a fan of TV movies, but there was definitely something special about this one.

I really hope that they release this movie on DVD because it is definitely a movie that everyone should own in their collection at home.

Matthew, well done!!! It must be really hard to move away from such strong characters such as Chandler, but you proved you could do so much more than him in this movie. I hope we'll be watching you for MANY years to come!!! Ron Clark, you are on hell of a guy, there needs to be more people on this earth like you!!
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A must see...
Apache Indian23 March 2008
OK, so you might have seen such movies before too, but tell you what, this one will be right at the top among them for sure. Reasons: 1) The storyline and subplots are excellent, i mean the way the story is handled, it is extremely feel good type... 2)Being a true story just adds to the cool factor, the moments are actually as if you are living them yourself. This is actually a must see movie. What more, if it hadn't been a "TV movie", i am pretty sure it might have fetched some Oscars too. Have to praise Matthew Perry too, i have been among his fans, but still have to say that he gave a performance beyond my expectations. Now i can say that Matthew Perry can and has come out of Chandler Bing's aura. Get hold of it as soon as you can, assure you, you don't wanna miss this one..!!
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inspirational movie
thindi317 November 2007
I enjoyed seeing Matthew Perry in a different role but most of all enjoyed watching a story of a man who wouldn't give up on kids, even though tempted. I understand since I have been an educator for 30 years. I was uncertain of some of the methods used but it was not a movie to teach one how to teach (posting those authoritarian rules is a fast way to turn kids off) .. it was a movie about a man who was very dedicated and certain that he could teach some tough kids. As a biographical movie I enjoyed it a lot. No matter the methods, kids know who truly cares about them and who is there just to move on or just do a job. The bonus materials of interviews with Mr. Clark himself and with Matthew Perry were enjoyable. Mr. Clark is quite energetic to say the least and very emotionally invested in getting kids education and I applaud that. Some criticize Perry in this role but I felt he communicated the dedication and desire to reach the kids. It is good use of time unlike many movies out there!
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The Movie is great but do not miss the interviews w/Ron
dkepes28 December 2006
I thought Matthew Perry was very good in his role and I loved the story and the portrayal of it but unlike my wife I had not seen Ron Clark on Oprah. So when she started to insist that we watch the special features on the CD, I was ready to go off and do some other chores. 30 seconds into the first interview with Ron on the special features I was suddenly aware of the true depth of this story.

The incredible passion that Ron exudes about teaching and just about life, is an inspiration to anyone. I have begun to make his story and his interviews part of the training which I provide to new employees in my business and also recommend it to young adults beginning their working life. The message Ron delivers is about living life with a deep passion. If we are go into each day with anything that approaches this man's dedication and enthusiasm, the odds for success are huge.

Ron Clark is a wonderful example to us all, no matter what we do each day, as to how we could live if we chose to.
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Where to find the movie
bryankraft8918 August 2006
I thought this movie was great. It really kept you on the edge of your seat. I thought "Chandler," from friends was a great person to pick for this role. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, wow. This is a movie for all ages, OK well maybe not babies. I can not believe how the kids acted in school. I don't know about you but if I acted like that I would get a stick to the hand. I guess I just really liked this movie. I am not a big fan of these types of movies but this one was awesome. I was wondering where I would be able to buy this show so I could watch it whenever I wanted to?? If anyone knows please let me know.
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Great movie!
amymilam16 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the movie on Sunday night. I watched it all 3 times it was on. I like it THAT well! I have never watched any movie more that twice. I found it to be a very inspirational story.

The movie is about a teacher, Ron Clark, who grew up in NC. He felt called to teach in NY after seeing a TV program showing the need for good, qualifed teachers there. So, he went there and tried to get a job. He had difficulty at first and ended up waiting tables for a while and lived at the YMCA.

After a short while he got a job at a Public School in a rough neighborhood teaching the "problem" children with the lowest scores of the grade. At first he was despised by the students and their families. He was very strict, but very caring. He went out of his way to get to know his pupils, even going so far as to visit their homes to see what kind of home lives they had and to meet their parents to ask for their support.

Some parents felt this was very intusive and were uncooperative. He earned the trust and respect of his students and won them over with love. He led them to success and at the end of the year, these "problem" students with the lowest scores in the school, got higher scores on the standardized tests than the gifted students! This was a very moving and uplifting movie. It is so refreshinga to know that it is a true story and that are people like Ron Clark left in the world. It actually made me wish I were a teacher so that I could help change lives of children and make a differance on the same kind of scale as Ron Clark has done.

If you haven't seen this movie, it is definitely a must see!!!
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This movie pulls on you heart.
LuvLeighAn14 August 2006
This movie pulls on you heart. It's a true to life story, but sadly, these events still live on. The bravery of this one teacher that changed his life so he could make a difference. Some scenes are predictable, and there are still many scenes you just love them. Matthew Perry doses a terrific job connecting with his character and the other students. You can see the emotions on his face as he acts them out, something actors lack these days. If you have not seen this movie, you should. If you like, movies like "Lean on Me", or other school movies where the kids no one likes or wants makes it out on top then you should love this move.
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Ron Clark is Awesome!
EStevenson0114 August 2006
This movie was fantastic! Matthew Perry is a great dramatic actor. This is a movie that will leave you feeling inspired, I know I was! I had been waiting to see this movie since January, it was well worth the wait! I would recommend this TV movie for anyone to see. The chemistry between him and his students was touching. You could see where there was a lot of time put into making this movie.

I have been following Matthew's career for along time now. This movie is one of his best works. He is more than a comedic actor, and this movie proves that!

I really hope that this movie is released on DVD because it is movie that I would love to have in my collection!

Only one downfall.. Wished it could have been longer!
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Inspirational, true story, suited for both adults and kids
bamacharm14 August 2006
I am no theatrical pun dent so this review is strictly from a laymen's perspective. If you like films that are inspiring, you'll love this movie. Like the 2006 release, "Akeelah and the Bee" starring Laurence Fishburne, this film is full of valuable life changing lessons and is motivational for kids as well as adults. I found it highly enjoyable and moving.

It is based on the true story of Ron Clark who was selected Disney's American Teacher of the Year in 2000. Clark moved from rural North Carolina to New York City during the 90s in pursuit of his teaching profession. He landed a job teaching a 5th grade class in a Harlem elementary school. The class was totally undisciplined and unconcerned about education. Before Ron's arrival, six other teachers had tried teaching the class during that very same school year but simply gave up in despair. The students are primarily from a disadvantaged background and were living out the low expectations that everyone had for them including their own perception that they were destined for failure.

Clark began by instilling much needed order and discipline into the classroom using rules that he calls "The Essential 55", which were subsequently published in his New York Time's bestseller, is distributed to over 25 countries and is in its 11th printing. However, this film does not concentrate on discipline but in a teacher believing in the worth of every human being and finding ways to convince even the lowest performing students of their own potential. Most would not have endured the frustration and initial defeat that Clark endured and would have simply given up on these kids, leaving them to continue unabated down a pathway of personal tragedy. Ron fights his own self doubt along the way as he teaches the students to believe in themselves, to set high goals, and guides them to recognizing their hidden potential. In the end, you are compelled to applaud the students for the miracle that has been wrought in their lives and are filled with admiration for what this man was able to accomplish in the worst of circumstances.

I have an untrained eye but I thought that Mathew Perry's performance was excellent. The young actors also gave great performances including Hannah Hodson as Shameika, Brandon Smith as Tayshawn and Micah Williams as Julio among others. I highly recommend this picture! Ron has appeared on the NBC Today Show and was a guest on Oprah. I found his web site and the link is as follows:
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Excellent Job
fmarsters14 August 2006
There is not much to say except as I voted it was EXCELLENT. Matthew Perry did a super great job playing this part also. 6th grade can be one of the toughest grades too. It was the BEST movie I have watched in ages. Loved it all! It was a wholesome movie with out all the junk that usually accompanies movies now a days. I hope Matthew Perry continues to pursue movies of this type. He must have really really enjoyed working with the teens. They were all so real acting. And the movie was made up of DREAMS. Something so many kids need to learn. Not just the learning of math etc. I have not read the real story behind this movie but I am trying to find it to read about this amazing teacher. There needs to be more like him. My philosophy in life has always been to the kids, NEVER give up! I wish I could go work at Mr. Clark's academy. God Bless! Gina Marsters
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Great "Feel Good" Movie!
Kim075013 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie knowing what I was in for - a great performance by Matthew Perry and a motivating, inspirational story! I totally believed in his character and his love of teaching! The fabulous performances of the students were an added bonus - Well done! My 4th grade daughter watched with me & was horrified to learn about the discrimination that exists within the school system. Her comment was, "But, kids CAN learn Mom!" Indeed!!!! They can!!!!

The scene where Mr. Clark has the kids light the candles on the cake and tells them that he wants them to know how it feels to fly is good therapy for all viewers,young and old. A great reminder to not give up on our dreams & encourage the young to Dream Big.

Hopefully more great teachers in the making will watch this and see how valuable they are. We are so blessed to have you in our communities!
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RON CLARK STORY - A Hollywood-type story that becomes too Hollywood
ActOne19 August 2006
Being a teacher, I look for inspiration. I was fortunate to have seen Ron Clark speak last year. At this gathering, mention was made that there was a TV movie being made about his inspiring story starring Matthew Perry.

So, now comes that movie. But having seen it the other night, I must say how unimpressed I was. The reason why is that Ron Clark has been turned into "Ron Clark, role for TV star who wants people to see that he can act" and it doesn't seem to capture the personality of the real guy! The real Ron Clark I would describe as effervescent, clearly North Carolinian (the dialect gives that away), a bundle of energy. Matthew Perry's performance seemed, in comparison, to be Ron Clark on downers. A dynamic, even flamboyant, white guy in a Harlem school should seem to demand a stronger contrast in storytelling.

THE RON CLARK STORY was too convenient in the fact that all story lines end at the same time in the same room. It's sanitized, homogenized and Hollywood-ized into formulaic material that does not serve to inspire from a realistic point of view. It exaggerated too far beyond what the real story is.

Too bad. The inspiration for the storytelling got lost. It seems to have become less inspiring than the real Ron Clark would suggest. That's demotivating.
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