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8 Nov. 2007
Episode #2.1
Unhappily married Joe Jennerson envies bachelor twin brother Harry, and, when Harry chokes on a sweet and dies, he assumes his identity. His mother is not fooled though she keeps quiet but Joe's wife,Mary, does not see through the deception and is flattered and charmed by her supposed brother-in-law's kind attention to her. The coroner's inquest ultimately reveals the truth however and Joe is imprisoned for identity theft but by this time the married couple have fallen for each other all over again and Mary promises to wait for him.
15 Nov. 2007
Episode #2.2
Cab-driver Eddie meets Bob, who married Pat, Eddie's old flame, with whom he now runs the Melville pub. They invite Eddie to attend a charity auction. Eddie's wife Margie is not keen on his going but having discovered a lump whilst in the shower, she agrees he should go on his own. He gets drunk and, in order to impress Pat, bids a large sum of money for signed snooker balls. He wins the bid but really can't afford the money he stumps up via his credit card. Next day, he has a minor prang in the cab. The police are called and he ends up getting fined. He returns to ...
22 Nov. 2007
Episode #2.3
Demolition man Charlie is married with teenage children.When he has to spend some time away from home for his latest job,however,he struggles to resist the advance of a homosexual colleague. He decides to come clean about his encounter when he is attacked by homophobic thugs and has his wallet stolen.
29 Nov. 2007
Episode #2.4
Stressed-out housewife Cath Hanley, trying to give up smoking, is doing her best to bring up her three children whilst her husband is in prison awaiting trial on drugs charges. The final straw comes when her son Ian is arrested for the accidental death of a taxi driver. In fact Ian is innocent. He and his cousin Gary Parr, about to join the Navy, were out on the town when Gary was sick and the taxi driver got aggressive. Gary banged the man's head in the taxi door,killing him, but Ian is prepared to take the rap to allow his cousin to join the Navy. Cath is appalled ...
6 Dec. 2007
Episode #2.5
Life could not get any worse for depressed postman Wayne Taylor. His wife has left him, taking their two children and the dog, and his efforts at speed-dating, with a woman with a bad stutter, leave a lot to be desired. He does his back in when he slips over on a fish and chip carton, making his round the more painful. He decides that he must get away to the sunnier climes of Grece and, to this end, he opens some of the letters addressed to wealthier areas on his round and steals any money he finds in them, which leads to another postman being suspected. He is spotted...
13 Dec. 2007
Episode #2.6
Paul works as a gardener for the local council and lives in a house with students who ignore him, except when they want to borrow glasses.He snorts coke and comes across as a loner. However, he is attracted to Kirsty, a girl he sees daily, and eventually, after a little pretence, wangles a date with her. They sleep together but he tells her he has a terrible secret, too terrible to burden her with. The secret is revealed when he is spotted by Jean, a young woman who knows him as Michael. In fact he has changed his name because when he was ten he was responsible for ...

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