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To the extent that it's original, The Mechanic is insane, bordering on gloriously insane.
Short, fast and nasty, The Mechanic is considerably more fun than the rather lethargic original.
Mostly, The Mechanic creaks and groans as it goes through the motions, and not even its lavish violence - which includes much smashing of heads and a nasty screwdriver stabbing - is particularly electrifying.
Brisk, brutal and unconcerned with collateral damage, The Mechanic doesn't pave much of anything new in the assassin-for-hire genre. But when it kills, it does so with style.
The movie is crisp and contemporary enough to inaugurate another franchise for Statham.
As it is, The Mechanic is ham-fisted pulp, like Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" taking itself seriously.
The result is just good enough to pass as an action flick you watch with the forgiving gaze that comes from too many beers and too little sleep.
It'd be nice if Jason Statham and Ben Foster, The Mechanic's mentor/protege duo, could crack a smile. Once.
Like many action stars, Statham is good at cool brooding, but West's frantic style works against this.
The only bit of machinery that makes the film move is Jason Statham, who's provided the steely saving grace in so many modern action movies.
Mr. Statham, the specialist in English tough guys who was so affecting in "The Bank Job," has more to offer than The Mechanic has the grace to receive.

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