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  • Although some aspects of Graeme Obree's personal life have been fictionalised for dramatic purposes, the most extraordinary and bizarre things in the film are those that are truest to what actually happened. Jonny Lee Miller discussed this in an interview for aintitcoolnews. See

  • Sometimes, in occasional shots, but JLM did most of the cycling himself, to near world class standard. Graeme Obree was the technical and personal consultant for the film throughout the shooting process, and rebuilt his extraordinary bikes for the film. In the opening sequence, as the film cuts away from the forest to the track, as we follow fictional Graeme, the cameraman on a bike is actually real Graeme Obree, following JLM. JLM was happy to be beating GO, and GO was fed up that anyone was in front of him. It took all his strength not to overtake....

  • No. However, the final slate of the final shot on the final day of shooting was sc147 take 2 (the American system of slating was used). When the train was built in 1923 the orginal number it was given was 1472.


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