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Season 1

19 Sep. 2005
A black hole forces the Transformers to evacuate Cybertron and take refuge on Earth. But an ancient Transformer named Vector Prime discovers a clue to sealing the vortex...
2 Oct. 2006
The Autobots build a base on Earth, with an added complication from the Decepticons' attack.
22 Jan. 2005
The Autobots have difficulties in adjusting to their life on Earth as robots in disguise.
9 Jul. 2005
As Landmine returns to duty, the Autobots begin to investigate the Omega Lock Meanwhile, two new Transformers join the Decepticons.
5 Feb. 2005
Scattorshot and Bud use the space bridge to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere. It doesn't take long before they attract a Decepticon attack.
12 Feb. 2005
Hot Shot and Red Alert meet the locals of planet Velocitron.
19 Feb. 2005
While Autobots and Decepticons carry on their quest for the Cyber Planet Kets, Megatron's lieutenant Starscream is making his own plans.
26 Feb. 2005
A newly opened gold mine causes a mountain to collapse, putting the kids' hometown in danger.
5 Mar. 2005
The quest for the Omega Lock forces Vector Prime to risk his own life to save his friends.
20 Aug. 2005
The search for the Omega Lock escalates, and across the galaxy the Jungle Planet and its denizens start to get involved.
27 Aug. 2005
In the depths of the Atlantic, the city of Atlantis holds a grand Transformer secret.
3 Sep. 2005
The Autobots track the starship Atlantis to the moon... and so do the Decepticons, leading to a grand battle.
10 Sep. 2005
The Autobots and Decepticons head to Velocitron, and prepare for the big race that holds the Planet Key as its prize.
17 Sep. 2005
The race for Velocitron begins.
24 Sep. 2005
The race for Velocitron continues, but on Jungle Planet the Autobot Overhaul undergoes a stunning transformation.
25 Oct. 2005
The kids and Scattershot head to the Arctic to investigate atmospheric disturbances.
14 Oct. 2005
Leobreaker finds a kindred spirit in Scourge, hearing of his violent and dark past.
19 Oct. 2005
The monster-hunting Autobot Crosswise imprisoned an army of Decepticons on Earth... an army Starscream is determined to make his own!
20 Oct. 2005
Starcream's Decepticon army reaches out over the Earth.
21 Oct. 2005
The kids are in government custody and Starscream's army is gaining ground. What are the Autobots to do?
24 Oct. 2005
Megatron returns, and Colonel Franklin reveals a deep secret.
15 Apr. 2006
Megatron is back, and his mysterious dark powers give birth to two new threats!
22 Apr. 2006
Separated from the Autobots and their Mini-Con friends, Coby, Bud and Lori fight alone against Sideways.
8 Sep. 2006
As the Autobots make preparations to travel to Gigantion, the kids confront their parents with the truth.
12 Sep. 2006
The Autobots head for the warp-hole leading to the alternate universe where Gigantion rests.
14 Sep. 2006
Megatron is upgraded and given new power thanks to the Giant Planet's cyber key. In the process of finding an adversary worthy of fighting he beats up the Autobots that have been nothing short of problematic to him one by one.
15 Sep. 2006
The Autobots split up to head for the inner layers of Gigantion, and Coby reveals his latest creation.
18 Sep. 2006
The Autobots split up to search the lower levels of Gigantion for its Cyber Planet Key, while the Decepticons do the same.
19 Sep. 2006
The Autobot search teams continue to explore the depths of Gigantion, the Jungle Planet is in danger, and the mystery of Planet X is revealed.
20 Sep. 2006
Scourge comes to some tough decisions about himself.
25 Sep. 2006
To return the Autobots to their home safely, Vector Prime makes the ultimate sacrifice.
26 Sep. 2006
With the black hole causing chaos across the universe, it is time for the children of Primus to unite or be destroyed.
17 Sep. 2006
In the dark heart of the black hole, the five planet leaders battle Galvatron for the fate of the universe.
26 Sep. 2006
As the Autobots race to save Jungle Planet, Optimus Prime and Galvatron have one final battle.
29 Sep. 2006
With the threats of the Decepticons and the black hole at last extinguished, the Autobots must look to the future.
2 Oct. 2006
A battle between the Autobots and Decepticons sets off a forest fire.

 Season 1 

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