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This is a film that transcends "good" or "bad," "like" or "don't like."
Once you're done trying to conjugate the smurfs, there's a better movie than anyone could have possibly expected, thanks in large part to an honest effort by Harris in a thankless role.
Smurfs is utterly kid-friendly.
The bottom line: Any movie that gives Jonathan Winters work is doing something right.
Sitcom star Harris puts his smart-aleck chops to good use as Patrick Winslow.
The slapstick is very small-kid friendly and even the most adult-friendly jokes are pretty mild stuff.
For all the digitally enhanced Smurfness, the results are remarkably mirthless.
Azaria channels his inner Charles Nelson Reilly, which helps, as does an evil emoting cat. Kids under 7 will likely giggle at some too-harsh pratfalls, not care about a grown man's fear of procreation, not get all the tiny innuendos and possibly miss how the movie is a fairly successful tourism ad for New York.
Like the show, this boring, lazy, clumsily staged, overly lit, unnecessarily 3D-ed contraption even culminates with some half-hearted moral hectoring-in this case, the togetherness of the Smurfs works to validate heteronormative values.
Clever story? Pass. Originality? Nah. A smidgen of real humor to keep parents entertained along with the kiddies? Smurf you.
The Smurfs may be blue, but their movie is decidedly green, recycling discarded bits from other celluloid Happy Meals like "Alvin and the Chipmunks," "Garfield," and "Hop" into something half animated, half live action, and all careful studio calculation.

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