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Wander into the halls of a desperate, deluded mind, and you can be sure much will surprise you.

Ann Brown is a prosecutor in the D.A.'s office, and on the surface appears a powerful, successful woman who knows where she's going. But inside she's fighting desperately to keep her sanity from unraveling.

Nonetheless, after Ann's controversial win in a double-homicide case that is sure to set precedents, she is approached by her superior, who offers her *another* complex murder case -- one that seems to challenge everything Ann holds sacred, so she is hesitant to accept it.

Only a frightening encounter with the accused murderer's attorney convinces Ann she *has* to press forward on this challenge... until she discovers that this new case, like none before, presents horrific possibilities that would challenge *anyone's* sanity -- and certainly one with the increasingly tormenting delusions that Ann is having!
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