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Thought-soliciting, powerful, purposeful and skillful ...

Author: bondgirl-8 from United States
12 October 2005

Creating a Hollywood-quality film from a potentially political and sticky subject is no easy task. I believe politics calls this 'diplomacy.' Following, this film has as one of its main strengths the ability to reveal the realities of both sides of an issue without provoking offense or anger. Instead, it very skillfully provokes thought as it unfolds the story and experiences of both sides of a heated issue that is at the very core of this film. This is what impressed me most. Secondly, I was impressed by the Hollywood quality of the film, the plot, the actors and filmography. This is no third-rate film. The writers and producers are obvious professionals. The film description mentions a surprise ending, but you still won't be prepared for it; it will leave you thinking about the ramifications of this issue long after the screen goes black. Thirdly, I was impressed by the fact that I don't believe a film of this type has ever been created or attempted. It is purpose-driven, and yet, it neither condemns nor judges anyone. The movie inspired me to sport some related bumper stickers on my car, and to tell others to see it and to make them think about this most important issue. Really, is just three inches the only difference between murder and legality?? We are all to be held accountable for our actions, yet, God can forgive anyone who sincerely asks. My only wish? I wish it were longer! I would like to know where the film will be available and will it available on the big screen soon, or only through stores? I hope that more thought-provocative yet diplomatic films like this one will be created in the future to cause humanity to think about its actions and how far it has gone with the right-to-this and the right-to-that to justify them. Some decisions are just beyond personal rights. The film, by nature, invites one to see it for themselves, analyze the subject content and draw their own conclusions. So see it for yourself, examine the current legal system and find your voice at the end of this moral journey. The Thunder may be closer than you think ..

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Extremely Thought Provoking

Author: gerryg01 from United States
26 February 2006

This film is presented as professionally as any block busters out of Hollywood. For being a short film it will keep you thinking about the subject and message for days after watching.

I would recommend it to anyone who has ever agreed with the opinion of a "Womans Choice"! This film will provoke you to reconsider.

Even though most of the actors have only been in a few films, you will wonder why they have not been cast more often.

If you watch this film and are not challenged by its thought provoking message, you need to watch it again because you did not pay attention the first time.

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Very thought-provoking and intriguing

Author: Bishworm from United States
15 September 2005

I recommend seeing this film, it's sure to raise many ethical and moral debates. It deals with something not many people are aware of, but should be. And it deals with it in a way that doesn't seem forced or in your face. Any film that inspires communication and conversation is worthy of attention, it's one of the things good movies are supposed to do. And the best part: it's thrilling and exciting while it's doing it! Also, for a small film, it contains great cinematography and very effective special effects. Good performances by the two main leads is an added bonus. I would also recommend seeing it with a group of people, because it's very interesting to gauge everyone's different reaction right after viewing the film, there's sure to be opinions ranging from emphatic agreement to stern disapproval, but that's what's great about it. Be sure to check it out wherever you can.

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Makes a strong point using a Christian message

Author: Jo Payne from United Kingdom
19 September 2006

I don't watch supernatural thrillers...ever. But at our camp over the summer we were given the choice of watching 'A Distant Thunder' or 'Robots', basically the whole camp watched 'A Distant Thunder' because abortion had been a hot topic of the week. We ended up watching the film 3 times with various bits being explained to us and some of the leaders had seen it 6 times and were still noticing more about it. The film is perfectly made, cleverly written and wonderfully acted. It is perfect for groups who are exploring abortion or if you want to stir up a youth group. I should also say that a group of 20 16-17 year olds watched it and we had 4 girls up for most of the night as the film seemed a little scary but the DVD comes with a cut version which may be more appropriate. A must see for anyone! I'd highly recommend it.

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A creative movie about confused morality

Author: usieyouandme from Texas
17 February 2006

A Distant Thunder uses fiction to portray the very real problem that our society seems to accept as normal, partial-birth abortion, Dilation and Extraction (D & X.) I recommend this short film for all and especially for youth groups, but suggest it be previewed by leaders before group showings in order to develop responses to questions that your audiences will have. The Bonus Tracks, interviews with Principal members of the production, may be necessary to resolve questions of your own and will assist in leading discussion about A Distant Thunder.

Because of the powerful theme of this movie, I suggest that it not be shown to unsupervised children or youth.

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An entertaining thriller that makes you think about consequences

Author: vrbarbosa from United States
19 June 2008

I found this a profound and touching film, with echoes of The Butterfly Effect. I did not think it was propaganda, but used a fairly common medical procedure as the jumping off point for the supernatural premise. The topic is one that people need to understand, and hopefully this film will help educate them as well as providing spooky and unsettling entertainment. I thought the actors were professional and very true to life. I especially liked the heroine's boss, with his aura of calm, protection and healing.

It was frightening in spots, and I would not let anyone under 14 watch it due to the nightmare potential.

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supernatural thriller that educates but also attracts young people

Author: smok22andthensome from United States
3 October 2005

It has a real Hollywood psychological thriller feel to it, which will appeal to younger generations used to scary, shocker-flashback movies with surreal, supernatural twists.

Though the main character's "dream" sequences were gripping and sometimes harrowing, they weren't too much for me to take (and I hate scary movies) nor were they at all graphic, violent or gory. Those "visions" were frightening in what they implied, and most only pieced together in my mind afterward.

There is one heck of a twist at the end in the courtroom. Critics and reviewers are saying this movie meets its stated goals: educating while gripping the audience, not being preachy or propaganda, just telling it like it is. I agree.

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Turn other people on to this flick,

Author: sidx-2 from United States
20 June 2006

I've told many of my friends and co-workers to watch this movie, but only tell them it is a courtroom thriller about a botched medical procedure. The film makes a subtle and brilliantly presented point while interesting to watch.

I had the privilege of running into Jonathan Flora when he was touring in Ohio. He's quite an impressive guy and his wife, Deborah (Ann Brown) is a genuine sweetheart. I was equally impressed with the premium quality of production in this film from a very limited budget. For that point alone, if I were a producer, I would hire Flora on the spot. Buy this movie and share it with your friends and family.

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Thought Provoking, But Ruined By Bad Acting

Author: proppenator from United States
24 April 2007

Before I saw this movie, I was a person that would always argue pro-choice. After I watched this movie with my religion class, I was forced to rethink my position. Though I would say I am pro-choice still, this movie educated me in the horrors of partial-birth abortion. Never have I seen a movie that made me think this hard about where I stand on an issue.

That being said, I am shocked at all the rave reviews the actors are receiving. I personally though the acting, especially from the lead actress, was atrocious. The defense attorney was decent, and the judge had little else to say but "sustatined", but the main character was played by someone with the skill of a mediocre high school play actress.

As for the twist at the end, it was a good one, and it shocked most of the people I watched this movie with. Unfortunately, there were a few of us, myself included, that could see it coming from a mile away. The movie dropped a few too many hints as to what was coming.

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This is propaganda!

Author: M from United States
16 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Be forewarned! This is a propaganda piece against abortion. My uncle sends me a link to this movie in every email he sends me. Now mind you, I'm not in the market to have an abortion but I'm not sure that a bunch of strangers should be regulating what I do with my body. The movie is well made; you can tell they've spent a lot of money on the aesthetic. And the actors all seem well-qualified and committed to what they are actors and not just as mouth pieces for a specific agenda. If you are intrigued about this movie...then you should see it. I just don't think people should get suckered into sitting through something so heavy-handed.

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