Charlie Wilson's War (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

cia congressman
mujahideen texas
afghanistan 1980s
cia agent womanizer
news report foreign policy
office soviet union
banquet cigarette smoking
spy guerrilla
president tv reporter
meeting paranoia
houston texas playboy model
politician chess
black op fraud
greek american invasion
bugging device refugee camp
playboy christianity
constituency aclu
washington d.c. cold war
party finland
pakistan premarital sex
nativity mansion
air drop jew
christmas party millionaire
soviet afghanistan war jerusalem israel
bathtub helicopter
playboy playmate santa claus suit
nudity muslim
camera focus on female butt fundraiser
las vegas nevada cocaine
afghan war archive footage
embassy reference to rudy giuliani
politics guerrilla warfare
bare breasts arms dealer
chess game reference to thomas jefferson
greyhound dog deception
u.s. capitol building mossad
airplane reference to james bond
anti aircraft year 1980
stinger missile reference to tio o'neill
cairo egypt newsreel footage
exploding helicopter mirror
swimming pool cowboy boot
battle soviet army
bra israel
desert scandal
male rear nudity personal assistant
bare chested male award
hot tub buttocks
stripper reference to robert louis stevenson
airplane trip panties
satire missile launcher
bedroom watching tv
helicopter crash vandalism
u.s. embassy langley virginia
reference to boris spassky cleavage
assistant arms deal
jacuzzi cia officer
reporter cia headquarters
limousine bachelor
general telephone call
jerusalem committee meeting
military convoy window smashing
islamabad pakistan camel
orchestral music score 1990s
television news airliner
peshawar pakistan eavesdropping
belly dancer covert operation
texan drug use
helsinki finland white panties
speech television reporter
showgirl rubber duck
hangar virginia
female nudity scantily clad female
blowback aide
u.s. congress nonlinear timeline
based on true story based on novel
character name in title

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