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25 Apr. 2005
The Ami Special
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A Disgruntled Yoji
A disgruntled Yoji wants more clients and bigger tattoos, but opportunity almost slips through his fingers when he finally gets his chance. Jeb heals the pain of losing his son.
History of the Circus Sideshow
Ami tattoos the famous Coney Island Wonder Wheel on Insectavora, the fire-breather. Yoji gives 'Roc-Roc It' a rubber chicken tattoo to remember his beloved prop.
Kat & Ami Tattoo the Troops
Ami gives Mike a large back piece that represents him coming to terms with his father's suicide and coming out as a gay male. Kat gives Scott a Bettie Page pin-up, and Thomas gets a tattoo that reminds him of both the bad and good things he did in life.
Kat the Party Machine
Garver gives Danielle a tattoo of a Spanish Skull that will help her put closure to an abusive past, and Sylvie gets a fierce Asian style woman to represent the strong woman that she is today. As the new kid on the block, Kat is feeling lonely.
Jan. 2006
More Money, More Problems
The artists of Miami Ink learn that with success come problems. Ami buys his dream car, while Darren risks his life and his career by drinking to excess.
Saver vs. Spender
Not only are the guys down an artist at the shop with Kat gone, but the continued success of Love Hate means Ami and Nunez also need more staff at the bar. In the meantime, Ami helps Marissa put an end to the single life with a double happiness tattoo.
Von D Family Bonding
Rapper Mr. J makes a bold statement with the words "Forgive Us." Darren comes up with one heck of a design for Doc Chopper's line of custom bikes.
Yoji's Initiation
Ivy gets a cartoon version of herself, though she's not the happiest customer. Ami and Yoji sit side by side for the first time, and tattoo two best friends that are like sisters. Tattoo-less Josie comes in to apply for the store manager position.
11 Apr. 2006
Made in Japan
Ami helps Amber Dawn remember her beloved grandfather with a rosary tattoo, and Darren gives rocker Adam something that reminds him that he only lives once.
19 Jun. 2007
Staff, Staff, Staff
Damon drops by to get a tattoo to symbolize his struggle with Type-1 diabetes-something Darren is all too familiar with. Alexis wants to get inked with a tattoo of a penny in memory of her dad. But Ami's not in the mood for loose change.
3 Jul. 2007
Facing Changes
With Kat gone, we try out NYC based Miss D'Jo as her replacement.She hooks Chris up with a film themed family portrait. Darren gives Humberto a massive phoenix, symbolic of his ability to rise above a volitle childhood.
5 Aug. 2007
Nothing Lasts Forever
Ami and Nunez try and find a balance between working days at the shop and nights at their new bar. Unfortunately, Nunez enjoys working the bar a little too much and his irresponsible behavior pushes Ami to the edge.
9 Aug. 2007
It's Vegas Baby!
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6 Nov. 2007
No Regrets
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27 Nov. 2007
Speed Racer
Ami sends Nunez to drag racing school to cure him of his inner 'speed demon' and his pile of speeding tickets. He's a natural, and shows us what he's made of in a head-to-head race against a pro driver.Miss Kim drops in for a guest spot at Miami Ink.
11 Dec. 2007
Through Thick and Thin
This week, Ami and Nunez perform their "civic duty" by judging a bikini contest, and the good times continues when Ami's kooky new client, Joni, who wants one of her artworks tattooed on her back.
19 Jun. 2008
We Are Family
Things are more hectic than ever in the shop. Dre has to pass her certification test or the shop's out a manager. Darren's in love and he's moving fast. Between a new fianc?e and baby on the way, he's facing some big life changes.
24 Jul. 2008
Ruthless & Toothless
Yoji and Darren set out to create a unique baby clothing line that flaunts tattoo-based designs, but creative differences threaten to keep the project from getting off the ground.Ami helps Vanessa overcome a hard relationship with a cherry blossom tattoo.
31 Jul. 2008
Garver Gets Commissioned
Garver agrees to paint a piece of art to hang in a model home. Yoji gives Jasmine and Ali matching tattoos to show how much they are in love with each other. Meanwhile, Nunez tattoos a real-life mermaid.
7 Aug. 2008
New Orleans Special
The crew hits Post-Katrina New Orleans to spend some tourist dollars in the cash-strapped city, and do a guest artist stint at their friend's tattoo shop, Eye Candy. While in town they chow down on crawfish and share a few thrills at their haunted hotel.

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