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The X-men's second outing on the Sega Genesis
Aaron137521 August 2013
The fact there are voice actors listed here is a bit baffling. This game was released on the Sega Genesis and there were absolutely no voice overs save a few grunts. Perhaps there was another version of this game other than the Genesis version, but that is the only platform I thought this game was on. Anyhow, it is also one of the best X-men games I have played on the earlier systems which I am including the NES, the SNES and the Genesis. I played the first game on the Genesis too, but I don't recollect it much...only that it was very difficult. I have yet to play the X-men game on the SNES and the NES one is a pixel nightmare where nothing in it resembles anything! This one is fun though, has good graphics, boasts lots of playable characters and it very difficult also.

The story has some alien creatures known as the Phalanx trying to take over the Earth. The X-men have to foil their plot and save the Earth...rather basic, but then most of the plots on the earlier systems are. The Phalanx remind me of the Brood villains the X-men usually fight, but these particular alien beasts use clones to fight. So you are off as soon as you turn the power on in Siberia, a Sentinel factory, Magneto's asteroid, Apocalypse's base of operations, the savage land and finally the alien ship of the Phalanx in your efforts to defeat your enemy.

The game play is a bit more complicated than your basic side scrolling game. I would prefer more linear levels as certain levels are a pain to navigate. Your attack is dependent on which X-men character you choose as Cyclops has a nice range attack as does Gambit. The Beast and Wolverine can really get in close and Nightcrawler can teleport right passed certain obstacles. Psylocke is somewhat useful in a couple of stages as she can destroy some enemies with one hit of her psychic knife. Then later in the game Magneto becomes a playable character and he really can devastate most of the bosses thanks to his ability to simply hover and rain death upon his enemies.

So a fun game, if it were a bit less difficult it would have been better. You die during a stage, you start from the beginning...and let me tell you, some of these stages are quite large. There is a particularly annoying stage where rocks constantly come smashing down on you. Still, this has been the best X-men game I have played on the earlier consoles. It is also better than the Wolverine solo outings on the NES, SNES and Genesis too. Worth a play through if you can locate it.
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Not as good as the first, but challenging
spiderguy_0730 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
X-Men 2: Clone Wars gives you a bigger variety of characters. Cyclops, Gambit, Wolverine, Beast, Nightcrawler, and Magneto are the playable characters in this game.

This game features more moves, levels, and bosses. The Sentinel level is the most challenging one (in my opinion). In this level, you must find your way through Trask's Sentinel factory to a Sentinel with its mouth open. You go inside that Sentinel, bust its electrical circuits, and bust out of the Sentinel factory.

Cyclops, Gambit, Beast, and Wolverine are the best characters to play with. Cyclops uses fists, feet, and his optic blasts. Gambit uses his energy powered pipe, along with his energy charged cards. Beast uses a lot of athletic and devastating moves that are good against tough bosses. Wolverine uses his claws to cut through any obstacle he comes to.

Great game, but not as good as the first.
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