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PG Hip-Hop for Kids Movie
Adam Stone19 January 2007
This was plot less, tasteless, and awful. Another horrible movie starring a skinny kid who wishes he was a rap star (The Game). Sorry, but this is really a movie for the "wannabe thugs" or people that don't know anything about rap music or the ghetto. This makes sense, because the Game, like most of his friends, is uneducated, untalented, and obviously wouldn't take the time to do more than one take for any scene in this movie. The acting really was horrible and the shooting scenes are fake and unrealistic. These people don't really know what the ghetto is like. I don't understand why someone as intelligent as 50 cent would even associate with him. I guess The Game fits more into the category of "hip-hop for kids" than "actual rap." I guess I'm used to a lot of good DJ Screw and Texas rap, but I'm also a fan of Tupac and Makaveli. Trust me. Save your money. This movie gets an F.
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