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Kermit's Best Sesame Street Moments
wermuth6013 January 2007
This 1998 home video release features Kermit the Frog's best segments from Sesame Street. In addition to many classic sketches featuring Kermit, there is a linking story in which Grover presents Kermit with "The Frog of the Year" award, and recites his own poem for Kermit, with constant interruptions by the Three Little Pigs, who are there because Kermit has interviewed them twice on Sesame Street News (actually, there have been at least five Sesame Street News segments concerning the Three Little Pigs).

Grover recites the poem, with many verses leading to classic Kermit sketches from Sesame Street. Among the classics are Bein' Green (the version from the 1970s, not the original or the version with Lena Horne), I Love My Elbows, Caribbean Amphibean, and This Frog. This video also features the classic sketch where Kermit and a girl recite the alphabet.

Unfortunately, this video is only a half hour long. It should have been an hour long. This video includes three clip montages, one of which includes clips from the various Sesame Street News segments. While these clips are fun to watch, I feel like most of these clips could confuse viewers who haven't seen the full segments. It would have been great if the video featured an opening clip montage, with music playing over the clips. And there are not any complete Sesame Street News segments included, nor are there any clips from the first season.

If I could only change one thing about this video (besides make it an hour long), it would be to eliminate the new scenes where Grover talks to real kids about Kermit. Sure, it's great to talk about Kermit, but Kermit isn't in these scenes, they don't take place at the award ceremony, and they take away time that could have been spent showing more Kermit sketches (even if this was an hour-long video I would have wanted them to not be included).

Since this video represents Kermit's best moments from Sesame Street, it makes sense that his Muppet Show friends are not included, though it would have been great if Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and Robin were at the ceremony. However, it would have been great if more Sesame Street characters were at the ceremony. In fact, it would have been great if this video featured some Kermit skits that also featured other regular characters (besides Grover). Perhaps it could have included the skit where Kermit interviewed Little Red Riding Hood (as portrayed by Cookie Monster), the skit where Kermit and Elmo talk about happy and sad, and the skit where Kermit x-rayed Herry Monster.

But still, this is a very good video. If you can find a copy it's worth watching.
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