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Author: moviefanatic9 from United States
1 July 2006

I actually liked this movie. It was on lifetime one night and I love lifetime movies (they are so addictive) so I started watching it and couldn't stop. It was a little far-fetched but enjoyable. I don't know, maybe there really are such crazy people out there like this! Considering it was one lifetime, it could be based on a true story, but I don't know if it is or not. I was curious what would happen next so it kept me interested. I would like to watch it again, without commercials. Claudette Mink is a great actress, she played the perfect charming, deceitful woman next door. She definitely knew what she wanted and has the perfect plan to get everything. This movie is worth watching. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys lifetime movies!

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Far from perfect murders

Author: len_ginz84 from Israel
14 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The murders in the movie are far from perfect. For instance, if Claudia's husband had caused an accident but hadn't been killed, or if he had killed someone else in an accident, the police would run a blood test and find out about the sleeping pills he was given, which would lead straight to Claudia.

The whole plot line that led to the capture of Claudia, such as Dan showing Sophie his video (what ever for?), didn't make much sense. The movie is efficient, that is, tells it's plot in a neat and orderly way, but no more.

All in all, a mediocre picture.

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Nothing atypical here

Author: caa821 from Tulsa OK
8 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I suppose it's appropriate to place the "spoiler" label on this, however, there is little mystery to this typical Lifetime movie, and even less to "spoil."

Am I wrong, or are there a seemingly endless supply of these flicks which have the conniving best friend/neighbor who wants her friend's husband, children and life? And might these films have as a purpose, almost as primary as their weak plots, the providing of work for Canadian actresses?

Anyway, some of them, like this one, are: first, so predictable, pedestrian and even "corny," that they have a weird fascination for these qualities; and, second, while first-rate, big-screen films can be like having a gourmet dinner - these are like scarfing a large bag of chips, somewhat addictive while your stuffing them, but pretty much unsatisfying in the end.

Here we have Beth, whose friend, Claudia, is creating all sorts of deceptive hi-jinks for her, and others, including placing vodka into her insulin vial, so everyone - especially the husband, Kurt - believes she is a sloppy drunk, and reaches the inevitable point where he suggests she might have to leave the family. Along the way, Claudia runs-up nearly a 30-grand tab on an internet gambling site, which Kurt, of course, ascribes to a drunken stupor on Beth's part. (Earlier, the doctored shot which Beth administered to herself resulted in her being stopped by the police, charged with DUI, and cuffed and booked with police photos and all.)

Along the way, Claudia also drugs the young man who happens upon her scheme, doping the beverage in his truck, and causing a head-on collision with a semi.

Her shenanigans make her busier hassling people than a Mafia button man - plus she has to maintain a facade with Kurt, cooking and helping with his son, and planning her takeover of the household - distractions the button man wouldn't have. She pursues a nefarious schedule in perpetrating her evils, accomplishing in a matter of a few minutes or perhaps an hour or two, tasks which would take days to execute in real life. (Oh, Claudia is also Godmother to Beth's son.)

Throughout all of this, Kurt, a supposedly successful, bright businessman, is totally-clueless. The guys in these films are always clueless, look as though they've overdosed on Valium, and bring the adjective "INSIPID" to new heights. Here, though, Kurt has some excuse for part of the film, since along the way, Claudia slips him a mickey, too.

Of course, the inevitable revolver is brandished at the end, and the final resolution, as in many of these flicks only takes a couple of minutes, and it ends quickly with about as much satisfaction as the fore-mentioned bag of chips.

But, again, it is sort of fascinating, even with its absence of true plot, or the creation of an iota of empathy or sympathy for the characters.

One * for quality/plot and two for fascination.

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It's so bad..I couldn't stop watching!

Author: Jon Death from United States
23 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must say the ignorance and naivety of the characters is clearly intentional. There are many different types of surrealism and Lifetime movies sometimes like to use this element of trust and stupidity from the victims that is beyond belief along with villains that are so untouchable that they might as well be deemed super villains.

In a land where people have no taste buds! Dosing people with enough sleeping pills to kill them is generally going to be tasted immediately in their beverage. That doesn't stop our sexy villainess though, oh no! She routinely doses her victims with enough sleeping powder to turn their drinks into a drug-shake!

I know people will say this movie is bad or even stupid but the blindness of the victims is intentional because in real life, it's not too far from the truth of what goes unnoticed by a lot of people. Something tastes funny but what do they do? They keep eating it! The glazing on this donut is that these people live in that perfect little world where they drive 40-50 thousand dollar cars/USV's and live in half million dollar homes. The world where they least expect it..or reached this lifestyle by being as cunning, devious and backstabbing is our villain....

If you're into that Disney Land thriller/deception style of Lifetime films that are incredibly surreal, you might actually have some fun watching this one.

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forget this soap opera

Author: mbg411 from United States
15 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just have to react to this completely ridiculous and unrealistic soap opera of a movie. Some woman kills her husband to get all his money, then she realizes she won't get it. As the formulaic plot dictates she should, she turns against her best friend and tries to ruin her life, especially by seducing her husband. At the beginning of this movie, she did everything for her best friend. How does she go psycho all of a sudden? This is the kind of thing that happens in bad soap operas.

The performance of Claudette Mink in the role of the villain, gave it the dimension it needed though. She is gorgeous and a great actress. I couldn't stop watching her. She deserves so much better than all these bad movies that she's doing. The other actors do the best they can with their pathetic roles, which isn't much.

My vote is 4 stars for Claudette Mink's amazing looks and talent.

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Song please?

Author: bullitt65 from United States
16 May 2015

Hi I agree with the other reviews, you will not get your time back... this movie is a snoozer Makes me wonder how much they get paid to make movies this poor...

*However, I am trying o figure out what song is playing in the boyfriends Green 69 Impala/Caprice when he rolls up on the Claudette in the Porsche , (scene where she says "you slut" for messing with her uncle)

or is there a site where it would have the sound track to a TV movie? Kinds sounds like God Smack -I'm Alive, (but its not them)

any help?

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Insipid and despicable movie

Author: guil fisher from New York City, NY
13 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No vote from this viewer. I agree with caa821 review on everything. I also blame the writer, Donna Radik, for a stupid innocuous story. I wanted to tell the writer she/he was just plain awful. And the director for casting a ridiculous leading lady in the role and spending too much time showing her pushed up/pulled in cleavage and for having us to suffer watching her walk around in her too tight jeans making her rear end looking like the Titanic. She is not a looker, believe me, and her acting matches her looks. Obvious in every frame in fact at times over done. This losing actress is named Claudette Mink. Let's hope we don't see her again.

Now we add Megan Gallagher as her best friend so ignorant that she's being duped and drugged. It gets so repetitious that you get tired of all the trickery and are constantly ahead of the plot with what will happen. I picked out the victims from the get-go. Gallagher was on a one level performance of - duh. Add to this her bland husband played by Barclay Hope who is clueless of what is going on and quick to blame his wife for it all. This after the bitch even drugged him and made an obvious pass at him. Still he was clueless. The victims, Liam Ranger, as the dame's husband, gets knocked off quickly, then her lover, played by Nels Lennarson, gets his demise. Imagine the bitch coming into a public hospital and able to enter a patient's room and kill him? Makes you think about what goes on in hospitals. No monitor on him to call for assistance when things go wrong? Brittany Wilson and Graham Kosakoski play the young lovers as best they can. The only two logical and intelligent people in this dribble.

Another typical LMN made for TV movie about women having the upper hand and men being vacant and empty headed. Of course this one is about, what, the 200th production of the same theme? Phew!

I was forced to watch this a second time. Why? Don't ask me. I should have known better. Still the same insipid Claudette Mink sashaying around with a fat butt in too tight jeans and her breasts thrust forward to I guess make her sexy which she is not. The same dribble dialog and situation done over and over again. Only this time I cheered the young couple for getting rid of Mink. Only we have to wait 2 tedious hours for it to happen.

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Hilariously Bad, Noteworthy for Woman Villain

Author: Rob Williams from Los Angeles, CA
14 November 2005

Generally, a second cousin's involvement in a film like this would have been career-ending a few decades ago. Now that schlocking for a paycheck is practiced from top to bottom of the industry, these things are just popping out like bear claws at the donut shop. If you make the mistake of watching this thing, your IQ will drop faster than if you dined on paint chips for a year. There is no continuity. The plot is the construct of an 8 year old. The murder as mr. toad cliché requires increasing amounts of stupidity to keep it going. By the end, it's so thick one imagines the writers and continuity guys are just hoping that we've all slipped off into a stupor, like the zombies in the film.

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