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Believe me, Middlesborough never looked better....
intelearts16 October 2009
There are only three other reviews here so far: two give this 10 (Err... two different named reviewers, identical reviews, duplicate memo to PR team please....idiots) and the other 1 so let's assume some will love this and others will hate it. I'll try to review it....

Plot: pretty easy sell, every seven years the top assassins hold the tournament; they kill each other until the last survivor wins it all; all organized, tracked, and betted on by billionaires, of course.

The whole thing is kind of like no limit hold'em.... but they can't all dodge bullets, baby. Think Tekken and you're not in the right area, it is better than Uwe Boll and that ilk.

Not quite lineage as Guy Ritchie (Obviously) but only needing Jason Stratham this is exactly what is says on the box: an out and out kill or be killed cartoonish film.

Filming is good, nothing too dark or menacing but just nice.

It's not Battle Royale but if action is your thing and you liked Death Race 2000, Shoot Em'Up or Wanted then you'll be happy enough.

Any gripes about morality are irrelevant here, this is in a moral vacuum, and so are plot holes, logic, or how heads explode like watermelons, this is either your type of film or you should really it avoid totally.

Yep, it's violent - limbs fly, people die in well, imaginative ways - but it is not horror.

It's all well put together, nicely cast, and creates enough interest; better than just hunt or be hunted there is a real plot and even character development...

Oh and great to choose Middlesborough, seriously one of the ugliest, most desolate pile of concrete crap evaar...ha ha....shooting it up the kyber pass can only improve it....

This is a movie to watch with mates and wince and cheer to....
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Has been done better before!
e_esben27 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
So there is a tournament every 7 years where the worlds best assassins fight to their death, and the winner wins 10 mio dollar. Each assassin gets an implant and a locating device so they can find each other. The tournaments takes place in a normal city, where the mess that is made will be blamed on terrorists and madmen to keep the tournament a secret.

It is a premise with lots of potential for a fun movie. What breaks this movie is the bad character development; you know who are going to be be the finalists from the start, but just just hope that they will be killed off because there are no reasons to like them.

Still the movie has so great action that makes it relatively enjoyable. There are some brutal kills (e.g. people exploding with meat all over) and some fun fights (e.g. strip club). But it has all been seen much better in movies as The Condemned, Battle Royal, Death Race and The Running Man.
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What a surprise! 7/10
MaybeTomorrow18 December 2012
Wow. I was expecting a mediocre executed movie but it turned out to be awesome from the first minute in. I don't know why the movie gets so much negative feedback here.

When you watch the movie it's very clear that the makers were inspired by "Battle Royale" and "Terminator 2". A solid cast: Ving Rhames (always bad-ass), Robert Carlyle, Ian Somerhalder (who does surprisingly well!) and a action-packed small role for Scott Adkins. Guns, gore, boobs and loads of stunts & action!

Highly recommended for action-fans!

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"The Tournament" - a decently cool idea staggers, crawls, then dies.
bobslider27 October 2009
The Tournament - a deadly game played out every 7 years, where the world's richest people put 30 of the world's deadliest assassins in an out of the way town, and bet on who will be the last man (or woman) standing. The surprise (aha( is that through a plot twist, a drunken priest played by Robert Carlyle becomes an unwilling participant. Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu and that dueshbag from LOST round out the character actors.

A movie like this, for me, needs two things - badass characters - and I mean MAKE THEM BADASS! Have a guy who uses snakes as weapons, and has an eyepatch, and uses a boomerang! Have a girl who has poisons and throwing stars, and who killed her whole family when she was 3 years old - I want some bloody history goddammit. Have assassins who get their arms pulled off and still keep killing. What we get here is a stupid video game sequence for each of the top 5 assassins, THE TEXAN, THE FRENCHMAN, THE Asian CHICK, etc, kicking and punching a bit before freezing for the camera. This is not the way to go. Show them in their environment. SHOW us, don't just tell us how badass they are.

The movie has a stupid subplot where Ving Rhames's wife has been killed, and hes there for revenge, blah blah blah, these movies tend to get all cocked up when they try to make an emotional plot work, and this one is no exception. I feel like having this tournament, plus a bystander who's a priest who then becomes one of the players is more than enough plot for an action movie, the rest can be just watching the carnage unfold, and if the characters are interesting, and the action scenes are creative, that's all it really needs. This movie tries to straddle both, and ends up having mediocre characters having mediocre fight scenes (the two fight scenes with the FRENCHMAN were the exceptions, mostly because I'm a sucker for that parkour jumping around stuff).

One last thing - movies like this need to understand the idea of contrasting elements. Contrast these deadly killers against a very normal town! Show them getting coffee at starbucks, fighting in a wal-mart, contrast crazy with normal. Instead the towns people seem to barely exist, the cops are nowhere, you never get that moment where a kid looks at a bleeding murderer from behind a box of paper towels, and the killer goes "hey there buddy" before blowing away a crazy monkey fighter who leaps over the tootsie roll display. This place is the town equivalent of an empty warehouse.

People are comparing it to death race, but I actually liked that better, because it embraced it's stupidity, and didn't try to have that emotional subplot. The Tournament is really a movie best enjoyed after at least four beers, and even then you might find yourself nodding off near the end.
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Excellent actioner
dima-1218 October 2009
When I decided to check out "The Tournament" the expectations were moderate. Actually I expected it to be a pleasant DTV title with a couple of cool actors.

What I got instead was a thrilling actioner that surpasses most of the theatrical releases of the same genre. The action is hyperkinetic and violent, and Scott Mann has undisputed Hollywood potential.

The plot about the assassin tournament is clean and simple, a lot like "Taken" and when it comes to comparison between these two films, only advantage for "Taken" is Liam Neeson. "The Tournament" provides solid acting but it doen't have such a potent star. Actually, if we consider its budget, "The Tournament" is really outstanding in terms of casting because it combines available theatrical-feature actors like Kelly Hu, Liam Cunningham,, Robert Carlyle and Ving Rhames with top DTV names like Scott Adkins. Scott Adkins' potential was obvious ever since he first appeared in Isaac Florentine films and in "the Tournament" he is accompanied by Sebastien Foucan, the parkourist we remember from "Casino Royale".

Fight scenes are marvelously staged, with great fight choreography, but also outstanding gunplay and vehicle stunts. When it comes to the sheer amount of action "The Tournament" gives you the most for bang for the buck. It is very hard to invent some new kinds of action set-pieces and choreographies but in a couple of scenes "Rhe Tournament" does that.

Also, you must bear in mind that action is very violent and gory. The sheer amount of gore is comparable to Neill Blomkamp's "District 9". Bloodletting is stylish and lavish and Scott Mann really has the guts (quite literally) to pull it off.

I am surprised that this film failed to get theatrical release. I mean, it's quite obvious that American distributors wouldn't release because none of the stars are a draw in the US but I guess it should've worked quite well internationally.

Writer Gary Young was lucky to move on into theatrical business with Matthew Vaughn production "Harry Brown". I hope Scott Mann will accomplish the same.
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Interesting premise but not nearly as spectacular as it could be
BernardoLima19 October 2009
When I saw the trailer for this film I immediately thought The Tournemnt had potential to be one of best action films of the last years, unfortunately that's not the case. The premise is very interesting even if flawed; every seven years somewhere in the planet(usually in a random city) a tournament between the world's deadliest assassins takes place. 30 assassins fight against each other in a bloody battle royale hoping to survive. The last one standing wins the tournament and receives a cash prize and more importantly the title of world nº1 assassin. This is obviously a receipt for lots of action,fighting,blood,death and so on... But as much as I love the concept, the movie felt short of my expectations...there are a couple of well done fighting scenes but overall the action in the film is not nearly as spectacular as the trailer led me to believe, it's just not impressive at all considering other action films that have been done before, and the few twists in the story are very easily predictable. The acting was average, while Ian Somerholder and others did a good job, Ving Rhames, for instance, was constantly over-acting. The tournament could have been amazing,instead it is a forgettable movie with a few more or less known actors that doesn't deliver what it promised.

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It will pass the time nicely
There has been so much trash released over the past couple of years, however The Tournament is one of those fun trashy movies that hits the action spot very nicely, what we have is a game that takes place every 7 years and 30 top assassins play out for the top prize, and yes they have to kill each other to win 10 million, a bug has been placed inside them so they can track each other down and a bunch of rich folk place there bets in who will win.. Well thats pretty much the plot.. So what now follows is a Battle Royal kill fest, and boy do we have some brutal and bloody kills, the film makers were smart to even through in some nudity...and hey presto we have another trashy exploitation movie, but this one kinda rocks, it will remind you of other movies you have Battle Royal, The Running Man, and even Gamer, so don't expect anything original but there are some nice set pieces, blood gets splattered all over the place and oh... did i even mention that there is some nudity?
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Good effects but no plot *** WARNING Spoilers included*******
datahoover20 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well where do i start, This movie has absolutely no plot, absolutely everything is predictable and half of it impossible or unlikely. for example there was a big fight scene in a nightclub. Various assassins were pulling out guns, shotguns , and machine guns.. (how many nightclub doormen would allow you entry carrying these, I am surprised a rocket launcher was not used as well) the effects and fight scenes are good considering they are over the top, there is a lot of gore also for those of you that love a gorefest. Shame there was not a more interesting script though, this is the major letdown for this movie. It is watchable though, but be prepared that the script was as much use as a chocolate teapot when they made this movie.
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Amazingly fun, if you can take it
kenneth-1874 November 2011
A great ride in an exciting world. Unrealistic compared to our own world, but if you want realism - look out your window. In it's imagined world it's realistic. It builds up nicely, a lot of action and some short stops to get your breath - but not so long that you get bored. Plot develops naturally, most people will guess what is coming, but I see no one blaming Matrix for having an easy plot. The action scenes are exciting. The different characters have their methods of killing without getting comical. It's practical, yet with entertainment in mind, in it's approach. Gory enough to remind us that this is not something that would be fun to do, but not too much to drive us away. A very well balanced action movie that deserves a lot of respect. I will watch it again pretty soon.
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Farcical Pumped-Up Action
drunkenhopfrog20 October 2009
If there is one glorious thing about making movies going in to the second decade of the millennium, it's that someone can have a successful movie, and a pretty good movie, that does not have to have a theater run to gain an audience or make money. There has been plethora of direct to DVD or direct to OnDemand releases that are just as good, or better, or better in a different way, than a lot of wide release movies. Usually the biggest difference between the two are marketability. The main consideration for marketability is the star power of the cast or the filmmakers.

Ving Rhames, one of the stars in the ensemble cast of "The Tournament," is probably the most marketable name associated with the movie. Most people still remember him as Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction, so that right there gives a clue as to the marketability of "the Tournament." That's OK. "The Tournament" should live on in DVD rentals and sales for years to come.

"The Tournament" is ridiculous in its attempt at scripting and plot. The concept and continuity is as (un)developed as a Jason Statham franchise. But the action. Oh, my, the action is dialed to the extreme.

The "plot" is that every seven years the best assassins from all over the word are gathered together in a small town to go at each other in a free ranging field of play until there is one man or woman left standing. This year the action takes place in Middlesborough, a small town in the UK. The advantage of this small town is that it has more closed circuit cameras than any place else in the world. Therefore a team of hackers led by a dude that looks like my friend Spike (of the famous podcast The Paul & Spike Show) can somehow gain control of all of these cameras and bring live feeds of the action to a room full of billionaires from all over the world that are placing bets on the contestants. The group is hosted by Powers (Liam Cunningham), who channels the most campy essence of Richard Dawson from The Running Man .

Included assassins are Joshua Harlow (Rhames), the defending champ who is only back to settle a score; Lai Lai Zhen (Kelly Hu), a killer with a conscience; Miles Slater (Ian Somerhalder) a crazy killer from Texas; and the alcoholic Father Joseph Macavoy (Robert Carlyle) who, through a devious tactic by another assassin, gets pulled into the game against his will.

What develops is a farcical stretch of anyone's credulity, but the action is so fun and violence so over-the-top that a fan of the action genre cannot help but to enjoy the show. The gore level of the violence is nearly on par with Stallone's Rambo and the physical stunts (many actually done by this fun cast) are the high flying craziness of District 13-style.

The finale comes as a bit of a surprise in that it revisits a style similar to action movies of the 80s and 90s. The satisfaction level of the ending is very high.

"The Tournament" is a blast for action fans. The movie is simple with only a hint of a plot that's only purpose is to set up action sequence on top of action sequence. If one starts to deconstruct the plot too much, it is revealed for the silly and contrived object of convenience that it is. So don't. Pop the flick in, grab a pizza and a craft beer, and enjoy the show.
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most ambitious of all in this genre... and it works
A_Different_Drummer21 November 2016
At first glance it checks all the boxes: madman running a contest between champions from a safe distance; greedy ultra-rich gambling on the lives of those they consider lesser; cameras everywhere; interesting cameos; mayhem and violence ...

But then you look closer and you see A-list production values and a novel "redemption" twist with a priest in the game (well played by Robert Carlyle) -- and this strange arc comes to dominate the film and hold interest, even with all the shooting and explosives.

And amazingly it more or less works. It entertains. Does what it is supposed to (within the confines of the genre).

Always great to see Kelly Hu in action too, arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world. She did not do enough movies.
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thincomfort8 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Tournament is a stupid movie.There is a basic idea- ripped off from movies like mean guns and battle royale- but nothing is ever done with it.

The idea that 30 assassins would fight to the death is stupid..why enter a contest with such low odds of survival? although most of them are so stupid they would never last in their job anyway. The characters are all pretty dull..its sad to see Ving Rhames and Robert Carlyle slumming it in cheap rubbish like this, and if Kelly Hu were just required to shoot people and pout she would be OK but she has been lumbered with some cheesy redemption subplot which is beyond her.

There is a lot of criticism of Lian Cunningham here..its not his fault he was saddled with some woeful dialogue and clunky exposition.

The only memorable character is Sebastien Foucan's..and that is only because he does parkour.

There are a few people on here- doubtless with some motive of their own- who keep posting that the movie is amazing, should be in cinemas etc. It shouldn't. It's not up to scratch and is just a brainless shoot em up..on the same level as Seagal's latest cheapo offerings.
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Full of action, blood and violence but not very good
Enchorde28 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Once every seven years, the best of the world's assassins gather in a town to compete to the death for the title of world's best, and a lot of money of course. This time the setting is an unsuspecting town in Great Britain. The organizer has hacked into all the surveillance cams throughout the city and all fights are shown live for a few select, well paying guests. The competitors are tracked through a device implanted in their bodies, so that both spectators and other competitors can track their movements. The alcoholic and disgraced priest Father Macavoy is a unsuspecting bystander, that is until he unknowingly eats one of the competitors implants, and becoming a target. He teams up with Lai Lai Zheng, one of the assassins, in an effort to survive. But everyone is out to kill them, and what he doesn't know is that if more than one competitor stands when the time runs up, all implants will explode, and the competitors with them.

Comments: A simple movie with a simple theme. Violence. It is a high paced action with constant fighting, shooting and above all killing. Blood flows in ridiculous amount, and gore and guts are abundant. Perhaps not for those with a weak stomach, but certainly for those who wants 90 minutes of pure action, and entertainment without effort.

I thought it was so-so, the theme became too repetitive, the movie too simpleminded. The risk with a movie with constant action is that when the pace never changes, also a high pace can become boring. In my mind it does this time, it is the change of pace that thrills, and this have none of it.

Also, many of the characters and actors are handled wrong. Vhing Rhames' character Joshua Harlow could have been the heroic veteran, the avenger, but the glory he could have vanishes as he is acting out as enemy instead. Robert Carlyle is a very competent actor that is given an annoyingly weak character, albeit intended, but totally misplaced in an action movie. This is a movie that should emphasize, heroics, skill and glory, not crying and weeping and being pretty useless. Yes, that is probably the most realistic turn of events, but this movie should have nothing to do with realism.

That the plot is utterly predictable and full of small and big goofs and plot holes, mostly concerning the camera surveillance and tracking system, doesn't help either. This story is so thin it falls apart at the smallest question or thought. So if you're going to watch, just sit back and disconnect your brain.

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Just plain awful
markhday23 December 2009
This is seriously one of the worst films I've ever seen. I've never walked out of a film, or switched it off half way through, but this is the most tempted I have ever been.

The film had horrible dialogue, I mean truly shocking. The acting, especially in the betting den and from the "ringmaster" character in particular, was verging on abysmal.

It was so over the top with the gore, that it wasn't shocking, brutal or entertaining... it just looked cheap and naff.

I really wouldn't waste time buying this, watching it on TV, or even downloading it for free. It's an hour and a half of my life I wish I'd spent doing something more constructive like punching myself in the face repeatedly...
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Pretty Disgusting, Pretty Implausible, Pretty Ugly
chicagopoetry18 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Tournament is a pretty disgusting, violent, gory movie that doesn't make any sense. Thirty assassins agree to to play a game in which 29 of them will die and only one will survive, for a prize of ten million dollars. If you are thinking Austin Powers you are right. Ten million dollars isn't that much money considering the stakes, so why would they agree to do it? Stereotypical rich evil people with a severe case of blood lust ala Hostel sit in a big room around a big table making cash bets for twenty four straight hours without dozing off as they watch the action on a big screen. Huh? It doesn't make much sense, does it? There are some pretty good low budget action scenes similar to but not as good as, say, Disrict 13 or Ong-Bak, that make this movie at least watchable, but overall it is just dumb and mean and it will probably give you a stomach ache, even if you are a seasoned horror movie fan. Mindless fun is one thing, but mindless hatred is another thing. If your fetish is watching human bodies exploding and splashing all over the place, this one is for you, otherwise, NOT.
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Shockingly bad...
barnabypartridge25 October 2009
I won't write a long review, the film doesn't deserve it!

The plot was very thin; the acting was poor. I hated the gimmicky use of Sébastien Foucan (the parkour guy).

Everything was predictable about this film and despite being filmed and set in the UK, too many of the scenes felt very American, almost as if they were catering for an American audience (especially the scene in the strip club).

Don't bother wasting your time with this film.

If you're looking for a film of this kind, there is only one place to look...Battle Royale.
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Violent, predictable and pretentious but may entertain certain individuals
vikpk22 November 2009
I am no sure what the budget for the film was but obviously the producers are making cuts due to the hard pressed economy. Much of the shots are done in Bulgaria. I imagine it is much cheaper to block off one of the two Bulgarian national highways to shoot the night car/truck/bus chase scene than blocking off Interstate 5 in L.A., for example. Much of the production crew is also Bulgarian which, I imagine, helps create jobs in the small Balkan country.

Besides this trivia, I gave the flick 3 because it joins the adamant insistence of people in the movie-making business that action films will please the audience only if they are gory, unnecessarily gory, and add more gore on top of that.

Language. The F-amous and F-abulous F word is well exploited to beef up the dialog. Nothing new. Also, I wonder when are they going to start using the name of Buddha as a curse word in those Hollywood and quasi-Hollywood productions!? No surprises in this respect, too.

If the script was not so blandly predictable and setting us up for the "gore experience" I could have given the film a 5 star rating. The chases are well filmed, the acting is reasonably good and there is a level of surprise in the ending. Surprise, that is, if you did not pay attention during the movie. The blowing up of humans and the rest of the violence actually take away from enjoying the fast pace of the film, if flying body parts are not in your taste for action entertainment.

Not surprisingly character development is also imperfect, shall we say? The Lai Lai Zhen character represents the ever present noble chick, turned bad, because bad people made her do it. She is one of the top assassins, and believe it or not, ends up having a heart of gold - inappropriate take compared with the rest of the intentions of the movie-makers and the tone of the movie. Joshua Harlow (Ving Rhames), the #1 world assassin also has a soft, tender heart. When he is not murdering, blowing up and hacking people he is a family man. The attempt at drama within and after the massive massacre was absolutely corny. They should have stuck with the senseless killings. Stay with what you're good at.
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Wasn't that great
George Vongsykeo23 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I had hopes for this movie, maybe cause I didn't watch a trailer for it but I when I saw the tracker device, the bullet inside them which I instantly thought.. "God, a lame Americanized version of battle royale.." The pros of this movie was that it had a lot of blood and brutal killing and the characters in the movie had all different personalities, like the crazy finger cutting contestant and the parkour guy.

Other than that predictable storyline, Guy wants revenge on the person that killed his wife, the person (Lie Lie Zhen) was sent by the Host of the tournament, predictable that she wouldn't have died when her tracker went off. The ending was pretty dud as well, Joshua and the host just blew up and the priest just held a funeral for Lie Lie Zhen (She didn't die)
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Action fans will rejoice.
Fella_shibby23 August 2017
I saw this in 2009 n revisited it recently on a DVD which i own. Action fans should definitely check this out. The plot - A group of sadistic gamblers makes wagers on 30 of the world's most deadly assassins who band against one another in a battle royal. Debutante director Scott Mann did a terrific job considering the budget. The action is non stop. There are shoot-outs, gun play, bloodbaths in unlikely venues, severed limbs, exploding bodies caused by booby-trapped tracking devices, plenty of explosions, car chases, kicking, punching, heads exploding off like melons, severed limbs, wild stunts, a bus/truck chase, nudity and gore. Its really a *ucking shame that this film didn't got the recognition it deserves. The star cast is decent, the hot n attractive Kelly Hu (her sex scene from Farmhouse man), Ving Rhames, Robert Carlyle, Liam Cunningham, Scott Adkins n Sebastian Foucon (the guy from Casino royal). There's an excellent free running sequence courtesy of park-our expert Sebastian Foucon.
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Plot Hole!
jantrance14 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Even though the movie was kinda cool and all, it has such a huge hole in it's plot that the ending of the movie is just wrong. That's why i am giving it such a low score.

At the gas station (01:06:35) The player ('Longshot' Topuzov) is never killed. So (Joshua Harlow) should never have won and the tracking device should have exploded and have both killed (Joshua Harlow and 'Longshot' Topuzov).

What a fake and bad ending how can one produce something bad like this? Don't they go over the movie and see if there are any mistakes with it before releasing it into the world? What a plot mistake!!!!
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seen it all before...only better
agnesvalkay25 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Like many people I wondered why an action movie with Ving Rhames,Kelly Hu and Robert Carlyle didn't go to the cinema screen.

The answer is...its not good enough.

It is totally predictable from beginning to end, even if you haven't seen the many movies it rips off.

If you can't see who'll win and what part the priest will play after 30 minutes I'd give up.

Liam Cunningham and Robert Carlyle look embarrassed to be doing this. Kelly Hu is beautiful but can't act and other "stars" like Sebastian Foucan, Scott Adkins,Rachel Grant are blink and you'll miss them cameos.

The opening scenes in Brazil show us what to expect as an idiot "top assassin" runs into a room firing wildly then runs out of ammo and is killed.These are the best killers in the world????

even the guns sound like cap guns. Not worth your time
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jamase836 April 2011
I can't believe anyone liked this movie. This is on my worst movies ever made list. The actors were good, but the plot consisted of nothing but unnecessary gore. And there were things in the plot that I felt didn't need to be there and had no purpose in the movie. I only watched it because Ian Somerhalder was in it. It wasn't at all what I expected it to be. I found it to be completely unrealistic especially the end. There was a scene where a dog gets killed that had nothing to do with the plot and it really bothered me the rest of the movie. I was disappointed because I really like all the actors in the movie, and the movie was so dumb.
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I've seen some cobblers in my time...but
Greywolf90716 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
...this just about takes the biscuit as one of the worst possible films ever made! What on earth was Robert Carlysle thinking of when he agreed to be in this tosh? 5 minutes into the film and as the 'tournament' is being described by the dark brown voiced head of betting you begin to wonder if it can get any does. Take away the 'action' and choreography..oh and the buckets of blood gore fest on view and you are left with a poorly acted, poorly scripted mish mash of a film that offers no character development whatsoever. There is no one at all in the film that the viewer can like..maybe the Asian bird, but not for her acting ability...the 2 characters in the film that the director wants the viewer to emphasise with, Robert Carlyles priest and Vin Rhames 'legend' are pathetic, one a drink sodden fallen priest and the other the present incumbent of the title 'Assasin Of The Year' (yes...I really is that bad and at that pre pubescent puerile level)who is desperately seeking the killer of his wife......the words 'sherlock,sh1t and no' spring instantly to mind as halfway through the film we, the viewer can suss out who was responsible...... The final climactic scene (sic) where Rhames..mortally wounded..hams his way excruciatingly through dialogue possibly written by the proverbial 100 chimps with typewriters as he confronts the killer of his wife (who cares) is more than risible. All in all a clonker of a film..unless you are a 12 year old child who likes pulling the wings off of flies and enjoys as much blood, gore guts and B/S as you can fit into a 'film'.

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not that good but It will pass the time
chrichtonsworld25 October 2009
If I was new to the genre then maybe I could have enjoyed it more. From an action movie you can't expect much. But there is something to be said for quality over quantity. Yes,there was a lot of action. Only the way it was shown it wasn't entertaining at all. Every time when there was a glimpse of excitement the scene stopped. Here you have one of the founders of Parkour,Sebastien Foucan,and we only get to see him for a couple of minutes very limited in his movement. Nowhere near the spectacular chase sequence in Casino Royale or the self made movies that can be seen on you tube. At times i thought that the movie was on the right track not taking matters so seriously,but then it got spoiled since most of the actors did take it too seriously. The gore and violence was funny at moments,but got real tedious further in the movie. And if you are planning to see this movie because of some of the names featuring in it.Don't bother since they seem to be completely lost in this movie.Ving Rhames especially. This got to be his worst performance ever. Skip this movie if you can.
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wow! one of the best shoot em ups i have ever seen
fred here2 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
really good cast and plot. suffice it to say that the hotness of Lia Lia or whatever her name is, is awesome. the fight scenes are great, the car crashes are fantastic, and the destruction and mayhem or spectacular! i think that says it all. i would like to add that ving rhames is awesome in this and another movie called "operation endgame". the priest, father mcavory, that accidentally gets drawn into the game is awesome. very well directed and cinematography and action scenes were great. enough said, go have fun watching this movie. it was right up my alley.

they want me to write ten lines of review. why. . i wrote nine and only five lines showed up. and they wont let me write giberious so. copy paste really good cast and plot. suffice it to say that the hotness of Lia Lia or whatever her name is, is awesome. the fight scenes are great, the car crashes are fantastic, and the destruction and mayhem or spectacular! i think that says it all. i would like to add that ving rhames is awesome in this and another movie called "operation endgame". the priest, father mcavory, that accidentally gets drawn into the game is awesome. very well directed and cinematography and action scenes were great. enough said, go have fun watching this movie. it was right up my alley.

well, i think that says it all.
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