Bug (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

bug motel
lesbian abusive ex husband
waitress oklahoma
motel room aphid
delusion conspiracy theory
star appears nude single setting
house fire microchip
cia status quo
panties government agency
surveillance gore
fugitive body sore
organism parasite
insect deserter
medical experiment bedbug
vagina penis
buttocks breast sucking
beating urination
marijuana isolated place
ringing telephone toilet
kitchen divorce
bare breasts one word title
insect in title animal in title
stabbed in the stomach schizophrenia
psychosis power of suggestion
paranoid fantasy lesbianism
female rear nudity reference to timothy mcveigh
reference to jim jones reference to barbara stanwyck
female slaps female face slap
character says i love you minimal cast
vomit female frontal nudity
shared delusion air conditioner
abuse wife beater
toothache telephone terror
surprise after end credits supermarket
stapler southern accent
smoke alarm shorts
sexually transmitted disease self dentistry
rash nipple
lesbian kiss lesbian bar
human guinea pig fly catcher
ex soldier ex husband ex wife relationship
divorcee cricket the insect
conspiracy theorist cocaine
cigarette smoking ceiling fan
burning building best friend
abusive husband wine
tooth pizza
people's temple painting
illusion flycatcher
bar aluminum foil
tooth extraction stabbing
sex premarital sex
missing child military veteran
microscope male frontal nudity
insecticide gay bar
foil female nudity
ex convict drugs
domestic violence doctor
tooth pulling telephone
suicide stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
self mutilation person on fire
paranoia murder
loss of son hallucination
gasoline corpse
butcher knife based on play
title spoken by character

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