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Season 1

6 Jan. 2006
After bailing his daughter Grace, who sold some marijuana, Episcopal vicar Daniel Webster preaches about forgiveness, to the female bishop's anger. The St. Barnabas parish's school building fund of $3,000,000 is emptied by his in laws Victoria and Charlie. Model (gay) son Peter announces his med school specialization won't be healing but cancer research; his adopted Asian brother Adam, also adolescent, is mouthing and fooling around. Last rites conclude a perfectly hellish day. Yet the next starts even worse: Charlie is found literally robbed naked, died from a ...
6 Jan. 2006
Vicar Daniel Webster finds his sister in law hosts thief Jesse Gilmore, the late Charlie's secretary and her lesbian lover. Even his own father, bishop Bertram, doubts his judgment. The family disagrees whether to tell him Peter is gay. His wife is completely senile. Daniel is surprisingly encouraging for Scott and his fiancée Michelle, who needs to be high to make love, but they reach a disappointing conclusion. Adam makes love with Caroline, daughter of church commissioner Billy Paxton, who alas discovers him crashing down from her bedroom window. Peter meets David ...
13 Jan. 2006
After Preston weasels out of dealing with the Vaporelli mob brothers, Daniel fails to deny them the school building contract. Adam is recovered, but Caroline feels being send to Queen's Cross boarding school in bad enough and dumps him. Judith is furious to learn her haughty ma never signed over her 'wedding present' house because she's 'irresponsible', worse that floozy sister Victoria did get hers. Computer trouble makes Grace turn to whiz kid Yoda, who finds her desirable, yet she's the only Webster who doesn't take to the mouthy rascal. Parishioner Donald ...
20 Jan. 2006
Daniel final expects his father Bertram Webster to open St. Barnabas' school. He discovers mobster Tony Vaporelli is a closet gay, fearing to be burn in hell and be killed if outed. Peter's cover date Adele forces him to have sex in her aunt bishop Beatrice's car but fails to remove the condom wrapper. Adam has joined a mixed swimming team and dodges classes, so he can shower with Carolyn. They have sex in her boarding school in between classes, but he gets locked-out wearing boxers only. Daniel promises the tough parenting the incorrigible scamp desperately needs. ...
Daniel wonders about his 'actual' conversations with Jezus, a sudden interruption and a little girl, which claims to have the same 'friend'. Adam is impatient to have little choice while in college, but enjoys his and Peter's research adviser Christine, a fellow ethnic Chinese. Alas, when he confides in her that Peter is gay, she effectively treats him differently. Yoda wins Grace's heart by converting her manga to DVD. Alas he takes Adam's courting advise painfully literally, which causes the brothers to fight. Judith gets in-law Worthy's support to re-enter politics.
20 Jan. 2006
Bishop Beatrice Congreve meanly tells Daniel and Roger Paxton they are responsible for delivering 'her' school and dealing with the Vaporelli brothers. Peter finally gets a really 'gay' boys night with Adele's sexy brother David after Adam flippantly told his preference to Christine, whom he wrongly assumed to sleep with sneaky Adam. Violent gay-bashing scum attacks the brothers when Adam shouts loudly after Peter sneered his gear worked just fine on Adele too so badly Peter lands in hospital with possibly lasting injuries.
God's Will
Gay bashing scum has viciously attacked Adam and Peter - Peter is the hospital, badly injured. This stirs the Webster's memories of Jimmy dying there from leukemia. Other memories include the Websters learning Peter was gay and his first love Josh. Daniel wrestles with despair but manages to preach hope and faith in love. Michael is able to get Daniel five minutes with the perpetrator.
In Easter weekend, Daniel suddenly faces supposedly buried brother-in-law Charlie Conlin, who explains he staged his death to escape the mob and Dan will be the scapegoat if his embezzlement goes wrong. Alas Jesse already stole Charlie's papers at Victoria's. At the Easter brunch, unamused siblings David and Adele discover Peter with both. Vic turns up dating closet-gay mobster Tony Vaporelli, so Congressional candidate Worthy leaves, after telling Judith he's leaving his wife. Daniel slowly realizes his dad and bishop Bea are a couple, technically adulterous. Peter's...

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