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beyond tomorrow
getbent_6523 March 2006
this show takes a glimpse towards the worlds future of tomorrow although made throughout the world the team see nothing they have ever seen before!!! so take a look at the world around us too see what the world has in store for beyond tomorrow on channel 7 in Australia i liked it but be sure to watch this or you will not see what everyone wants to show and give around which i quite liked beyond tomorrow is only available in Australia i think?? fun amusing and educational so get watching as the crew fire off the knuckles of the future and see them in action for beyond tomorrow this show also features myth busters who are a team in America and they are a favorite team on the DC!!!!
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An attempt without understanding the past successes.
Agent_T2 October 2007
Beyond Productions made this show as a very loosely related to a vastly better show, Beyond 2000 (and the predecessor to that, Towards 2000, is also worth a look too).

From the tacky and out of place theme music to taking credit for Mythbusters as "Beyond Tomorrow's Mythbusters" while Mythbusters screened on another channel at the same time B.T aired in Australia, they really screwed up.

The stories are a decent attempt, but usually fall towards "give the viewers the EASIEST explanations, no more detail" instead of "The calibrator ignites the fuel, heating the alloy, allowing it to bend..." type detail levels that the old series used.

It was a rush onto the Retro Train with little to no idea what made the past successes the successes they became.

We can only hope next time they try, they actually pay attention.
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