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Light romance for a digital age
ericbeetner14 September 2005
This is a really fun and all-too-true modern love story. It does what all good short films should do which is not to take on too much. It has a simple and sweet plot and executes it with humor and vibrancy. Too bad there aren't more places to see short films. This is one most anyone would enjoy. Also it is loosely based on an opera so it offers a great introduction to another art form through the more tried-and-true genre of romantic comedy. Also features some great NY locations and some fine comedic actors. If you like a solid romantic comedy or if someone you know is tied to their cell phone like a leash, then this film is for you.
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What a delight!
mcgrath1020214 September 2005
Menage a Trois is truly a charming little jewel of a film -- a lovely story, nicely paced, and thoroughly engaging from start to finish. I was particularly impressed with the fact that while the director clearly attended to polishing details, she never lost sight of the "big picture" -- so to speak. The film always knew what it was and where it was going.

As an opera lover, I knew Menotti's "The Telephone," but must confess that I was not thinking about those origins as I watched this film. The cell phone is the cultural home of this rendition -- a phenomenon that has taken over and changed the behavior of more than one generation.

Could Kimberly Wetherell be the next Nora Ephron? I'm looking forward to her next film -- feature length, I hope!
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Boy competes with cell phone for girl's affection.
susanmh14 September 2005
The plot line is simple--boy competes with cell phone for girl's affection. But the actors and costumes and cinematography make it extremely pleasing. Costumes are whimsical and candy-colored. Added to the quirky score which sometimes seems to act as dialogue, it creates a warm, comedic, and occasionally heartbreaking film. It's a treat for all the senses, and the lead actor, Andrew Rein, is particularly good, both with his comedic timing and with bringing depth and heart to the role. It's short and sweet-- nothing heavy duty, nothing terribly complicated--just a light, modern tale of love and one of its many complications.
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