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I remember you now is a great little movie. Go See it!
Fabio (plastikville)26 August 2005
I remember you now.

I saw "I remember you now" as part of the Howl festival here in NYC. This film was sandwiched in amongst a variety of other short films and TV spots representing the actor Gary Ray (Gary Ray Bugarcic) under the title "The Gary Ray Show". The Howl Festival organized this screening, with the majority of the work presented displaying Mr. Ray's considerable talents as a comedic actor. With "I remember you now" however, Mr. Ray shows us another side of his abilities, along with the ever-charming Debby Harry (the singer of the band Blondie) they deliver a poignant and moving performance of two people going tete-a-tete, revisiting the past at a high school reunion party.

Margaret and Merritt (the characters played by Ms. Harry & Mr. Ray (written by William Borden and adapted by Gary Ray for this film) slowly unfold to reveal two surprisingly complex characters. Debby Harry carries Margaret with dignity and warmth, but with a sly steadiness that both belays and reveals her character's vulnerability -- simply wonderful to watch. Gary Ray's Merritt at first seems somewhat comical, but as the story evolves, he reveals a calculating, longing, almost desperate and perhaps even sad, former class "geek." For a short film (15 Min.) it drops an emotional layer cake that you might expect from a feature. The direction (by one Henry Miller) is assured and economical. The cinematography is sublime, setting the characters' meeting in the hallway of an alternate universe of dark shading and swirling party lights. Yet, this film rests on the obvious strength and passion of the two actors who make both characters come alive. Their distinct portrayals of Margaret and Merritt are thoughtfully executed, with nuance and subtlety.

If you get a chance to see this wonderful little film, take it, it'll be well worth any effort.
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