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The Hollywood Reporter
This is a film of terrific selectivity. By focusing on two of the few who did survive the collapse, the film achieves emotional power and an uplifting ending.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The script by Andrea Berloff is stunning in its simplicity and aching details.
New York Daily News
It's as harrowing as moviegoing gets.
World Trade Center is Stone's most potent motion picture since "Platoon," and may be the most accessible across-the-board since "Wall Street."
Charlotte Observer
The strong personalities of Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who play typical supportive wives, keep scenes from sagging.
Entertainment Weekly
A scrupulous and honorable film. Yet it never comes close to being a revelatory one; it sentimentalizes more than it haunts.
Undeniably affecting, but you leave it wanting more.
Where "United 93" was a superb example of masterful storytelling, World Trade Center is a more conventional rendering.
Miami Herald
A straightforward, earnest, sentimental picture: It's all the things you'd think a Sept. 11 movie directed by Oliver Stone would never be.
Stone does everything he can to do justice to the real-life people he's depicting, and yet nothing he does can cover up the film's single but overarching weakness: The personal story he uses to portray the larger event is limited in scope and impact.
Wall Street Journal
World Trade Center shows us many things we already know, though with impressive flair, then plunges underground for an unconvincing drama based on a multitude of facts. It's upbeat, all right, but badly off kilter.

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