Namida to warai no happî kurasu: 4 nen 1 kumi Inochi no jugyô (TV Movie 2003) Poster

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Dare you not to cry
kassha-13 March 2011
This documentary, broken into 5 parts can be seen on theyoutube. It's amazing. Everything the kids go through in it we also go through, and the way that the teacher handles it, we also wish our teachers would help us the same way. I cried the first time that the kids were talking about their grandparents dieing and one girl mentioned her father's death when she was 3 years old. It made me sad because I never discussed the death of my father and grandfather so openly the way they did in that class. It also made me happy to know that there are classes somewhere where every child is safe to talk about their feelings, where they are taught to empathize with other human beings. I am certain that those kids will grow into much better adults because of the environment they had.
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