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Great Shoujo Anime!

Author: arorashadow_2003 from United States
22 July 2005

Call me weird but I can't help but like this show. And you have to admit, it's one of the better Edited Versions From 4KIDS. It has a rather decent voice cast, and theme. The music isn't half bad either. I guess my gripes with it, is I think they over do it with comedy. I think they kind of stretch the humor too much. Some of it is funny though. Like when Corina says: "You Want to break some more China?" b/c Ichigo/"Zoey" broke all those dishes. And there is that cute catch phrase "Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew Power in your face." And the costume design is fantastic. The low-cut from the Manga is gone, but I think that's in both versions, judging by looking up picks. However the costume design is fantastic. And I haven't people I've heard already. Well, I heard Rachel Lillis (Pokemon) in one Episode, but she was an extra guest star. So over all this series is good. One of the more better. At least didn't give Yugi's voice (Dan Green) to "Mark" as he is called. Another gripe is, I just wish they didn't pick the name Zoey for Ichigo. I think the names are suitable. I find the Manga/Anime names, to be a tad bit ridiculous. (Except for Ichigo) Lettuce, Pudding, Mint, are these girls or are they food? Even though Ichigo's name does mean "strawberry" That doesn't bug me. They don't really try to hide Japanese culture too much. They haven't changed Kendo, or anything to that sort. So overall, this is a fairly good Editation. As opposed to most 4Kids Editations.

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Tokyo Mew Mew Rocks!

Author: LadyMcLean069 from United States
8 August 2007

Following in the excellent style of Cardcaptor Sakura & Sailor Moon, I think that Tokyo Mew Mew is an absolutely fabulous mix of both. Although they aren't the same, they have many likenesses. Ichigo is a lot like Sakura Kinomoto & even have a lot of the same mannerisms & attitudes. I absolutely love how adorable it is, with such a great plot line. Anybody who says that 4Kids version is as good as the original, is completely out of their mind. The voice overs they pick are horrible, just like when they gave Keroberos a TERRIBLE man voice in Cardcaptors instead of his adorable voice in Cardcaptor Sakura. 4Kids has messed up everything pretty much (besides TMNT which is American), even Winx Club. The Italian version is way better. Back to Tokyo Mew Mew though, don't compare it to Mew Mew Power, because there is no distinction. Tokyo Mew Mew is adorable, and has great story lines, and Mew Mew Power is a nerdy, sliced up, vocal disaster. If you even think Mew Mew Power is good, and you are over 12 years old, try Tokyo Mew Mew and after 2 episodes, you'll be hooked. TOKYO MEW MEW ROCKS!

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Can't trust English dubs...

Author: oceansofneptune from Canada
19 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen both the English and Japanese version of this series and I can say 4kids killed it for me. "Mew Mew Power, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew power in your face." Is the line they use in the English version. I don't understand what was wrong with the original Japanese "For the Earth, I'll be of service." It is an anime that deals a lot about the environment. They also cut down a lot of the transformation scenes and edit things that make no sense. For example in one episode they are discussing Mew Aqua (Blue Aqua in the English version) Again the name change is for what purpose? Because suddenly all the characters are going "Blue Aqua? Isn't that redundant?" And those lines were never in there in the first place. Second, they say it is derived of from a crystal form and that they are hiding the crystal under the Mew Mew Cafe in the English version. While in the original Japanese they knew it was somewhere underground and had to search for it before the aliens found it. I also don't see why they change the title from Tokyo Mew Mew to Mew Mew Power... what? We can't know it happens in Tokyo? The Ending and Beginning theme songs were also completely redone and they used different songs. This is understandable with some anime, especially series that were brought out a while ago.. however there was nothing really wrong with the opening or closing of the original. In fact the ending is quite cute. They're shown as chibis and they run around after each other. There's also three cats that sing as the background singers for the song. 4kids only licensed the first 26 episodes. With everything they've done to this series I can't see them ever being able to get the last 26.

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Author: Ryu from United Kingdom
31 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 4Kids dub annoyed me a lot. Don't worry, it's OK, I just don't like the songs or voices.

But I just think that the Japanese is a lot better, as is the manga.

Sorry to upset Mew Mew Power fans, but remember that it gets darker and more violent towards the end of the series - and that will be very hard on 4Kids.

For instance, *SPOILERLOOKAWAYNOWANDGOMAKEACUPOFTEA* Kisshu (or Drenn) gets stabbed by Deep Blue, and so does Tart (Tarb), a fact that Ichigo and Pudding are really upset about. Before Kisshu dies, he reaches up to give Ichigo one last kiss. He gets close - then he falls back and dies whilst Ichigo's eyes fill up with tears.

But... I think kids will like it! I mean, kids all over America/Canada/UK/Australia liked Sailor Moon, and that was cut a lot. So, therefore...

I give the dub: 6/10. (-3 for cuts and -1 for annoyingness of the voice actors). I give the original version: 9/10 (-1 because I cried when Kisshu died.)

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Mew Mews rule!

Author: MilkTheCouch from United States
31 May 2014

Because of me not knowing of FoxBox until Fall 2005, I never knew about this show until a video of a live show of Mew Mew Power from Japan was related to a Tamagotchi video. After I watched it, I then watched a few episodes of the dub and fell in love with it. I also brought the books of Tokyo Mew Mew, which I'm more familiar with. The show centers around 5 girls who are fused with animal genes during an accident and have to save the world from monsters. It is more action-packed than your average Sailor Moon episode, and appeals to kids both young and old, as well as boys and girls. Sadly, the second half of the episodes never got dubbed, even though the show was FoxBox's highest-rated show for a while. I would have liked 4Kids to do what they did with DoReMi by dubbing the rest of the show and putting it on their website.

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i want Mew Mew Power

Author: velsaga from Canada
14 April 2009

ya my comment is for the hole issue regarding the mew mew power and tokyo mew mew, for some messed up reason i watched tokyo mew mew or mew mew power all in English a couple years ago, when i recaped and tried to rewatch the series.... WTF!! no episode 27 28 29 ..... WHY.. now people saying there is no more.. but i watched in English language 40-50 episodes including the last in English not doh Japanes or Chinese, soo i checked out tokyo mew mew and mew mew power on two screens and noticed mew mew power was hell a lot better and just to keep it more simply, anime,manga look more like English speaking characters in the first place. but oh no they couldent finish mew mew power, i speak for all people that i don't like to read unless from a book, even then i don't read the books, i prefer TV. I want Mew Mew Power finished and in English!!!!!......

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A really great anime

Author: Zhana Trifonova from Bulgaria
28 July 2013

Tokyo Mew Mew is a really great anime. I watched it with the original audio so can't comment on the dub. I'll focus on everything else. The storyline was interesting although very usual for that kind of anime. There were twists in the movie which leave you with your mouth open and that is great cause often anime in that genre tend to be a little bid predictable. Other thing I like about the story is that it focuses on the problem with the environment which is really rare. I don't remember watching other anime that focuses on some of he problems e have nowadays. The characters were interesting, likable and well developed. The interesting thing about this anime is that even the bad guys are likable cause they are not really bad...except one. The only thing I didn't like is the ending - it's left open for another season which won't be made. The good thing is the anime doesn't end with a cliffhanger which sometimes happens in movies even. Overall I will recommend this anime for everyone who enjoys this genre.

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A crappy dub for a great cartoon

Author: The_Light_Triton ( from In a Chair in my room
23 September 2005

This is for Mew mew power, the 4kids version of Tokyo mew mew.

For those of you who were reading the previous review, that was done in my family van with a wireless network. that was low-quality reviewing. here's a solemn truth.

Tokyo mew mew, is really good, despite the confusing names and a storyline i can't remember since last time i saw this. folks, what you're about to read is better than before.

But then comes 4kids, the people that have to dub it...just so it's safe. but when 4kids changes something, it gets worse, and just plain sucks. but it has to be dubbed to be '4kids' or 'for kids'. I guess i can't degrade 4kids anymore.

Mew mew power is based on 16 year old zoey, a girl with a special power she doesn't know about until a weird alien, a prediscite, attacks the place she and her date, Mark, are at. then a weird guy named Elliot gives her a weird pendant which turns her into a mew mew. so begins the life of the Tokyo mew mew.

Look, the way 4kids dubs things, it's always a fair equivalent to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES. it just sucks. seriously. look, it's only my opinion, i've seen a couple scenes from the Tokyo mew mew version (Which also sports a 'sweet' theme song sung by Rika Komatsu, 4kids just grabs the closest singer off the street and makes a cheap melody from a keyboard and calls it their theme song) and i think it's way better.

if you're interested, you'll be able to catch the 4kids dub on YTV at 7:30 Sunday mornings. Check your local listings.

4/10 - I could go without it.

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