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Season 1

The 7th, 6th and 5th Most Dangerous Seas
Nigel first goes fishing in the Ordovician. Even though fish hadn't evolve yet there's plenty of creatures to catch if they don't catch him first. In the Triassic he finds plenty of fish but they're too big to catch so Nigel just annoys them.
Into the Jaws of Death
Nigel continues to court danger in the Devonian as he teases a dunkleosteus and in the Eocene trying to hand feed an arsinoitherium. Then to the Pliocene for an counter with history's largest shark.
To Hell and Back
Nigel follows a school of massive fish hoping to find history's the largest marine carnivore, Liopleurodon. Finally, in the cretaceous in a sea packed with predators Nigel searches for a the apex predator, Mausosaur.

 Season 1 

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