Tsotsi (2005) Poster


Plot Keywords

baby slum
criminal carrying a baby in a paper bag
bead curtain caught in the rain
train station rolling dice
urban violence wine
wetting pants washing baby
wallet waitress
using newspaper as diaper underwear
underpass train
train tracks tied up
thunder thief
theft tea
tears teacher
swollen eye surrogate family
subway subjective camera
street life stabbing
spitting sorrow
sleeping in a drainage pipe shooting
shivering shed
shantytown sewing machine
sewer safe
safety belt sadness
running reckless driving
railway station radio
punched in the face policeman
pipe photograph
paperboy paper bag
pain old man
obscene finger gesture nudity
nightclub newspaper
murder money
mobile mirror ball
mining mining accident
male nudity male frontal nudity
listening to radio lightning
kicking a dog keys
johannesburg south africa reference to jesus christ
intercom insect
informer infection
illness ice pick
hospital happiness
hands hands held over head
gun held to head guilt
graffiti gate
garbage can lid gangster
gambling friendship
foot food
following someone fleeing
flashback fingerprints
fight female nudity
feeding a baby faucet
father son relationship eye injury
exam dying
drunkenness driver's license
drink drinking
dog dice
diaper defecation
death death of husband
dancing dancer
cutting arm crying
cripple condensed milk
coin cigarette smoking
chop shop chicken
chicken coop chained door
car theft car alarm
canned milk burglar alarm
bug bucket
broken glass breaking and entering
blood spatter beggar
beer beating
bathing baby bar
bartender bare breasts
baby nursery baby nudity
baby left in stolen car baby formula
baby bottle artist
apology post apartheid
one word title vomit
paralysis friend
ant youth
wheelchair township
thug robbery
rain police
police car mother son relationship
mercedes benz knife
gun grand theft auto
gang leader friendship between boys
falling in love compassion
change of mind change of heart
car crash bully
breast feeding bmw
bmw sedan blood
baby snatcher redemption
south africa kidnapping
death of mother based on novel
character name in title

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