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Compelling and deeply disturbing.
New York Daily News
Shot in Morocco with hand-held cameras, the movie has the urgency of a heart attack. Clearly tilted against the war, and heavy on explanatory dialogue, it paints a bleak picture of a desperate country that is being exploited by extremists at the expense of the despairing citizens. The situation is dire.
Miami Herald
The Situation is written by Wendell Steavenson, a reporter who served in Iraq, as a work of fiction. Its best quality is that the situation in Iraq appears to be sadly realistic.
While not easy to watch, and at times even harder to follow, Haas' film is an important attempt to accurately capture the confusing reality of contemporary Iraq.
The Situation deserves credit for not trying to reduce the events in Iraq to facile equations. There is corruption and cynicism on all sides: the U.S. diplomats and military, the Sunni leaders, the thugs in cop uniforms, the local powerbrokers.
An overstuffed, unengaging drama that makes time for a love triangle.
Overall the concept is strong and expertly fleshed out; it's just a pity that Hollywood tropes are allowed to invade.
Dividing its loyalties between documentary and fictional narrative, it lacks the advantages of belonging to either side.
Wall Street Journal
The situation in The Situation is grimly photogenic, yet persistently opaque.
The Hollywood Reporter
Part war drama, part political thriller, part romance -- and wholly uninvolving.

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