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Quite good, especially since I didn't have high hopes
Jackpollins11 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Tom (Corin Nemec) is in a rut. His famous girlfriend has dumped him, and he is completely broke. His friends, including a drug addict named Quebert (Jason Mewes), and Ben (David Faustino) plan to steal money anyway they can. This includes lying to Sean Connery's agent, Patrick (Andy Dick). This all rounds up to a funny con film. I thought of it as a film with laughs, and clever cons. I will admit, I thought this is a great cast, which is why when I saw it in the video store, I had to see it. I had no idea what the hell this was, my expectations very low, but I loved it. It was excellent, a charming little comedy. It was nice to see a cast of people like Danny Trejo, Jason Mewes, Andy Dick, Lacey Chabert, Edward Furlong, and Robert Rodriguez in a movie together without making it too over the top or raunchy. It's a calm, great little movie. It never tries to be more than it's not, and it's very clever. It's unpredictable, with a lot of surprises in store. I thought the end twist was a surprising and funny one. It made me feel that Hollywood needs way more movies like this, and then maybe, just maybe, Hollywood will be great once again.
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Very Funny !!!
jpcarol6 July 2006
I watched this movie on a DVD at the doctor's office while waiting for my husband to have some tests. I am afraid that I disturbed the decorum of the place with my frequent outbursts of laughter. They didn't quite ask me to leave, but I did get a lot of disapproving looks. The comedic action is enhanced by a wonderful plot with plenty of twists and turns; also, great characters which are brought to life by the quality acting that is seen throughout. The writing and directing are superb. I particularly enjoyed small bits of action in the background. They are real gems, so keep your eyes open for them. When the movie is released for general viewing, be sure to see it. Just one caution, don't watch it in a place where you are not comfortable with laughing out loud.
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Very Funny/Good Movie...Not Shouting But It's GooD
meadelston28 July 2006
This movie is very funny and I think that people all over the world should see it. It has some good one liners like "in my heaven it's endless tofu balls, tube socks and boobies" the guys replies "your heaven sounds likes a sweat shop" another good one "I'm going snorkeling and won't be coming up for air, that's how good I am "

It's worth your time. See it, yo.

I like it, it's good.

I have to write 10 lines but I don't have anything else to say.

It's good, it's funny, see it.

See it when it comes out.
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my opinion of nice guys
phyrebug10 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was really good, if you like Jason Mewes or just comedy movies this is the movie for you. I had a great time hanging out with all the actors in the film, and I definitely give it a 10! I can't wait until it comes out. I have to say that i loved the ending it was a very cool twist, and I think that speaking snooplish would be awesome. My favorite part was at the beginning when Jason Mewes and Jason Marsden are playing with the soda glass, and the salt. I personally don't think that Wendel should have took the money, but he did a great job pretending to be retarded, even when Edward furlong was supposed to be babysitting him, or when they were in the pool. Great job guys it was a superb script!
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Absolute rubbish, don't even bother
david-sarkies28 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so bad that I am embarrassed admitting that I watched it. The plot was not consistent and the jokes were not funny. Okay, Jason Mewes (who play Jay in the Kevin Smith movies) plays a stoner, and does a reasonable job at it, but that simply does not go far enough to resurrect this movie from the pits of horribleness.

The plot, if one would call it that, involves a suitcase of government marijuana that is stolen and then given to a dealer to hold. The dealer's supplier is then killed in a gun fight, and the dealer is left with two million dollars worth of marijuana to get rid of, and he does what most dealers do in that situation, and sells it. The main characters in this movie are a group of wanna-be actors and film makers (along with the standard Californian stoner) who are trying to raise enough money to break into the scene. Well, they are also getting into the Hollywood scene by lying and cheating. One of their girlfriends is testing her boyfriend by leaving her death and dumb cousin (who ends up not being deaf and dumb) with them to see if he is a decent guy. As it turns out he is not.

Personally, I find jokes where a bunch of dropouts are looking after a disabled person to be in very poor taste, and that is basically what this movie was, poor taste. The characters do not grow or learn anything, and in fact they get away with their deceit (to an extent, because the deaf and dumb guy pulls a fast one on them by taking the marijuana for himself).

So, I've basically told you all about this movie now, so there should be no surprises, therefore you can leave it on the shelf of the video store (or skip over it when looking for a movie to stream over your computer).
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High Hopes-Low Results *1/2
edwagreen5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one real farce of a film that just doesn't cut it. A guy has his friend imitate Sean Connery so that he can land a role in his next James Bond film. The guy does great imitations including that at the end of the movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If that isn't enough, our guy and his band of wacky friends, including a screenwriter, conspire to steal medicinal drugs. Then, our guy finds out that the government is offering a reward for the return of the drugs so they conspire to steal and then return the goods for the reward. Of course, they have a rude awakening at the end.

Those two sisters with guy names are stupid as ever to say the least.
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