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Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"
Matías Timm16 July 2005
This is most probably the most bizarre story inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's magnificent poem, "The Raven". Yet, the main elements are still there; the tormented, the tormentor. As its producer, and friend of the director, Nicanor Loreti, one of the greatest talents of Argentinian cinema today, I feel proud of the bombastic experience it is to watch it. Completely unlike reading Poe's masterpiece, yet completely refreshing. A completely different take on a classic poem, a completely new direction for Argentinian movies to take. Nicolás Galvagno's performance is stunning as always, and, we're compelled to wonder why this young man is not a force on Argentinian television or cinema at this point. A man with as many faces as the devil, Galvagno's portrayal of "El Kuervo," the soccer fan who torments the main character, is delivered with the perfection of a trained violinist. Damián Valentín astounds as the victim, a man who is subject to the appearance of El Cuervo, and will do all he can to get rid of the shady character. We hope that this film, recently aired in Fantasia, will open Nicanor Loreti the doors to an unbiased audience, that will appreciate his amazing work for what it is.
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Alex Boycott soul be proud of it
Sidi Vici14 July 2005
At last a flick which develops, hate and love for one same passion divided, as mankind, not knowing each other, seeking and at last finding what all of us wants, be one. Kuervo will indeed be, a far step before, all other image caption of his time, for only one simple reason, of the three main characters, the third one is the spectator, as this short story is hypnotic and will let the viewer be part of it. Struggle between Tanatos (represented by a soccer fan) and Libido ( man playing a Chelo) will blossom in ones soul, as it is magnetically represented by actors, both of them spirited away after 14 July. The desire can be felt as Chelo player creates beautiful accords on his instruments, and this desire is fulfilled, as Soccer fans destroys and rapes same instrument, giving away sounds of pure lust and sorrow. this is pure Anarchy, pure BOYCOTT. The only ghost on this movie is without doubt, his director which, after seeing this, one haves serious thoughts of believing, this man has departed years ago and returned from beyond bringing us this work of genius. I seriously recommend it, don't know if you are lucky enough to find it on yr neighborhood, but for sure Nicanor Loretti will not be unknown for you on days to come. Without doubt a success.
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Nicanor is a great filmmaker
Luis15 July 2005
The movie couldn't be more good than this... it's great, I expect that someday Nik could get a deal with a mayor to film a blockbuster hit... Keep on the good work Nik... For those who din't see this short, it's a must... kisses. If you don't know, Nicanor's work, you should watch his other projects. He's a one man orchestra and he sounds good. I really enjoyed the camera-work in this as well ad the editing... It's pretty avant Gard but interesting nonetheless. I was also surprised to see that James Gunn produced this... but in a way makes sense because of his work for Troma and his love of absurd humor. Ah, the other works from Nicanor, includes Alma (Soul), Alma 2: Total War, Grita (Shout). And he has collaborated with the Argentinian producers Farsa Productores as good as with Gabriel Grieco's Crepusculum.
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