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Medal Of Honor (1999-2002) hosted by Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds in association with the Medal Of Honor Society, American hero Charles Durning, Eva Choina, Julia Davis and BJ Davis salute America's heroes! On December 21, 1861 President Abraham Lincoln approved and signed Senate Bill 82 into law, creating the Medal Of Honor for heroic acts above and beyond the call of duty, for gallantry in the face of enemy forces engaged in combat.

Less than one hundred (100) living Medal of Honor recipients, while their heroic exploits will forever live on in history. There has been a total of 3,473 Medals of Honor awarded to 3,454 different people. The United States Army has garnered 2,404, the Navy 747, followed by the United States Marines for a 297 total with the Air Force tallying 18 and 1 going to the Coast Guard.

There have been 19 two-time recipients, a father and son, the youngest recipient being 12 years old, one U.S. President, General George Armstrong Custers brother Tom Custer, and one woman, Wild West legend Buffalo Bill Cody. From this very unique bracket of heroes, some received a second award, 14 received 2 separate medals for different military engagements and 5 were awarded both the Navy and Army Medals of Honor for the same action. The Medal Of Honor has been posthumously awarded to 625 military servicemen.


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