The Road to Guantanamo (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

terrorist american
guantanamo bay guantanamo
friend british
muslim imprisonment
abuse wedding
torture prison
pakistan interrogation
injustice british muslim
air sickness sherberghan prison afghanistan
binori town mosquw karachi shaving one's head
cruelty guard
reference to mcdonald's restaurant gun held to one's head
reference to pizza hut pizza
strobe light porno magazine
isolation watching a video
videotape chain
bread preacher
amusement park ride amusement park
british intelligence war on terror
al qaeda parakeet
bird cage
shower traitor
memory rap music
mental illness beating with a rifle
night vision shopping
blindfold bombing
bomb convoy
nightmare dream
motor scooter flooding
camera fireworks
swimming boy
vomit eating
restaurant cafe
fly the insect insect
toilet motorbike
van street market
street life pickup truck
rocket launcher cannon
marriage passport
brushing teeth toothbrush
translator tarantula
truck red cross
bullet wound wound
mazar e sharif pakistan air base
airport airplane
refugee explosion
koran yelling
kicking underwear
u.s. marine u.s. marine corps
u.s. army illness
watching tv mass grave
murder search
taxi cousin cousin relationship
urination defecation
year 2004 year 2003
twenty something subjective camera
machine gun kunduz afghanistan
year 2002 year 2001
rifle kandahar afghanistan
kabul afghanistan quetta pakistan
shooting talking to the camera
karachi pakistan friendship
family relationships subtitled scene
father son relationship mother son relationship
brother brother relationship mosque
islam terrorism
shackles gun
water hostage
dissent politician
brutality capture
punishment photograph
american officer blood
fear immaturity
soldier humanism
prison cell military
f word racial slur
death victim
photographer corpse
letter torment
violence bag over head
machismo torturer
military officer 2000s
guilt sexual humiliation
detainee dog
prisoner interrogator
u.s. soldier female soldier
mistreatment defensiveness
politics humiliation
sadism food
tent beating
intolerance abuse of power
militant medic
heat the temperature inhumanity
presumed guilt starvation
freedom survival
dehydration defiance
voice over narration song lyrics
handcuffs oppression
solitary confinement demonstration
bus hopelessness
detention u.s. president
arrogance dead body
morality prayer
heat stroke fight
name calling war crime
place name in title city name in title
reenactment verbal abuse
religious intolerance post september 11 2001
false accusation taliban
suspected terrorist prisoner of war
prisoner of war camp mistaken identity
interview headphones
afghanistan docudrama
death of friend

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