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A film that must be seen to understand the sad truths of our times. It's been made with a sensitivity and creativity that's come to exemplify Winterbottom's work.
Questions the efficacy and, above all, the humanity of what even steadfast Bush supporters like Tony Blair have condemned.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
As provocative as it is timely.
The Hollywood Reporter
A tough, compelling, must-see movie.
New York Daily News
The movie, shot digitally, begins as a not very compelling or particularly convincing road movie, and turns into a riveting prison drama.
Chicago Tribune
It's a fervent, topical political drama of extraordinary impact and ferocity.
The film's insistence on the men's innocence is matter of fact. But it's also an urgent corrective to the suspicious eye the movies so often cast on Arabs and Islam.
A riveting and disturbing documentary that falls short of greatness by not providing enough insight into the characters. It is mostly intent on inciting a sense of outrage in the viewer, and it succeeds.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Since the film does not include the testimony of U.S. military or neutral human-rights observers, it gives viewers no way to test the subjects' reliability as narrators.
Wall Street Journal
Watching this mélange of journalism and dramatic license can be enthralling and maddening at the same time, because the ring of truth, which the film has, is not the same as the truth, which remains unknown.
Entertainment Weekly
Here's one case where it's no praise to say that a movie leaves you with more questions than answers.

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