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Vincent, I am in awe of thee.
MrWonderful5319 April 2007
Ever since I saw "Sexy Beast," I knew that Ray Winstone was a great actor. And finally after BBC America(thanks TIVO/DVR)started showing "Vincent," this was confirmed. Ray never seems to get the chance in the supporting roles he does in American films, but I think that his performance on the show is award worthy. On one hand, you have this macho yet intelligent private eye. And on the other, you have a flawed, and extremely vulnerable man, who seems to live in the shadows of his past. Either learning from his mistakes and choices, or still suffering from them. With help from slick(but not overtly)cinematography, and up to date and real dialog, the show is allowed to sparkle. Catch it if you can, you'll thank me.
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Vincent: Great British Television
ben morris (lyricaldon)16 October 2006
At last... At last... Vincent is a breath of fresh air to British television. Ray Winston is truly a great actor and portrays the role of Vincent to the best of his ability. The supporting cast help steal the show and make each episode is as gripping as the last. I am glad to see it back on TV with the 2nd series up and running, cannot wait to see the next episode and also buy the box-set in a few months. I hope that Ray has gotten a wider fan-base since lately starting to make it overseas as he is an amazing actor and should be given a lot more credit for his work not only in Great Britain but around the world also.

If you haven't seen Vincent yet... get off your backside and do so.

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the Brits get it so RIGHT!!!!
mcfcrdfc2089 March 2007
Vincent is a typical ray Winston TV show and as always ray makes a fantastic role and makes the whole show.Vincent also does have a great supporting cast,all 8 Vincents have been brilliant witty and TV gold.Vincent is also ray's best role since the part he took in scum,ray is a fantastic British actor who is just made for this role of Vincent simply because he is a great witty actor who makes his role witty in almost every episode of Vincent and is very much worthy of his award

Vincent is well worth its award, Vincent is just TV gold and British tele at its very best

one of the best crime shows for years
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The Brits get it wrong
petra-5921 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
We are often told: The Brits know how to make a good TV series. And it's true. Think of the top British shows: exciting, imaginative, different. And then along comes "Vincent" to prove that when they want to they can make as big a mess of a crime series as anyone else. "Vincent" manages to get it all wrong. Ray Winstone plays the character with all the lack of finesse he can muster. Fat, sleepy, unshaven with an almost incomprehensible accent, he batters his way through a messy and unsatisfactory script. He has staff, who appear to be bemused by him and the story, and all wishing they could get a decent job. There is plenty of violence, and lots of bad language, just to prove we're not in the namby-pamby 1950s. You've just got to have lots of swearing, otherwise nobody would watch. In the second episode of the first series, a rich criminal (the sort who owns night-clubs and a band of thugs) does everything to prevent an investigation into the murder of a man. He tries desperately to persuade Vincent not to carry out any investigation. He sends three thugs armed with base-ball bats to beat Vincent, either to death or just into hospital, nobody says. Vincent escapes. So the criminal wrecks the house of Vincent's ex-wife. Never mind. At the end, all Vincent wants is to be left alone. The criminal is really only a caring father. And what about his ex-wife's house? Is the rich man asked to pay for the damage? Of course not. Somehow nobody cares. Least of all the viewer.
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Top Show
chrisjones-5131216 February 2017
I opened this account because I am sick to death as a British man listening to our cousins over the water and down under slating our shows, Ray Winstone along with the rest of this British cast are on top form, our cousins across the pond and down under (not all) bad mouth our shows however when they try to take off our shows such as shameless, the inbetereners life on mars to name a few they fail miserably, they use British actors in their big shows so how can they have the nerve to slate anything of this caliber, and as for the aussies what has been your contribution in the last thirty years ? Neighbours and home and away need I say more? Ray Winstone is at the top of his game in this show as are the cast and crew in my eyes this is British to at it's near best. I'll apologise for my bad grammar as I am dislexic however I do not say sorry for my outburst. To any American or Aussie ready to knock this show and any other show made here then I ask you to seriously think about your review before you post it
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