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Interview: Meet Travis Richey as the Inspector in ‘Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time’

I met Travis Richey last year at Bent-Con, but as a huge fan of the NBC series Community, and their Doctor Who parody called Inspector Spacetime, I was already a follower of his because by then I was following his Youtube page Sivartis.There I began watching his videos and so when December last year arrived, I was excited to meet him. Got his picture, and talked to him briefly.

I got a chance to meet him again several months later when he came to a reading for two scripts my friends were getting ready to produce as films in the coming months, Something Like Summer and The Dark Place, both to be helmed by Judas Kiss director J.T. Tepnapa. Something Like Summer is based on the popular novel by Jay Bell, while The Dark Place is written by DoorQ‘s own Jody Wheeler.

Then is June, I got a
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Star Trek Phase 2 Releases New Online Episode

One of the great things about some Star Trek fans is that they do more than just watch the show or collect memorabilia. We all know that some Trekkies like to dress up as their favorite crew member or alien and even gather together in conventions to share their passion for Star Trek. A select few, however, go even further and create their own Star Trek shows. Within a few years of the demise of the original 1960s series (Tos), fans began to publish their own fanzines, while others wrote their own stories and novels which they shared freely with other Trekkies. At times they took Tos characters on new adventures where they encountered new aliens. Some even created new settings, ships, and characters. These community efforts helped keep the Star Trek universe alive during the drought years before the movies and the premiere of the Star Trek: The Next Generation
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SciFriday: CBS Is Right To Claim Lost 'Star Trek' Script

If you're a Star Trek fan, then chances are you've seen one of several excellent fan productions online: "Star Trek: Phase II." Originally founded as "Star Trek: New Voyages," executive producer and star James Cawley spent tens of thousands of dollars of his own money to continue the original "Star Trek," and has brought in some big names (including David Gerrold, Eugene W. Roddenberry and George Takei) along the way. The popularity of "Phase II" and other similar productions like "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier" has put CBS Television in a tough spot. These fans are actively using characters, story lines and other intellectual property they own to produce their own work, but asking them to shut down would be a total public relations nightmare. So instead, as long as fans like Cawley ...
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Review: ‘Green Lantern’ Glides, Doesn’t Fly

Green Lantern’: A Superhero Movie™ that should have soared instead merely glides at low altitude.

By Carlos Pedraza

I think the best way to start this review is to confess my overweening mancrush on Greg Berlanti. Here he is, writing and producing a huge-budget superhero/scifi movie — the same guy behind one of my favorite TV family dramas (Everwood), the inestimable Dawson’s Creek (don’t be haters, people), the recently canceled No Ordinary Family and the brilliant WB classic, Jack & Bobby.

The guy’s résumé resists every effort at pigeon-holing. Clearly, he’s one of us — a doorq (dork, for you traditionalists).

And yet, here we have Green Lantern. Wracked by production challenges, possibly lamed by marketing missteps, this big-budget treatment of one of DC Comics’ most venerable characters suffers from what appears to be a kitchen-sink and formulaic approach to packaging a Summer Super-Hero Movie™.

What went wrong,
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‘Super 8’ Focuses on Storytelling

Super 8 is a summer spectacular that proves you can have explosions, aliens and a good story alongside characters you care about.

By Carlos Pedraza

Set aside the comparisons to E.T. and The Iron Giant. J.J. Abrams’ and Steven Spielberg’s Big Summer Movie stands on its own — an explosive and compelling showcase of both filmmakers’ strengths that should shame lesser storytellers’ so-called summer blockbusters.

Yes, Brett Ratner (X-Men 3), Todd Phillips (Hangover 2) and Michael Bay (every Transformers film ever made and likely to be made), I’m talking to you. I’m talking about how you sacrifice real storytelling for cynical cash-generating clones of once-original concepts; about how you fool spectacle-loving audiences into parting with their hard-earned cash with mere gimmicks (CGI and 3D).

Thankfully, Super 8’s writer-director Abrams and producer Spielberg understand that their past successes give them a special responsibility to continue try to give us good stories.
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'Judas Kiss' Might Be An Indie, But It'll Surprise You

As science-fiction fans, the concept is classic: What if you really did have a chance to fix the mistakes of your past. Would you do it? Could you do it? Hell, would you even recognize that you actually made mistakes in the first place? Those are the questions Carlos Pedraza posed in his screenplay for "Judas Kiss," an independent film starring Charlie David ("Dante's Cove"), Richard Harmon ("Caprica," "The Killing"), Sean Paul Lockhart ("Milk") and Timo Descamps ("Spring"). Pedraza, best known to genre fans for his work in online productions such as "Star Trek: New Voyages" and "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier," made a huge leap to the big screen ... and survived to tell about it. What can you say about "Judas Kiss" without giving away the store. It's hard to do. What I can tell ...
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Views: Who Put the ‘Wrong’ in ‘Doctor Who’?

A wink and a nod: Is there a coded message behind actor Christopher Eccleston’s explanation why he quit Doctor Who after just one season? He says he “didn’t enjoy the environment and the culture” of the show. And the media is just leaving it at that.

It sort of came out of nowhere, years later, in an interview with the U.K. magazine Radio Times. After a successful reinvention of the Doctor Who franchise in 2005, star Christopher Eccleston rather mysteriously bowed out at the end of the first season.

The official announcement cited a grueling production schedule and Eccleston’s fear of being typecast. The BBC later retracted its statement and admitted it hadn’t spoken to Eccleston before it was issued.

And that’s where things remained until Eccleston’s Radio Times interview this week in the run-up to his role in the upcoming BBC biopic Lennon Naked.
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News: Three Trek Web Series Actors Join ‘Judas Kiss’

Three actors from the popular, long-running Web series Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier were cast in the the time-bending campus drama, Judas Kiss, the film’s producers announced today.

Julia Morizawa (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Odyssey) has been signed to play snarky college student Abbey Park, best friend of Danny Reyes (played by Caprica’s Richard Harmon). Ron Boyd (Star Trek: Phase II) will portray Ralph Garlington, a curmudgeonly cinematographer judging the Keystone University Film Festival alongside lead Zachary Wells (Charlie David of Dante’s Cove and Mulligans). Tim Foutch (of the Hidden Frontier spinoff, Star Trek: Odyssey) will appear as Tommy, another Keystone film student competing against Danny in the festival.

“I’ve had the pleasure of directing and acting alongside these actors for some time,” said Judas Kiss director J.T. Tepnapa. “They’re talented and hard-working performers who are
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Images: From Fringe’s Alternate Earth

Vancouver, B.C. — If you watched the latest episode of Fringe you know that the Alternate Earth in J.J. Abrams’ hit show is supposed to be more advanced than “our” Earth, but in my visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, I stumbled through a wormhole into that parallel universe and discovered its denizens have had to suffer from some questionable taste in movie sequels.

Fringe is shot in Vancouver, of course, and that city’s downtown streets often double for Boston and New York. The Empire Theater on Howe Street has been re-dressed to portray the show’s Alternate Earth, where Motorola Razrs were invented 30 years before they were in our world and the world has had to endure more sequels than even we have.

Here are some iPhone photos of posters for the movies advertised on the theater’s marquee.

Okay, this last one wasn't from Fringe but this Canadian
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News: Good News: ‘Caprica’ Ratings Bump; Bad News: Show Going on Hiatus

The Hollywood Reporter noted today that Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica spinoff, the prequel drama Caprica, is rising in the ratings, but what does this portend given the show’s impending mid-season hiatus?

The Nielsen ratings for last Friday’s episode rose by 18 percent to 1.3 million viewers, THR reported. The show hasn’t seen numbers like that since its second week on the air a couple months ago.

It’s an impressive achievement for a serialized drama that typically loses viewers as it marches through its run, even if it is critically acclaimed.

Caprica has garnered that acclaim, and it features a fantastic cast. It has suffered from some uneven writing and pacing in its first several episodes but its fifth episode, “There is Another Sky,” (only viewable on Hulu for another four days!) introduced the rich virtual world of New Caprica City, which kicked the series into a higher creative gear.
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Battlestar Galactica Goes Massive as Online Game

Unhappy about the deus ex machina that signaled the end of the otherwise brilliant Battlestar Galactica? Now you get a chance to frak up some Cylons and defend humanity on a battleground of your own choosing.

NBC Universal and Bigpoint announced a 3D browser-based massively multiplayer online game (Mmog) version of Battlestar Galactica, scheduled to launch this fall on

Co-developed by gaming company Unity, NBC Universal and Bigpoint made the announcement at the 2010 Game Developers Conference.

Battlestar Galactica is a supremely gameable intellectual property, with compelling character classes, a fantastic array of ships and weaponry, multiple worlds, and a dramatic storyline,” said Bill Kispert, VP & Gm, Digital Platforms, Universal Partnerships & Licensing. “We are excited to work with Bigpoint - and our partners at Universal Cable Productions and Syfy - to bring an epic, accessible, and always on BSG experience to fans of the franchise and online gamers alike.
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Garrett Wang to Lead Dragon*Con Trek Track

Dragon*Con, North America’s largest fan-run Sf convention, has hired a pro — actor Garrett Wang of Star Trek: Voyager — to lead its popular Star Trek track at this year’s event.

The con recently dispatched longtime TrekTrak director Eric Watts “with thanks” for his 17 years of service and promised attendees that “nothing has prepared you for what we have in store for this year’s ‘Trek Track.’”

Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek: Voyager, accepted the position of Trek Track director. In his seven seasons on the popular series, Wang became a fan favorite as the clarinet-playing operations officer of the USS Voyager.

The Dragon*Con announcement called Wang “a science fiction fan as well as a Star Trek insider [who] will bring a fresh perspective to this year’s programming.”

I worked with him on the semi-pro production, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men,
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Gay Of The Dead 8: Actor/producer Matthew Montgomery

If his career keeps moving in the same direction, Matthew Montgomery may end up being the gay Parker Posey. Having played leads in at least seven independent features in just five years, plus another handful of supporting roles, he has established his indie street cred at a time when gay cinema seems to be exploding. Fans of gay cinema will probably remember Montgomery from Gone, But Not Forgotten, Long-term Relationship and the supernatural-tinged Back Soon.

Getting his start in Reign Of The Dead, a living dead short lensed in and around “Zombie Ground Zero,” Pittsburgh, he’s made his way up the indie food chain and appeared in other genre films, including Socket (which I wrote and directed, natch), Fear House and the upcoming Pornography.

But Montgomery isn’t just an actor in horror and sci-fi flicks; he’s a fan of them as well. A professed sci-fi nerd, Montogmery
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Lost “Star Trek” Episode Breaches Final “Gay” Frontier

Warning: this article contains mild spoilers.

The most alien creature in the Star Trek universe? An openly gay person, none of whom have been seen in more than forty years of official Star Trek movies and TV spin-offs.

But the Uss Enterprise will be at least a little gayer this Saturday when Peter Kirk, the openly gay nephew of Captain James T. Kirk, and his boyfriend set foot on board the starship.

No, this isn’t a storyline in any upcoming series sanctioned by CBS, which currently own the rights to the Star Trek TV franchise, nor is it part of J.J. Abrams “reboot” of Paramount’s Star Trek movie franchise coming in May. As far as we know, all the “official” Star Trek projects on the horizon remain steadfastly gay-free.

This storyline is part of an independent online project called Star Trek: Phase II, which imagines a “fourth
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