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Character error 

When Juno is talking to Leah on the phone, she sarcastically says she is Morgan Freeman and asks if Leah has any bones that need collecting. Morgan Freeman wasn't in The Bone Collector.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Juno encounters Vanessa outside in an elevator the mall scene, Juno states Vanessa's name in surprise but she mouths Jennifer (the actress' name rather than the character's name). The 'J' can still be heard.
The CD of 'Mott the Hoople' that Juno brings to play for Mark actually doesn't have the song "All the Young Dudes" on it, which she proceeds to play.

Character error 

Juno explains that her name comes from the wife of the Greek god Zeus. In fact, the Greek team were Zeus & Hera, the Roman team were Jupiter & Juno.
In one scene when the track team is running on the track they're running the wrong way.
During the chromatography scene, the formula to work out the RF value is correct but an incorrect answer is given with 2 shown instead of 0.5.
When Juno enters labor, she shouts "Thundercats are go!", an error or more likely a mixed reference to both the American cartoon series "Thundercats ho!" and the British Supermarionation series "Thunderbirds are go!".
When Juno goes for her abortion, Su-Chin informs her that her baby has fingernails. However, it is revealed Juno is only in her second trimester and babies don't develop fingernails until 32 weeks.
Juno says that she has heard that Snow Peak Peach flavored Boone's Farm is the best type, yet there is no such thing. There is Snow Creek Berry and Sun Peak Peach, but not Snow Peak Peach.
When Juno goes to the track to tell Paulie that she is in love with him he asks if she was the one who left the orange Tic-Tacs in his mailbox and why she did it. She replies that it is because they are his favorite and you can never have enough of your favorite one calorie breath mints. Tic-Tacs actually have one and half calories or more, with Orange Tic-Tacs having about 2.5 calories.
Juno says "...and always smells like methylmethacrylate..." (according to the script.) She pronounces it "methyl methacralyte". Methyl methacralyte isn't a real chemical compound. Methyl methacrylate is used to make plastics, like plexiglas or PVC. Methyl acrylate is a chemical compound used to make nail lacquer.
Juno fills Paulie's mailbox with his favorite orange Tic-Tacs, telling him that "you can never have enough of your favorite one-calorie breath mint." Tic-Tacs have two calories each (and were famously advertised as such).


When Juno goes to see Paulie at night and mentions how hard he's studying, when the camera changes angles there is nothing on the paper when he was clearly writing when she entered the room.
The mailbox in front of Bleeker's house in which Juno and Leah put the Tic Tacs, is missing from the final shot where Juno and Bleeker are playing guitars while sitting on the steps.
As Juno and Leah sit in the trophy case talking, the amount of food on Juno's shirt changes.
When Vanessa is feeling Juno's belly at the mall, Juno's hair changes (tucked behind her ear from the front, free from behind).
When Juno turns out of the way to cry, there's a freight train moving along the highway at the beginning of the scene. And in the end of it, when Juno drives off, the box-freight cars keep showing up. But in-between, during the shots inside Juno's car, the train is gone, and you can only see the field through the driver's window.
When Juno goes to visit Mark for the first time, she is wearing a skirt over her jeans, when she returns home and has the conversation with Brenda about marital boundaries, the skirt is gone. Immediately after, the movie shows Juno going to visit Bleaker and shows her taking off her skirt in the car before she goes up to his front door.
When Juno is at the clinic, the jar on the desk holding condoms first appears that all the condoms are purple. Then when the shot changes to behind the desk, some yellow and blue condoms can also be seen in the jar. Then the shot changes back to next to Juno and the jar is back to all purple condoms.
The Woman Now clinic has a single glass front door from the outside, but inside it is a much wider double door.
When visiting St. Cloud for the first time, Juno and her father are shown driving by the same house twice.
Juno's handwriting in Bleeker's yearbook is different to the handwriting on her note to Vanessa.
While Juno and Bleeker are talking in the hallway near his locker, the shirt on Juno's right shoulder keeps changing position.
When Juno tells Bleeker she is pregnant, a strap on the chair she is sitting on is crooked to start, but is straightened as the scene progresses.
When Juno searches for a piece of paper to write on, she finds a crumpled up Jiffy Lube receipt. When Vanessa grabs the note from Mark, the receipt looks like it has never been crumpled. When we later see it framed, it looks crumpled again.
When Juno and her Dad first visit Mark and his wife, the view from outside the front door shows the Dad wearing a brown baseball cap. When the door is opened the view from inside the house shows the Dad with the cap in his hand. When they leave together a little while later the Dad is holding a black baseball cap, not brown.
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The bathroom key the convenience store clerk holds moves between shots.
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When Juno enters the drug store for a pregnancy test a guy and girl are shown outside the window. The guy was sitting on a statue and talking to the girl. When Juno goes inside the store, the window is shown again from the inside but the girl, guy and statue have disappeared.
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When Juno spots Mark's Les Paul it appears a dark red/brown model but when she subsequently enters the room and picks it up it's a gold-top model.
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When Juno is crying in the car, there at quite clearly no tears on her face at all.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Juno is laying on her front windscreen at night, the reflection of the camera is visible in the window as it pans down to her in shot.
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Errors in geography 

When Juno and Leah are at the mall, two uniquely Canadian chains, People's Jewelers and Rogers Communications, kiosk can be seen in Minnesota.
In the scene where Juno pulls the van off the highway, mountains can be seen in the background of the long shot. There are no substantial mountain ranges in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
The bottle of Sunny D Juno is drinking in the opening is the type of bottle found in Canada with a rectangular shape rather than the circular shaped bottles found in the US, and the size is marked on the bottle in liters instead of ounces like the US bottles.
In Mark and Vanessa's PennySaver ad, the area code is listed as 320 for St. Cloud, MN. But every other ad lists the 310 area code, which is an area code in Los Angeles, CA.
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Factual errors 

In the ending credits the song "Doll Parts" is credited to Courtney Love, omitting its co-writer, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Bleeker is talking to Juno in the hallway at school while holding a box of donut holes, the box changes positions in his hands every time the angle changes. In his DVD commentary, director Jason Reitman explains that this was an intentional cheat (one that irked his script supervisor!) to keep the donut holes visible through the box in both camera angles.

Revealing mistakes 

When Juno goes to visit Mark and Vanessa to give them the ultrasound photo, Mark tells Juno that Vanessa is working late to accumulate time-off for when the baby comes. As there is snow on the ground, it is clearly winter. However, when Vanessa comes home, it is still light outside. Minnesota in the winter is dark around 4pm.
When Juno takes the pregnancy test at the store she opens the box and there is no inner wrapping, no directions, nothing. She just opens the box and there it is.
The small quartz decorator clock in the kitchen of Juno's house, visible over Mac's right shoulder in several scenes, has a large, red sweep-second hand that reveals that the clock is obviously not running, presumably to preserve continuity and avoid having to reset the hands for every retake.
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At the end of the movie, the words 'SUMMER' are superimposed over the scenes which clearly show many many spring blossoms on the trees.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

Mark suggests that he and Vanessa use the same lawyer for a collaborative divorce. While they got it right that collaborative divorce is non-adversarial, each participant must have their own lawyer in collaborative law.

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