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Charley Chase's brother....
MartinHafer17 September 2017
Charley Chase was a very popular comic in short films...mostly for the Hal Roach Studio. However, he also directed films under his real name, Charles Parrot. As for his brother, James, he also acted and directed films for Roach...using the name Paul Parrot. Confusing? Just a bit and "Tight Shoes" is one of his films.

The setting is a shoe store and the action is pretty frenetic. While none of the jokes are great, they come one after another after another...making it a reasonably amiable but forgettable comedy. You get to see Paul lose the store's money, catch a shoe thief, knock down a bunch of shelves and more...though none of it is especially memorable. The film DEFINITELY values energy over anything else.
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