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The single worst movie I have ever seen

Author: Danek1313 from United States
13 July 2005

I cannot believe this insult to the movie industry was ever made. I was always under the impression that a movie had to have a plot. I was wrong. Or was I? Can this even be considered a movie? Not in my opinion.

I love zombie movies. Love, adore, thoroughly enjoy. I would have rather sat through 7 hours of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers than ever watch this movie again.

I want my dollar and six cents back that i split with a friend to rent this movie. Since when could zombies use weapons (that anyone can buy at the Halloween store come October time... you know, the outrageously fake looking sickles and dull gray plastic meat cleavers), have RATIONAL conversations with each other and their prey, sprint for 10minutes straight, and anger the viewer to such a degree that makes someone fart on the DVD itself? (true story)

Want confirmation that this is one of the worst movies ever? OK... here's a question you ask yourself to administer the "Worst Movie Ever" test. Is there a random person in a chicken suit being shot at for no reason? If you answered yes, this movie deserves the title "Worst Movie Ever". Sadly, for this movie, the answer is yes.

I don't know if this was designed to be a metaphor for the effects of drugs on people, or just the makers of the movie were high on crack themselves. I can't even list 1% of the things wrong with this movie. An unborn fetus could produce better work.

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Don't waste your time

Author: ragingtowers from United States
14 July 2005

I feel sorry for the guy before me who paid $3.50 for this movie, we paid $2.09...

I've seen just about every zombie movie ever made. I've read all sorts of zombie books. And I've played all sorts of zombie games. I know zombies. This movie is anything BUT a zombie movie.

First off the horrible production value, looks like they made this with a personal camera, and the acting sucked. The "zombies" first start out by beating people with meat cleavers or a sickle. Stupid? Yea i thought so too. Then instead of eating them, they tear at the clothing and squish raw meat in their hands.

I understand that for a movie like this the SFX budget is maybe $20, which they used to buy the sickles and meat cleavers...and even the occasional Dollar store "Pirate Sword", but at least make the violence look decent.

The story makes no sense. Starts out with zombies beating people, then the main female character "Joe" going home to her husband and for some reason stripping down to her under pants and sitting on a bed talking, then sleeping for 5 minutes to have "zombies" break into their HUGE apartment.

This is where the story gets confusing. Joe is attacked by a "Zombie" and taken to the factory she works in while a guy is torturing someone with a Power Drill. THen while looking for a phone, Joe wanders into the forest...A FOREST IN JERSEY!!!! Why would a phone be in the forest? Don't be fooled by the box art for this movie. There are no staggering zombies, no sewer zombies, hell turns out they aren't even zombies. They are more like gang members who plan to take over the streets by killing people and selling their remains in a pie! No I'm not kidding To keep from ruining this steaming pile of a movie I'm going to end it here. If you still wanna see this movie, buy a gun to shoot your DVD player then yourself for watching this movie.

My rating wouldn't fit here cause the IMDb scale only goes to 1...It deserves far less...

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Author: sqpantz from United States
10 July 2005

I'd like to preface by saying that I LOVE zombie movies of all kinds, no matter how cheesy. Considering that, this is absolutely the worst, most amateur movie I've ever seen starring "zombies". Heck, I can even appreciate badly made horror movies that entertain with their ridiculousness a la "leprichaun" but this wouldn't even qualify for that.

Admittedly, I was unable to even suffer through the entire movie. I couldn't take it anymore and had to stop after about forty minutes. If you enjoy a challenge, maybe you can make an attempt to see this thing through to it's conclusion. For me, I regret the $3.50 rental fee wasted supporting this junk...

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Please Don't watch it

Author: frobey from usa
16 July 2005

I would like to say regardless if you believe in Jesus or not This movie in fact made him cry. Therer is a point when practical jokes go too far and this I think was proof. The movie really was like drinking flat warm beer with your best friends ugly sibling. You are not sure when it was a good idea or how it crossed your mind to do it but you are pretty sure that it the act will end you up in hell. That is how i felt when I was done watching the film.

IT was that bad really.

Please save your self their is a beautiful wonderful world out their and this film will not show you that.

IT was that bad really

It will still be worse than the re-make of bad news bears really it will

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Hands down, the WORST waste of time I've ever seen

Author: rogerebertisfat from Oakland, CA USA.
20 September 2005

Seriously folks, I would've given it a lower score but it only lets you go to 1. Wow. What a piece of garbage. Absolute waste of time. I felt it sucking the life out of me while watching it and even though I didn't pay to see it, I still want my money back. Hell, I want my hour and eight minutes of my life back. That was just torture. Quite possibly the WORST story, acting, direction, (zero) gore, all around waste of video tape. I can't even tell you what it's about since there's no plot. I didn't see one zombie through the whole thing. Just a bunch of morons with Halloween blood on them walking around chasing some talentless chick with plastic scythes that one would find at a Halloween store (this is not a joke, seriously. PLASTIC SCYTHES from a Halloween store). Horrible, horrible, horrible. EVERYONE involved with this videotape should be stoned to death or burned at the stake. I wouldn't recommend this crap to a retarded person because even a retarded person could tell that this LAME excuse for horror is pure crap plain and simple.

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Id rather have Ebola

Author: shane-charleson from Australia
19 April 2006

I saw 10 minutes of this fetid pile of crap and really wished I could have Ebola than have to watch it again. Seriously, I would rather watch my skin be pulled from my body and eaten by rabid baboons than have to watch any more of this thing - I've seen better production in snuff films.

If anyone sees the director of this film, punch him in the face for me. And then set fire to his head.

Certain people just should not be allowed to make films, and I can now safely add everyone associated with this thing. It makes Manos look like Citizen Freakin' Kane.

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Who's camera got stolen?

Author: disturbing13 from United States
23 December 2005

Someone had to steal a camera and get the strange drug induced idea that they can make a zombie film for African Americans/by African Americans. to the creators of this crap-Well congratulations, You have now given your people their very own "Cthulhu Mansion" I've seen some bad movies in my time and zombie enthusiast as I am, I tried my hardest to like this film, but only found myself disgusted. Here's a hint, try to find "real" actors and not just some thugs off the street. If not you will never get taken seriously, and only produce garbage exactly like this. Also hire a "real" camera man. Filming a movie requires more than just following the "actors"(LOL) around and pressing the record button. Oh yeah one more thing, story actually means something these days.Just because you flash some definitions up on the screen, doesn't mean your literate enough to write a script. It just means you can read a dictionary. Try looking up words like- creativity or talent.

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i like the part...

Author: mafiosomrk from United States
14 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like the fact that 90% of the movie is the camera focused on her big black ass following her around while she walks everywhere...Just to find out that the whole motive for the bad guy at the end is he has zombies kill people so he can turn them into meat pies that he sells for $4.99 this has to be the funniest movie I've ever seen looking back on it.THe smoke bomb Molotov cocktail was awesome when she throws it and they all contort and shake and when the smoke clears they all take a nap unharmed.Or the fact that the only white guy in the movie is the boss and a total dick...And her whole motive is I gotta find my husband when she talks to the crackhead in the forest.

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Even a guy in a chicken suit couldn't save this...

Author: bladeage from United States
30 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly i cant even believe this was allowed to be shown to anyone. Would this even be considered a movie? the only redeeming part was the scene with the guy in the chicken suit. i laughed so so so hard at that. i almost crapped myself from the laughter. the "torture" scene with the sausages hangin from the guys shirt, then all thats left are these old bruised sausages hanging from a string bahahah omg. this movie is not worth watching unless you are on the extreme side of boredom and you have a friend or two to watch it with. otherwise u will be in for a hell of a ride, in a bad way. The chicken scene was the only part that i might have found "fun" about this movie, it seemed the only reason they threw that scene in there was because they somehow got ahold of a chicken suit and couldn't find out how to really put it in the movie. So they put it in the movie in the most random way possible. Another redeemer is the main "star" in her underwear for a few minutes. There are scenes where the star seems helpless then others where she somehow becomes Mcguyver and creates a cocktail bomb and even a stint for her twisted shoe...yes shoe not ankle. Seems the only way they could simulate a fractured ankle was to have her slightly step out of her shoe, a-la-flat tire style. Guess these zombiez are pranksters too. All in all the movie deserves to be burned and never watched by anyone, the zombiez weren't even the least bit scary or mysterious or anything. It was just normal people in normal clothes running around making noises that sounded like a wimpy diseased girly asthmatic Vader, and attempting to cut your SHIRT, not your stomach with gigantic plastic hooks and knives. Save yourself the 1 hour and 20 minutes and go climb a tree or something. Anything is better than sitting through this.

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Author: face_of_terror from Azerbaijan
6 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The movie begins as we see some guy , trying to get away from something that is following him. That "something" turns out to be two bloodthirsty guys with sickles who start beating up their victim to death with the sickles…. In the next episode we see a young woman , who is a member of some demolition crew , which is about to pull down some building. Suddenly the zombies appear from nowhere and start killing off everyone they see , with their butcher knifes and sickles. The woman is so lucky , she manages to escape. Later on , the zombies somehow find the apartment , where the woman lives with her husband. They break in and take her husband away. Now , she is left alone , with no help , surrounded by zombies , and she also needs to find her husband….


Well lets start with the plot. It is never explained where did the "zombiez" come from , what makes them want to kill people , etc. The movie is very boring. For the first 40 minutes we are being shown this woman , trying to run away from the "zombiez" and find her husband. The zombie make-up is non-existent. Our zombies are normal people , with some blood on their clothes and faces. They may look like crazy cannibals , but definitely not zombies. At least in the infamous "Zombie Lake" zombies had green faces. By watching the special effects used in this film I was thinking that their budget was about from 50 to 100 bucks. Everything looks so cheap and unreal , as you can possibly imagine : we don't see any explosion when a woman throws a bottle with kerosene into zombies , we don't see any wounds when somebody gets shot (not even a red stain) , we see some sausages instead of entrails..etc. And the camera man is not even trying to hide those cheap things from the viewer. The whole movie is filled with black rap songs , which are good , but throughout the movie they are repeated too often. Needless to say , that acting is one of the worst I've seen in a cheap horror movie. Those "actors" must have been picked up from the street , to play in the movie.


For people who know what "zombie movie" means : This movie is worse than Oasis of the Zombies , Redneck Zombies , Flesh Freaks and I think is worse than Zombie Lake. For everyone else : No matter what do not buy this movie , and I wouldn't suggest renting it either. You will be greatly disappointed. 1/10

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