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If you're expecting anything resembling the beloved cartoon, you'll enjoy the title sequence and nothing else. If, however, you set your expectations just low enough, or are an easily satisfied 8-year-old, you might have a bit of fun.
Made for viewers old enough to appreciate a talking pooch but too young to read or write about it.
The Hollywood Reporter
The movie isn't nearly as bad as you would expect when the studio holds its only press screening the night before a national opening.
Falls somewhere between stale retread and half-hearted parody of superhero-movie formulas.
L.A. Weekly
Even the promising team of Peter Dinklage’s mad scientist Simon Barsinister and Patrick Warburton’s henchman Cad turns out to be a bust.
The TV show was mildly subversive, with humor that children and adults could enjoy on different levels, but the movie strives for a blander, family-oriented middle ground.
New York Post
The bite and bark of Underdog are both pretty awful, but little kids might take this pooch for a walk.
Underdog! Rest assured, there is no superhero cliche left unchewed; they even manage to slide in a "Lady and the Tramp" homage while they're at it.
Los Angeles Times
Director Frederik Du Chau's big-screen Underdog has all of the cartoons' crudeness and none of their charm. It's the celluloid equivalent of sugar cereal: cheap, empty and headache-inducing.
Underdog may have been originally created to sell cereal for General Mills, but this latest incarnation couldn't sell Frisbees at a dog park.

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