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One Of The Better Countdowns In TV(SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus20 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers

I personally think that the One Hundred Scariest Movie Moments is the best countdown that you can find on television. Anyway, I am here to comment of One Hundred Movie Quotes. This is one of the better AFI countdowns and some of the movies are in the right place. I said some! It does not mean that all of the quotes are in the right place. Also, I would like to point something out. There is like six Casablanca quotes in there! I mean, you could at least get rid of one.

Here is the basis of this countdown. It is quite obvious what it is all about. It is basically a countdown of the top one hundred best movie quotes of all time in movie history. Celebritites are interviewed and they talk about the quotes and the movie with the quote in it. Some movies you have heard about, some you have never even heard about. There is more than one quote for some movies. Some of those movies include Gone With The Wind, The Wizard Of Oz, and Casablanca.

Overall, this probably the best AFI countdown that I have seen so far. Trust me, I have only seen three. I would also like to point out that the quote "No, I am your father." is not even in this countdown. I mean, you could bump out one Casablanca quote and get in that Empire Strikes Back quote. Also, I do not think that "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." should not have been number one. It is a fantastic quote, but should not be number one. Anyway, this is an entertaining countdown that any movie buff will enjoy.


Recommended Titles: The whole AFI series.
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