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Brings back great memories

Author: baconbit from Binghamton
4 December 2006

Ahhh, the good old days of HBO when they only showed movies, and therefore had lots of time to fill to get to the next half hour before the next one would start. The days of HBO's Video Jukebox, Braingames, and Short Takes. I never thought I would see this short film again until I read in a magazine that it was included on the Tremors 4 DVD. So I immediately went out and bought the DVD just for this movie. (I am a huge Tremors fan, but not so much the last two.) I was not disappoint. Definitely brings me back to the day of hanging out at my friends house watching Flash Gordon at 9:00 AM, and then again at 2:00 PM and again at 8:00 PM with Recorded Live thrown in afterwards. Then waiting 2-3 days until Flash Gordon came back on to watch it again.

I wish HBO would bring back Short Takes to some degree. But I guess there is more money in running promos for upcoming movies. (Hey, HBO..we already are paying for HBO! You don't need to sell us on the channel!) Maybe they should put it on Cinemax since they boast that it is nothing but movies. Whatever channel it may be, even IFC, some station should bring this back, with both old and new short films. Most may be terrible, but some will be memorable, like this.

(Granted, this movie is not all that spectacular. Mostly a parody of The Blob. But anyone in their mid 30s or older who had HBO or knew someone that did will love it.)

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Wow, I remember this HBO short.

Author: Aaron1375
16 March 2009

Not much you can really say about this HBO short film other than it was short and rather effective as it had that 1970's horror vibe to it. You can read what it is basically about in the summary and yes that as they say sums it up nicely. The only thing I can really add is to say as a kid this one creeped me out a bit even though there was a light heartiness about it in certain areas. The end though is not light hearted as there is a struggle that is rather disturbing. Thankfully there are no more reel to reels eh? All in all though it is a fairly good effort, it makes one pine for the days they showed shorts on HBO and shorts were not simply crappy movies done on a video camera and posted on youtube.

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Wacky short film I saw on HBO

Author: bodger1 from United States
21 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Man, this is one seriously messed up short film! I saw this a billion times on HBO in 1981 and 1982.

John Goodwin gets this note in the mail telling him to go to a job interview. He drives over to this big house and goes in. At first, he sees no one. Then, he goes in a room where two reels of videotape unspool from their reels and become one giant blob-like wad.

This videotape-wad-thing chases Goodwin throughout the house. Every effort to escape is sabotaged. He does manage to get a hold of a magnet to pick up a pair of scissors on the floor and, for a few minutes, has the upper hand.

Unfortunately, it does not last. He goes into a room and puts the magnet down for a second. The wad, which has burrowed under the carpet, ambushes him. Goodwin desperately reaches for the magnet, but it is in vain. He is engulfed and devoured. The wad next spits out his clothes, types up another letter to another victim, then spools itself back onto the reels. The end. Oh, I forgot! A jolly piano song plays.

This film did freak me out, but I could not turn away! I even dreamed that thing was loose in my grandparents house and we tried to get it! I think if I had the magnet and scissors, I would have dived onto the thing! What the heck! I was surprised to find out that the team behind TREMORS started out here! John Goodwin was also in that film too! He did an excellent job and he should be proud!

There was also a music video which came out around 1984 called VIDEO and was sung by Jeff Lynne. At the end of that video, a man rolls around on a wad of videotape on the floor and that instantly reminded me of RECORDED LIVE! Thats my rant. Bodger1.

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Scary Short Film on HBO in the 70s & 80s

Author: deandawg from United States
16 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was frequently on the HBO "Short Takes," which were short films that played in-between the full-length movies in the 70s and 80s on the network. The movie involves a man who attends a job interview in a building, and when he arrives he is attacked by 2 scheming and murderous videotapes. He tries to escape the videotapes, even running down the hall and shutting himself into a room by himself. But they find a way to slither underneath the carpet and continue attacking him. Ultimately, they "eat" the man! As a child, I remember being terrified of this movie. And yet, I would watch it each time it came on TV!

I'm surprised that this movie does not have many votes or comments (less than 5 votes as of 2/15/06), as there must be thousands of people who remember seeing this movie on HBO, since it played so often. This movie, "Hardware Wars," and another movie about drinking out of a chalice were staples of the HBO "Short Take" movies during this time frame.

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HBO Short Takes

Author: Thunderspawn ( from South Carolina
23 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***Spoiler*** Lol. These were the days of HBO. Recorded Live will soon be mine (thank you Tremors 4). I even had a roll of reel tape that my dad had (possibly porno) that I had that ate me as a child, lol. HBO Short Takes were great, especially the Canadian Film Board cartoons. I remember the Log Rider as one, that song just sticks in my head. There were stories about the aforementioned 'The Chalice' and there was one about a blonde chick going into a dark house, maybe 'The House'. God I miss being a child again. I lost both parents before my 21st birthday, now I am 34, and when I see old shows or remember these great shows, I feel that 'old familiar pain'. HBO was the best channel of all time back in the late 70's and early 80's. In this era of everything being on DVD, I hope HBO opens their vaults and releases a set of these great old, dated classics. I would be one of the first in line for it.


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A Clever, Darkly Funny Short

Author: Bonehead-XL from United States
11 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frequently used as network filler by HBO during the eighties, "Recorded Live" is a simple horror story of a man stalked by a blob of living film reels. Though easy to mistake for "The Creeping Terror," the murderous film reel makes a creditable horror threat. It makes creepy, distorted audio noises, slinks under doors and through carpet. The creature, I guess you'd call it, is brought to life through appropriately uncanny stop-motion. The movie acknowledges the silliness of the premise too. When not groaning like a back-masked message, the film reels speak in squeaky, sped-up whines. The nameless hero quickly discovers magnets to be the monster's only weakness. Even that's not enough to save him, the story playing out in kindertraumatic fashion. Overall, "Recorded Live" is a clever, darkly funny short. Director S. S. Wilson would later lend similarly ridiculous premises some credit with the "Tremors' series and the first "Short Circuit," which I enjoy without a trace of irony.

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