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Season 12

Season 12, Episode 2: Pictures of the Past: Rock Paintings of the Canadian Shield

22 November 2003
For generations, mysterious rock paintings in Northern Saskatchewan have captivated the few who have ventured to see them. This fascinating story studies the spiritual meaning behind these ancient pictographs, some dating back as far as 2000 years. We provide insight into the people that made them and offer explanations for they're incredible durability.

Season 12, Episode 8: York Boat Days

3 January 2004
For three decades the northern Manitoba community of Norway House has hosted 'York Boat Days'. This annual event draws visitors and competitive York Boat racers from around the globe. In week eight The Sharing Circle travels to York Boat Days, looks at the many activities that take place and provides insight into the mammoth effort by the community to stage such a demanding undertaking.
Lisa Meeches ... Host

Season 12, Episode 14: Endangered Words


Season 13

Season 13, Episode 1: SAPE: Strengthening Aboriginal Participation in the Economy

The 20th century was not a prosperous time for First Nations People. As Canada reaped the rewards of a land with abundant resources, Aboriginals were isolated from the economic booms of a burgeoning country. Strengthening Aboriginal Participation in the Economy is the brainchild of the Provincial Governments, Aboriginal Affairs Ministers and national Aboriginal organizations. The Sharing Circle will explore in detail the purpose and initiatives of the SAPE report. We will also examine the Aboriginal business acumen throughout history to establish that Aboriginals are naturally business inclined, possessing intuitive abilities to compete in the economical evolution of the 21st century.

Season 13, Episode 11: First Music

5 March 2005
Music has always been an integral part of Aboriginal culture. In this episode, we will begin by exploring the rich heritage of Aboriginal music and how our ancestors interpreted and respected it. With clips from the Juno Awards, we will look at Aboriginal music today and how many artists such as Susan Aglukark, are fusing the old with the new. Finally, we glimpse into what the future might offer and explore how cultural blending through music is a way of celebrating diversity. We will highlight Nelly Furtado's Juno performance with premiere drum and singing group, Whitefish Juniors.
Lisa Meeches ... Host

Season 13, Episode 14: The Fur Table

2 April 2005
Every December, just before Christmas, fur buyers from around the world gather at St. Joseph's Parish Hall in Thompson, Manitoba, to buy pelts - and lots of them! Over five hundred thousand dollars will exchange hands, all in cash. On one side of the table are over 250 northern trappers, most of them Aboriginal, who will sell their bounty to the highest bidder. On the other side, buyers from 5 different fur companies can be seen, cash in hand, feverishly totaling numbers on their calculators. When the bidding is over trappers will collect their salaries for months of toiling on the traplines. As fur prices fluctuate every year, one can never be certain whether the outcome will be celebrated or bemoaned by the trappers and their families.

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 1: Crooked Music

7 January 2006
John has spent his lifetime promoting and preserving the traditions of Métis Fiddle and Dance and old time fiddling. In 1998 he stage the first John Arcand Fiddle Festival and now after 8 years this annual celebration has become one of the major fiddle events in Western Canada each summer
Lisa Meeches ... Host

Season 14, Episode 2: Not Just Beads and Moccasins

14 January 2006
Not Just Beads & Mocassins will explore contemporary Aboriginal Art. The dominant perception is that Aboriginal Art is all traditional: images of wolves and bears done up in the way of beads and mocassins. Contemporary artists often draw on those traditions, even though the intent and effect is different...making it some of the hottest stuff around!
Lisa Meeches ... Host

Season 14, Episode 3: Children of the Earth

21 January 2006
In 1991, Winnipeg School Division Number One began what was then considered a bold undertaking. They established a school in the North End that emphasized Aboriginal culture and academics. It allowed First Nations youth the freedom to practice their culture in a place where it was once prohibited, in schools. Today, Children of The Earth School is a model for others to follow.
Lisa Meeches ... Host

Season 14, Episode 8: Comic Book Creators

7 February 2006
For thousands of years, the visual arts have been a way for Canada's Aboriginal people to express themselves, share information, and provide imagery for stories and legends. Today, this art has evolved and progressed in methodology and style, but the core meaning remains a means of sharing stories from the Aboriginal point of view. For younger people, this ancient tradition is being kept alive through cutting edge design, stylish comic books, and a new form of contemporary art that is unique from anything seen before. We will follow some of today's Aboriginal artistic mavericks and share their stories, showing how traditional values are being blended with a modern approach to art.

Season 14, Episode 16: Ski Bums

12 April 2006
It is easy to understand the spiritual connection Aboriginal people have shared with the land after experiencing western Canada's majestic mountain ranges. This relationship continues today, and for some, it has led to an involvement in Canada's competitive ski circuit. We follow three such people who are making their mark in the ski world in different ways. Sam Kent is a 16 year-old prodigy creating a stir as one Canada's top Aboriginal skiers. Mark Gallup travels the globe as a world-class ski photographer employed by the major elite ski magazines, and Wendy Lumby is a ski coach in Alberta who is breaking down barriers and stereotypes as she prepares athletes for high level competition. We interweave their stories and demonstrate how their passion for the sport of skiing has drawn them closer to the land in a way that nothing else could.

Season 15

Season 15, Episode 4: Miss Indian World

15 January 2007

Season 15, Episode 9: Three Square Meals

1 March 2007

Season 15, Episode 12: The Inuit and Dene Games

28 April 2007
For the first time, the Inuit and Dene games are being included as part of the Canada Winter Games held in Whitehorse. We follow two groups of athletes competing in both the Inuit and Dene Games, showing their cultural significance while revealing the skill and agility required to compete in these amazing events. A dramatic finale ensues when two sisters - Robyn and Shawna McLeod, end up competing against each other for for the gold medal at the Women's Stick Pull competition.

Season 16

Season 16, Episode 1: Spirituality Seekers

2 February 2008

Season 16, Episode 5: The Gold Rush

January 2008

Season 16, Episode 10: Money for Healing

6 April 2008

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