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Why all the negative comments?

Author: spiderguy_07 from United States
29 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so maybe this isn't the best game of all time. It is still one of the greatest games in the Sega Genesis time period. So maybe the graphics suck. IT IS A SEGA GENESIS GAME, THEY ARE NOT TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS! You cannot expect them to produce all of those games with a top graphic rating. It was the early 90s when this game was published. Graphics from that time were great for that time period.

In this game, you first play as Spiderman, who is desperately fighting off energized thugs and super-villains. About 4 levels into the game, you can choose to fight as Venom. I would stay with Venom because he is the strongest. As you fight Shriek and Doppelganger, try to jump around a bit and then beat them up a little bit. The Rooftop 2 level is probably the hardest, unless you get a Spiderman coin (hidden in the tree above you). The easiest level is probably Prospect Park 1. This is the easiest because you know how to fight every thug. Just see which one pops up and use your strategy. In the two last fights with Carnage, I would stay with Spiderman first, and then when he dies off, pulverize Carnage with Venom.

This is a great game for the Spiderman game series. Give It a chance!

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Okay, but follows the comic book story it was based on too closely.

Author: Aaron1375
1 October 2008

This game is based on I think a ten part series of comics known as Maximum Carnage. The play style is sort of like the type found in the X-men, avengers, and various arcade games which are like the old Double Dragon game. You go around the city busting heads, punching and kicking and using your web to fight those in the city affected by Carnage's influence in the city. You fight as either Spidey or Venom. You can also collect power-ups that summon forth other heroes found in this series and this is the drawback of the game. Well one of the drawbacks as Spidey doesn't really get to swing around the city all that much here either. I wish they would have made this one multi-player and made a few more of the heroes playable such as Captain America and Firestar. Also, the fights with the other super villains can be a real pain as they all attack at once a lot of the times. They also don't make some of them all that memorable. I would rather have a super fight featuring one maybe two of them at a time. Instead it is the same type of fight you have with random thug, only more annoying as is the fights with Carnage. The story is exactly like the comic, which is somewhat cool, but it also limits what the game can do. They only have the super villains and heroes present in that series and the story is too short for it as well. Still, I love a good fight in the streets and it does do that.

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If you think that this is a good game then you seriously need your head examined

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
27 February 2006

I can honestly say I've yet to play a good Spider-Man game. For all the hype, good reviews and people willing to pay the big bucks over this one, I thought it was sure to be the best. How disappointed I was to discover it's one of the blandest and boring beat-em-ups ever.

You begin playing as Spidey (but can later change to Venom if you wish) and you go about tiresome duties beating up generic thugs on the streets of Manhattan. Every thug looks the same and you'll end up punching to death the same guy a billion times (more so for those infuriating end of level bosses). The crap music is the same on every level. Apparently the game has 'additional music' by some band called Green Jelly, who I have never heard of. I assume they must be some none-hit wonder grunge band from Seattle back when all that was new. And quite what exactly they contributed to the game is a mystery as there are only 2 tracks in total (level music and boss music).

There is some plot going on but I couldn't follow it. The comic-book cut -scenes look terrible and the writing is too small to read. Plus the are very slow and add too much time between the boring levels.

The controls and gameplay are dire. There's no fluent movement or grace in the fighting. It's all just an annoying mess and terribly programmed. If you can bear to stay with the game until level 2 you'll know what I mean. It was so rage-inducing I almost gritted my teeth into dust and chucked the controls into the TV.

Stay well away from this horrible game. As a beat-em-up it stinks. As a Spidey game it stinks. It just plain reeks overall.

Graphics C Sound D Gameplay D Lasting Appeal F

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