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Entertainment Weekly
It's a poison bonbon tastier than just about anything else out there.
Notes on a Scandal won't be everyone's cup of tea. But if you like your films strong, this one is not to be missed.
New York Daily News
As the relationship between the two British schoolteachers begins (quietly), builds (deceptively) and dissolves (spectacularly), Dench and Blanchett give a master class in acting. Pick your own sports metaphor, but watching them go at each other is the match of the year.
Miami Herald
Dench and Blanchett will likely pick up Oscar nominations; no one could improve on either performance.
New York Post
Arguably the year's most entertaining art-house film.
Notes on a Scandal is a nice mug of poisoned eggnog for the holiday season -- a movie so smart and entertaining you almost don't feel its chill sicken your bones.
Wall Street Journal
Taken at face value, these two women are simply despicable. But the screenplay has a bracing tincture of Grand Guignol, and nothing is simple when the two women are played by a couple of superlative actresses who clearly delight in one another.
If you want to see explosive acting, just watch Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett ignite in this film version of Zoe Heller's 2003 novel.
Notes on a Scandal may be disturbing, but it is a potent and captivating account of misconduct and betrayal.
Philadelphia Inquirer
What it lacks, though, is any sense that these people - are real.
The Hollywood Reporter
Eyre does a fine job overseeing performances by a terrific cast that rings true until female hysteria takes over the final act. But in tone and theme, the film has all the hallmarks of playwright-screenwriter Marber's stark, uncompromising misanthropy, if not misogyny.
In bringing Heller's book to the screen, director Richard Eyre ("Iris," "Stage Beauty") and screenwriter Patrick Marber ("Closer") have tossed the book's subtlety out the window, along with its psychological complexity, its running theme of self-deception and its dark, extra-wry sense of humor.

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