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Liberty City Ranked As Worst Place In America. Again.
StephenColbert441 November 2005
Rockstar Games along with Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds present Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. Yes, this was the setting for the classic GTA3. Now, there has been a lot of confusion that this is just like GTA3. Well, whoever says that, they're wrong. This game has a completely new storyline and characters. And new side missions, like going to Capital Autos in Harwood to sell cars or taking pictures of people at famous Liberty sites before their flights. A new addition is Muitiplayer! Yes, several multi-player games are now ready for those eager PSP owners, like The Wedding List and Liberty City Surviver. Overall, this game is a 10 out of 10. Everybody loves Liberty City. Congrats to Rockstar for such a great game.

EDIT: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is now out for the Playstation 2.
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A Game worth buying.
Thirteen_BloodLine16 May 2006
In my heart i feel that this game did not get the press it deserved. It was just as brilliant as all of the other "Grand Theft Auto" Games. So if you're looking for a little fun on the run, pick of a copy of this Game for the Sony PSP. There's nothing more satisfying then having "Grand Theft Auto" at you're side. A true Fan of the "Grand Theft Auto" series will know that this is the real deal. Nothing is left out. What you get with the "Grand Theft Auto" Games on the PlayStation 2 Console , is what you get with the PSP. The action delivers, and this Game is nothing short of spectacular. It is a wonderful masterpiece on a hand-held. A world within a world. And i am truly impressed with RockStar Games, for pulling this off. And if you own a PSP, i would strongly recommend that you buy this title. And even if you don't own a PSP, this is the most single reason without a doubt that you should go out and pick one up. This Game alone is wroth it, i guarantee it. Enjoy.
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A review of the PS2 game
Ross Dixon27 August 2006
Okay, you really need to get the right expectations before buying this game. It's the first case of a game going from the PSP to the PS2, and because of this, the game is really low-budget. It isn't by any stretch as big a scale as GTA San Andreas.

The story is a prequel to GTA 3, set in 1998. It follows Tony Cipriani (featured in GTA 3) a mobster working for mob boss Salvatore Leone. It is set in Liberty City, the setting of GTAs 1, 2 and 3 which is a nice flashback for GTA fans.

There are a few problems with this game that if you are not expecting them for them you will be disappointed. These flaws are largely due to the somewhat minuscule budget the games manufacturers received. Graphically nothing has changed. Although it's the game play that matters the graphics aren't as good as San Andreas. The game play has not changed too much but there is the big element that you cannot do a lot of the stuff you could do in San Andreas. For example there is no automatic aiming options, Cipriani cannot swim or climb over fences, his driving skill cannot be changed or improved, neither can his bike skills so slight knocks can knock him off. There is very little character development in this game. The missions aren't challenging and are very short so they really skip the whole relationships that characters have. In GTA: San Andreas you really got to know the characters and it really let you know what they where like. In this game they focus more on Cipriani who doesn't really change his attitudes towards people in the game (I might be wrong as I am still on the second island). The radio stations for lack of a better word suck. They maintain Lazlow having a show on the talk show channel. They don't have popular music from 1998, instead they put on unknown artists that just make it sound like its 1998. When I'm speeding around I want something entertaining to listen to. For example GTA 3 had Chatterbox, the funny little chat channel hosted by Lazlow with witty humour and humorous guests. Vice City had V Rock. The 80's metal station. At the time there was nothing more fun then shredding around a Miami Setting at 120mph while listening to Slayers 'Raining Blood.' On San Andreas they had the same sort of stations with WCTR (the talk station) and Radio X (the alternative rock channel) and adding rap channels showcasing popular music of the early 90's making you feel like you where watching a movie as well as play a game. The sound of the game adds to the appeal.

This game isn't too special. It is not for people looking for a new and improved GTA game. But it's more for the people who have played the rest and are looking for something to occupy them until GTA 4 comes out for the PS3 next October.

PS2 gamers may be disappointed but for PSP players I think it's a great thing to have Liberty City At Your fingertips while you're on the move.

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Not as good as Vice City or San Andreas but still worth getting.
gangstahippie27 November 2006
Rated M for Violence,Language and Sexual Content.

I recently got a PS2 which came with a controller,memory card,3 PS2 games and 1 PS1 game for a good price.I didn't play the GTA series when it first came out starting with GTA3 in 2001.I started loving the series in 2005 when I got GTA Vice City for Christmas.I loved it.I then got San Andreas and thought it was the greatest video game of all time.I had GTA2 as well.Now with my new PS2 I play Liberty City Stories which was originally out for PSP.This game costs $30.00 and it is definitely worth it.Remember this is a PSP port and PSP is not as good as PS2 so the game is definitely not as good as GTA San Andreas or even Vice City actually but it is still a good addition in the series.Liberty City Stories takes us back to Liberty City(where GTA3 took place).The year is 1998 and you play as Toni Cipriani.During the game you do various missions for different people just like in the other GTA games.When you are not playing missions you can steal cars,kill people and just plain be a cold-hearted criminal.The storyline in all the GTA games are good with Vice City having the best one.The storyline in this game is pretty good as well.There are some parts of the game that are not too good.First of all the soundtrack.Just like in Grand Theft Auto 3, aside from the classical music station and the 1980's station the other music is re-created.Not real music.It is re-created well but we want music that was popular for the time.Actually out of the whole series, this game has the worst soundtrack.Flashback FM is the best radio station in my opinion but there aren't that many good songs there either.Even in GTA3 the only good station was Flashback.It had some good songs from the Scarface soundtrack but there were so little songs.I like 80's music and GTA Vice City provided the best radio station with actual songs from the 1980's.San Andreas had classic rock from the 70's and great rap and rock songs from the early 90's.If the soundtrack was better the game would be on-par with GTA Vice City.Anyway Liberty City Stories is a good addition in the GTA series but don't expect that much since its a port from PSP.

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GTA style still shines through
ghaberek16 October 2006
While this game isn't on the grand scale of GTA: San Andreas, it still holds true to the normal GTA style. Its missing the "RPG" aspects of GTA:SA, like improving skills and eating to stay healthy, but its a nice throw-back to the good ol' days of GTA: just shoot, steal, and stay alive. But it was originally a PSP game, and I don't have a PSP, so I'll just be grateful they ported it. I also hope they port Vice City Stories to PS2 at some point, even if its not for a year like with LCS.

One thing that's nice is that the game is set in the same old Liberty City as GTA III, but with the graphics quality of San Andreas. There's a cleaner, enhanced look to the buildings, vehicles and characters. Its nice to see a new face on an old city.

The only thing that bugs me is the lack of a good radio station. This game is supposed to be set in 1998, and I remember a lot of good music from those days, which is absent from the game. I just turn the radio off every time I enter a vehicle.

I give it an 9/10. Its not San Andreas and I'm not expecting it to be. I think its an excellent game in its own right, and the only thing better would be decent radio stations.
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James Shearer5 May 2006
GTA: LCS is a prequel to PS2's GTA III. You play as the character Toni Cipriani as you help take control of LC with Salvatore, setting up the later settings of the city in the GTA III story.

At times it may get a little annoying not being able to play with two analog sticks (like for the PS2 versions), you do eventually get used to it.

If you are a fan of the Rockstar GTA series (GTA, GTA2, GTA III, GTA:VC, and GTA:SA) then you will love this game.

Tidbit of useless info: Although not the character you play as in GTA III, Toni Cipriani was voiced by Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs) in GTA III.
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Liberty City
adonis98-743-18650331 October 2016
There's a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Toni Cipriani, a once trusted guy, is sent to lay low after killing a made man. Now, back to set things straight, he meets up with the city's mafia Don, Salvatore Leone, who needs Toni's services, in order to control the streets of Liberty. Now, Toni must rob, steal, and murder in order to take the Don's word. It's a dangerous world out there. This and San Andreas are the 2 best GTA Games in my opinion with my 2 favorite characters and i love the things that you can do in this game like having a Harley with the American flag in it or even go to a Car Shop break the whole place down and steal the cars or even the Fire track or simply a track it self and start havoc in the streets there are endless ways to do that.
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Simon22 October 2006
I have just completed this game for the second time. For those who haven't bought it and are doubting buying it i will say, don't think this will be like GTA3. Its not.

The city is the same layout but bits are different. I wont spoil it as its worth two days constant playing it.

The only real problem i had was trying to put it into a time line with the others. GTA, GTA London and GTA 2 aren't part of this saga. GTA3 GTA VC GTA SA and Liberty City stories form a saga but there's no logical pattern into which order that go. So far I've decided its GTA SA, GTA VC, LCS and then GTA 3 last.

Anyway, my logic aside, if you love the first GTA's you'll love this. Just remember, its 18 so not for kids.
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Warning: Do not buy this game if you enjoy having fun.
sinisterdrecc8828 March 2009
I was hoping for a nice, solid portable Grand Theft Auto ever since I first played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a while back. Well, God must've known this and have been against me, because this is the terrible portable Grand Theft Auto I get. It is not at all fun to me, and is only worth buying if you really want a portable Grand Theft Auto, but in that case, you should buy Vice City Stories, and not this crummy game. It's more dull and boring than anything, and makes the Grand Theft Auto franchise look stupid. It is a terrible game that even the most die-hard fan of Grand Theft Auto will despise.

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