The Cottage (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

farmer countryside
deformed gangster
kidnapping cottage
british horror two word title
stepdaughter stepbrother stepsister relationship
knife cannibalism
brother brother relationship asian
asian gangster topless female nudity
woman in a trunk torn photograph
disfigurement botched crime
mercilessness bound and gagged
wrath wound
violence torture
teenage girl strangulation
stabbing stabbed in the face
stabbed in the crotch stab wound
spine social satire
sliced in two skin ripping
shovel severed head
severed foot scream
screaming satire
sadism running
rampage rage
psychotic psycho killer
pickaxe panic
pain night
mutilation mutilated corpse
murder murder by strangling
multiple stabbing monster
mistreatment mass murder
mask masked man
machete locked up
lighter leg wound
human monster head split in two
head split in half head sliced in two
head ripping head ripped off
head cut off head chopped off
head butt hallucination
gross out comedy gore
glasses faked death
evil man dying
breaking down a door dismemberment
disfigured face disembowelment
destruction desperation
decapitation death
dead man dead girl
dead body dark humor
dark comedy danger
cult cult film
cruelty cigarette smoking
chinese man chase
brunette broken nose
british british man
britain body mutilation
blood blood splatter
bloody nose bloodbath
intestines blonde
black humor black comedy
betrayal beheading
beaten to death anger
chained to a wall basement
surprise after end credits surprise ending

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