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Season 1

5 Apr. 2004
Gun Dance 'Dance'
The story opens up with Madlax, a very deadly and sexy female gun-for-hire parachuting from a helicopter deep into a Latin American jungle, where she is to recover a floppy disk from a unskilled teenage rebel fighter name Peter Anyan. Later when the enemy army closes in on Peter, Madlax puts on a long flowing evening gown, and using her supreme, almost supernatural agility, and shooting skills, ambushes the army to try and save him.
19 Apr. 2004
Blue Moon 'Moon'
Madlax gets and an assignment from her boss, "Three Speed", to kill Guen McNichol, the Commander-in-Chief of the Gazth-Sonikan Royal Army. Madlax is amazed when she finds out McNichol is the one ordering his own assassination. Full of female curiosity, Madlax goes to hotel where the commander is staying, overpowers the maid, and sneaks into his room, to meet, talk with him, and find out more, the night before is scheduled to kill him.
17 May 2004
Picture Book 'Nature'
Margaret decides she wants to have a complete copy of a picture book.
24 May 2004
Soul Word 'Soul'
Eric and Madlax hear a rumor that someone in a G-S village can read Elies
31 May 2004
Remaining Scent 'Scent'
Margaret and friends go to stay at a hotel that Carrossea is also staying at.
14 Jun. 2004
Foreign Country 'Object'
Vanessa realizes someone may be targeting her and hires Madlax as a bodyguard.
21 Jun. 2004
Lost Will 'Close'
Margaret is insane and homocidal now.
28 Jun. 2004
Awakening Sound 'Awake'
In Nafrece, Margaret meets Carrossea Doon, who may know something about her Book. In Gazth-Sonika, Vanessa is desperate to find the encryption key to unlock the data, but a sudden call from SSS disrupts her plans
5 Jul. 2004
Forgotten Memory 'Memory'
Carrossea finds out about Madlax's Elta Taluta incident and assumes she's dead.
12 Jul. 2004
False Dispute 'Camouflage'
Limelda figures out that Vanessa is working with Madlax.
19 Jul. 2004
Gun Rhyme 'Moment'
Madlax and Vanessa are framed for the murder of the king's cousin.
2 Aug. 2004
Double Separation 'Duo'
All pieces are in motion: Limelda desperately tries to cope with the truth about her whole life, Madlax searches for the truth behind her past, Margaret is ready to deal with Enfant if they help her to find Vanessa, and Vanessa herself hurriedly learns to shoot.
9 Aug. 2004
Target Book 'Holy'
Fighting their way through all cordons and front lines, Madlax and Margaret strive to meet the only person who can share with them the knowledge about Margaret's Holy Book and their own destinies. Meanwhile, Carrossea makes an unexpected move, too.
16 Aug. 2004
True Fight 'Wish'
Madlax is injured by Limelda.
20 Sep. 2004
Holy Blood 'Saint'
Margaret kills her father and she, Madlax and Laetitia split into three.
27 Sep. 2004
Broken Pieces 'Pupil'
Margaret makes the decision to separate Laetitia, Madlax and herself.

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