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The guy who gets his car stolen by Ed Harris in London is the same guy who got his car stolen by Sean Connery in The Rock, another of Jerry Bruckheimer's movies which also starred Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris.
The document briefly seen in Riley's book is an autopsy report for Marilyn Monroe.
When showing the map of the grounds to the President, Ben tells him it belonged to a slave of Washington's named Charlotte. This is the same name as in the clue to the Templar treasure that Charles Carroll gave to Gates' ancestor (and which turned out to be the name of a ship). Presumably Mt. Vernon was one of many dead ends which Ben pursued in his search for Charlotte and the Templar treasure prior to the events of the first movie, which would explain why he knew about the hidden compartment and how it worked, or it might just be a sly reference to the first National Treasure (2004).
The night before the scenes at the University of Maryland were to be filmed a half inch of snow fell. The crew then had to use fire hoses to hose down the entire McKeldin Mall and nearby locations to melt the snow for continuity in the movie.
Disney discovered that the shooting schedule at Mount Rushmore would displace the local Hill City High School prom that is held annually at the location. To make up for this, Disney paid for the prom by providing transportation to a new location in Rapid City, door prizes at the prom, and scholarships for the valedictorians.
As stated in the commentary, experts were brought in to match the handwriting of Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria and Calvin Coolidge.
John Voight's character lives in the same house used in Father of the Bride and Mr and Mrs Smith.
Because of her role in The Queen (2006), Helen Mirren was invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II, but couldn't make the meeting because she was in South Dakota filming this movie.
For the theatrical release, the film was called "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," but for the DVD release, the title was changed to "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets."
In the Booth diary the remaining part of the page after the words Thomas Gates Artifex (artifex: Latin) adj., skilled, masterful) is the word Aenigmatum, or enigma. The Latin word and Greek word brought together mean one who is skilled in puzzles.
According to the website Ten Facts About the Mansion-Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon has a full basement, but there are no secret passages leading from it. The Mansion basement or cellar played a key role in the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets and although there is no tunnel leading from it, it was an extremely important part of life in the Mansion. The cellar was used for a variety of purposes and was divided into several rooms. One room, closest to the kitchen, has a large fireplace and was used as a dining area for the housekeeper and other white servants as well as to heat food before it was served to the Washington's. When Washington died in 1799 there were a variety of items stored in the basement including wine, sand for rustication, and potatoes.
Director of photography Amir Mokri was replaced by John Schwartzman several weeks into shooting. This was reportedly due to "creative differences" between Mokri and director Jon Turteltaub.
In the second scene with Agent Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) and his two agents, Agent Sadusky can be seen wearing crossed US and Marine Corps flags on his lapel. Keitel is a former marine.
The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Nicolas Cage, Helen Mirren and Jon Voight; and two Oscar nominees: Harvey Keitel and Ed Harris.
Bruce Greenwood is the US president in this motion picture. This is not the first time for him, in Thirteen Days he is JFK, the 35th president of the United States.
Jon Voight's character notes that President Franklin D. Roosevelt installed a wooden panel over the front of the Resolute Desk, in order to conceal his wheelchair. Voight played Roosevelt in Pearl Harbor (2001), also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
When Ben and Abigail visit the White House, Ben gets into a confrontation with a small boy. When the boy goes to leave he can be seen curling the index finger on his left hand. In another Disney movie The Kid with Bruce Willis this finger curl is a trait of the young Russ Duritz played by Spencer Breslin. This movie was also directed by Jon Turteltaub, the finger curl is a sign of annoyance.
The lake depicted to be immediately behind Mount Rushmore is Sylvan Lake, but it's actually located about 20 miles southwest of the monument.
The miniature bottle of whiskey Ben Gates uses to splash his face to fool the Buckingham Palace security is a single malt from the Isle of Jura distillery.
While examining the lost page of the diary, the "historians" say that John Wilkes Booth studied Latin because of the writing in the diary and the fact that he said, "sic semper tyrannis", after shooting President Lincoln. Real historians (or screenwriters) should know that J.W. Booth along with his brother and father were famous actors and their best known performance was of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. In that play the character of Brutus yells, "sic semper tyrannis" just before the famous slaying in the Senate. John Wilkes always wanted to play Brutus, but his father never let him, instead picking his brother Edwin for the role. It seems that John Wilkes did eventually get to say those famous lines on stage.
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The name on a realty sign in the background of one of the scenes is Segars' Realty. A reference to one of the film's executive producers Charles Segars.
Reunites Nicolas Cage with Ed Harris after The Rock (1996).
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Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title 'Cinnamon'.
In the car chase scene in London, the stunt driver for Nicholas Cage's car was actually Top Gear's The Stig (Ben Collins) according to his autobiography The Man In The White Suit.
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The saying made by John Wilks booth after his assassination of Lincoln,and leap from The balcony " sic semper tyranis " is a shortened version of the Latin phrase "sic semper evello mortem tyranis " meaning " thus always bring death to tyrants" .
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Despite being in the title, the Book of Secrets isn't mentioned until nearly an hour into the film's run time.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The script originally called for Mitch Wilkinson to stab Patrick Gates in the scene where they escape from the flooding gold city. This was taken out in post because it made the character "cross a line" that the director felt ought not be crossed. This is why there are almost no shots of Patrick Gates remaining in this scene: he was bleeding, and that's hard to hide. His sweater in the next scene had been ripped from the stabbing, and they were able to "unrip" his shirt with CG.
The area of the Library of Congress that Gates finds the Book of Secrets in does not exist as an area of book shelves. These book shelves were constructed as a prop library in a previously empty balcony of the Library's Main Reading Room and dismantled after the scenes were shot.
Page 47 is never identified in the remainder of the movie.It is addressed at the end of the film by the President and Ben to be related to reincarnation or rebirth.
The code seen in Booth's Diary is an actual text encoded with Playfair method using the keyword DEATH. The complete text says: "La Boulaye lady will lead to Cibola temples of gold".
Randy Travis shot his cameo in one day at 1 A.M.
The Ferrari which gets impounded in the first minutes of the film is a Ferrari F430 Spider. However at the end of the film he is seen in a different car, the Ferrari 360 Spider, which is the same model he drives at the end of the first movie.
It shouldn't come as a surprise that Thomas Gates would be associated with the Confederacy. In the original National Treasure (2004), Patrick Gates displayed in his library a portrait of CSA General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.
This is the second time Nic Cage faces off against Ed Harris. The first is The Rock.
The torch that Nicolas Cage holds on the DVD box is the same torch design that he holds when he finds the treasure in the first movie.
This is the second of two movies starring Nicholas Cage where he has access to the JFK files, meaning who "really" killed JFK. The first movies was The Rock.
As the FBI comes into Library of Congress, they are holding their hands as if they are holding guns when, in fact, there are pointing their index fingers.
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