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An Interesting movie about a women who was looking for freedom from her husband.

Author: vmusto123 from United States
14 September 2005

Interesting. This movie wasn't quite like I hoped it'd be. It's worth watching once, but not a second time. The reason I say this is because it isn't one of those movies that keeps you guessing "whats going to happen next?" It's more like... "no kidding that was going to happen, i could have told you that" I like movies that have me guessing and wondering whats going to happen, and I didn't feel that with this movie. This movie skips around way too much from topic to topic. The ending isn't what I hoped. The worst thing possible in a movie is to have a horrible ending. That's what kind of ending this was. A good idea of a movie to watch on basically the same topic is a great movie with Julia Roberts called "Sleeping With the Enemy. It's an exciting movie that has you on the edge of your seat the entire time, unlike this movie.

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Something to think about

Author: feelingsoalive from United States
22 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Strnager In My Bed is somewhat of a sad movie. Its about a woman who lives with her abusive husband. In the beginning he's not that way but then he starts beating her until one time it sends her to the hospital for several days. When she shows up for work after a night out with her husband her co-worker encourages her that she can do better and to get out before she ends up dead. She thinks it over and goes through with her plan of faking her own death. It worked for a few years and then her husband tracks her down. Now with her new life underway, she has to tell her boyfriend who she really is and what's got her all upset. I liked the show. Parts of it were sad, but it ends on a happy note.

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I'm sorry, but I have to...

Author: alexismadden09 from United States
6 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm sorry, but I have to defend this movie. Yes, the writing is cliché, and at times quite ridiculous, and you're wondering why this deserved to be made into a movie. Look at it this way: It's like all those episodes of the crime dramas on TV. Take Law & Order: CI, for example. My brother doesn't like that show, because he says it's not realistic. They solve 99% of the cases by the end of the episode--how coincidental. But imagine that there's hundreds of cases that take forever to solve, and sometimes don't get solved at all. It's the interesting ones that are solved in 45 minutes (not real-time) that get put on TV.

So, the writers imagined that somewhere out there, a woman could fake her own death and was quite dense and forgot to get rid of the evidence that she was still alive. It sounds ridiculous, but it's not impossible. And the husband kind of going insane and deciding to dissolve her in acid--well clearly, it's the old 'If I can't have you, nobody can,' scenario. Where did he get the acid? Who cares? It's Chris Kramer, and I think he was very convincing as an abusive maniac. The others' performances were kind of stiff and artificial, but he managed to make the most of the script. He's very talented, and very easy on the eyes, if you get my drift. My drift being, he's friggin' hot.

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Do not bother watching this

Author: del hart from Tenerife
20 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do not bother watching this movie, go straight to "ENOUGH" with J.Lopez or better yet "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY" with J.Roberts,as they are far, far better then this, there are more holes in this movie then in a second hand dartboard, you have a woman who is in fear of her life, she see's her wife beating husband after 18 months, so she dashes home to find the window smashed, and the front door open, what does she do??????, call the Police, get the hell out of there, get a machine gun, leave the country, NO she has a shower, and the front door is STILL open, doh. in the meantime her husband is on a killing rampage, but he is knocking off people that have no reason to be killed, with the exception of his wife's friend, that really deserves to be whacked, i mean, would you invite a complete stranger into your house,that pretends to be interested in a house purchase down the street, i don't think so. I know it is only entertainment, but PALLEEZE are we complete morons, well the director seems to think so, he even has the battered wife wearing a wig at the start of the movie, which is fine if we see her later with a shorter then the wig hair style, but no, we see her with long flowing locks that "L'Oeal" would gladly pay millions to get the formula, are we expected to believe her hair has grown long and wavy in 18 months. In all my comments i tell people to make up there own minds, but if you want to see a movie with this storyline, than forget this one, go for one of the good ones.

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SPOILERS GALORE! I love Stranger in My Bed with Jamie Luner. Love her red hair too...!

Author: SilverChaosBaez
31 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unlike some, I love this LMN movie. Jamie Luner, is tall fit as always and a lovely redhead. I love seeing her walk, and i love her acting,since Savannah. I meet many online who didn't have a clue about this soap drama Savannah.She was great in that and this. I love her. The wig in beginning, was a horrid one lol Then the red hair flowing all throughout the rest of the film was her hair.Just lovely. Youth do not own the patent on "who should wear long hair or short hair so that comment here is silly IMO." I love her and she was only what? In her early thirties,or late 20s in this movie. She is now mid forties,and not OLD at all. Still young to get more roles rest of her life! She is older, Not old. and i love her.

The only gripe about, Stranger in My Bed, is the husband at the end, is not at all arrested, or charge with killing the private eye, and her lovely dark hair friend, at all. Nothing happened. But we hear cute new boyfriend say,"we have to get rid of first, RYAN." Duh. That made no sense.. But i smile seeing how happy she is and all pregnant at the end, living off the water. So sweet. I rate this film, a 8 premise on the boyfriend was so cute! (big nose lol but cute) and i like Jamie Luner in LMN Stranger in My Bed."

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OK, but some things didn't add up

Author: samanthakizz from London
10 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie started out very sad, and the main actress does a quite believable job of portraying the abused wife who is suffering at the hands of her violent, psychotic husband. She then goes on to stage her own death to escape him because she knows he will find her and kill her if she just leaves him. He later discovers what she did when he finds a brochure on how to change your identity, and bank documents that directly link to her new bank account,new name, etc. taped to the back of a picture frame on the wall in their house. This is where the movie starts to get annoying. I didn't understand why she would make such painstaking efforts to fake her own death only to be that sloppy? I mean it's a lot of trouble and hard work to escape from your tormentor and then she practically leaves a road map to her whereabouts behind. I could understand accidentally leaving a small clue behind, but this was just ridiculously careless. Anyway, he finds her in no time, begins stalking her and killing people left and right. It eventually leads to a big violent showdown with her and her new boyfriend. And then the movie finally ends on a happy note with her in a happy relationship with her new man. It is very similar to Sleeping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts.

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Author: guilfisher-1 from New York City
7 November 2008

This is not a good movie. Predictable and badly acted. The leading lady, Jamie Luner, is the main fault in this. I didn't like her in THE PERFECT Marriage and don't like her in his. The phony wig she wears in the beginning is a bad one where you can see her real hair sticking out the sides of it. When she goes into disguise and her real hair is seen, it's much too long for a woman of her age. It became annoying watching her with this mop of hair constantly falling all over the place. I suggest she look her age. Then there's Barbara Niven, another loser from PERFECT NEIGHBOR giving a boring performance. These women work all the time. Can't understand this. They're terrible actresses.

The men fare better in this. Both Chris Kramer as the brutal husband and Ivan Cermak as the new boy friend do better. Although Cervak looks much too young for our leading lady. More like mother and son.

All in all, this was bad stuff to watch. Sorry.

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